Cats in May

Cats in May Non C Speranza Un Gatto Non Potr Mai Smentire Se Stesso Soprattutto Se Un Siamese Peggio Ancora Se Sono Due, Come Gli Irresistibili Sheba E Solomon Abbiamo Gi Conosciuto La Scatenata Coppia Di Felini In Roba Da Gatti E Possiamo Intuire Che Cosa Attenda I Loro Poveri E Pazientissimi Padroni Ma Questa Volta C Una Novit , A Complicare E A Rendere Ancora Pi Spassosa La Vicenda Sheba E Solomon Sono Comparsi In Televisione, Sono Diventati Famosi E Ne Sono Pienamente Consapevoli Se Mai Si Pu Immaginare Qualcosa Di Pi Vanitoso Di Un Gatto Siamese, Be , Quello Proprio Un Siamese Vanitoso

Doreen was born in Bristol on 24 October 1918 At this time a flu epidemic was raging and her mother died from this leaving her two week old daughter to be brought up by her Grandmother, as her father, being an engineer, was away from home for long periods of time.It was this upbringing that introduced Doreen to a variety of pets, as Grandmother was an inveterate rescuer of anything in need.Togeth

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  • Paperback
  • 146 pages
  • Cats in May
  • Doreen Tovey
  • Italian
  • 02 June 2017
  • 9788878194779

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    A charming quick read, full of humorous stories of English country life, centered on the loving ministrations of two naturalists to two Siamese cats The cats aren t spoiled they just act that way.

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    The sequel is just as good as the original Cats in the Belfry Along with feline antics we get the adventures of Blondin the squirrel, whom Tovey and her husband adopted before they started keeping Siamese cats He was just as destructive as the pets that came after him, but I had to love his fondness for tea Solomon and Sheba appear on the BBC and object in the strongest possible terms when Doreen and Charles try to introduce a third Siamese, a kitten named Samson, to the household The flu, visits from the rector s grandson, and periodic troubles with their old farmhouse, including a chimney fire, round out this highly amusing story of life with pets.My copy, which I think is a first edition, came from one of the bookshops in Hay on Wye.

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    N o sei se por j ter lido v rios livros sobre gatos, mas este n o me entusiasmou por a al m A escrita da autora n o ajudou, pois por vezes torna se confusa e acabamos por perder o fio meada.

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    Eu adoro livros sobre animais.Sobre o viver com eles e am los.Sobre o qu o surpreendente e fant sticos eles s o.E sobre o quanto eles nos enriquecem e alegram o dia mais horr vel que possamos vivenciar.Mas desculpem este livro chaaato, chatinho.Boooring

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    The book was okay but I leave the book feeling that I know no about Doreen, Charles and their cats than before I started reading the book I just never managed to connect with Tovey s writing style and the chapters had the feeling of being stories that were only funny if one had been there.

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    A sweet and fun book about two Siamese cats and the people they own.If you are looking for something to read with absolutely no snark, no cynicism, and no sadness, try this one.Reading it just made me happy

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    Meet Sheba and Solomon, Siamese cats at large They reside with the Toveys, Doreen and Charles, in a 250 year old cottage in Somerset, England It would be a mistake to refer to the Toveys as owners They are correctly called companions and care givers Mrs Tovey s charming writing style, along with her wit, will captivate you as she regales you with the antics of these two cat creatures Thrown in for good measure are a nibbling, brandy drinking squirrel, hand raised from babyhood, and a wandering tortoise If this isn t enough, Mrs Tovey is equally entertaining as she recalls some of the repairs her decided unhandy husband, along with an equally unhandy handyman, strove to undertake Throw in some delightful illustrations by Dan Brown, and you have a wonderful way to spend an afternoon Don t forget to brew a cup of English tea before you settle down, hopefully with a cat of your own.

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    I love these books and reading about the cats, Since we had a rescued Burmese, chocolate seal point, I can understand when these things happen and believe them all to be true as these cats have so much character and so much vocalisation, that they almost talk to you Some very funny scenes and happenings within the book We get so close to our animal friends and I can never see myself without a pet of some sort.

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    Beh pensavo meglio , ma siccome neanche il primo libro roba da gatti mi aveva entusiasmata me lo aspettavo La scrittrice parla troppo dei siamesi come razza come se loro fossero migliori degli altri gatti, con il loro carattere e i loro essere speciali, mentre io penso che tutti i gatti siano speciali.

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    I really liked the first book, but this one was a disappointment There are too many stories about her husband, her neighbors, and other people There were even two chapters about the squirrel who died before they ever got the cats I wanted to read about the cats.

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