A Bride Sews with Love in Needles, California

A Bride Sews with Love in Needles, California When Her Brother Is Injured Fighting In France, Meghan Enlists Her Fellow Harvey Girl Waitresses To Sew A Red Cross Signature Quilt To Raise Money For Wounded Doughboys Local Horse Breeder Caleb McBride Longs To Join The Battle, But The Army Won T Take Him Because He Has Kept His Shameful Infirmity A Secret, The Townsfolk Have Labeled Him A Coward And War Profiteer When Meghan Uncovers His Malady, Her Poor Opinion Of Caleb Unravels Can This Beautiful Seamstress Find A Way To Mend His Heart I loved this story The bride is fiery, and reminds me of Maureen O Hara in some of her movies Hero was a Caleb to admire The story was engaging and fun A very enjoyable read. Oh sweet romance, what a pleasure you are to indulge in Yes, I am emotionally passionate reader I liked the romance of Julie Lessman and Laura Frantz, but a sweet romance such as this title makes me just as happy and satisfied A compelling time period matched with equally as compelling characters and I found a sweet, enjoyable story that warmed my heart to read One thing I loved Meghan s spunk I wish I had just a little dose of her spirit in dealing with difficult situations Caleb is a complex and frustrating character, one that I wished would simply share what was wrong with his situation and why he hadn t enlisted in the war But then, as I so often like to instruct my dad in these kind of novel situations then you wouldn t have a story And what a fun story it is Needles must be one hot place, because I felt the oven baking heat through the entire book I enjoyed the glimpse into the life of a Harvey girl and the devastating calamity of an influenza outbreak Truly A wonderful book to add to my collection It s charming and sweet of course, but lively and spunky The romance is a forbidden one that drives the characters all the further toward resolution until it seems quite impossible Heartwarming story telling from page one.This review is my honest opinion Thanks to the author and publisher for my copy to review. In a word, A Bride Sews with Love in Needles, California is wonderful Erica Vetsch has created compelling characters I cared for from the start I enjoyed every minute spent with impassioned but impulsive Meghan and brave but burdened Caleb This well written story is rich in historical detail and will engage the emotions at every turn I highly recommend it. Title A Bride Sews with Love in Needles, California Author Erica Vetsch Pages 320Year 2012Publisher Barbour Books The timeframe is WW1 and the place Nettles, California, as the story begins Along the railroad lines, the Harvey Girls work to take care of customers quickly and efficiently The soldiers get good meals on the stops between train stations before ending up aboard a ship bound for France Harvey Girls work nonstop, taking care of customers or preparing the dining rooms before the next train rolls in While most men went to the front, women worked to take care of families and neighbors until their return Caleb is one man who doesn t fight in the war, and he is spurned ruthlessly by the town for what many consider cowardice Yet, he trains the horses that will eventually end up in the battlefield Caleb never speaks a harsh word or repays evil words or actions done to him Is there something he refuses to tell people as to why he isn t on the front lines fighting Meghan wants to spread her wings and earn money outside the shelter of her parent s home Her father wants her to stay close to home, since her brother Lars is already gone battling in France With help from her mother, she boards a train with dreams and desires Will she be able to learn to take orders Natalie is Meghan s roommate and is suffering from the heat and She sends back money to help with doctor bills, but whose bills is she covering When a predicament presents itself and its life changing consequences, what will she do with her hidden secret In a different novel, I learned about the flu epidemic that happened during the WW1, which is also included in this novel as well Fighting to make ends meet and just having daily needs met meant everyone had to be willing to do whatever they could When disaster strikes, it is amazing that what divides people and towns is suddenly shown for the shallowness that it is Many characters in this story have to learn to allow God to break down the walls that surround their hearts as well as their pride Different occurrences and circumstances happen in the fictional lives, which see some choosing to build walls around their hearts in response to the hurt they receive In some of the interactions that occur in the story, I am reminded of a verse that says, Greater love has no man than this that he lays down his life for his friend We may think that certainly applies to the many who laid down their lives in the war However, it isn t the only way to show the greater love We can lay down our lives by choosing to fight wrong thoughts and actions in society, which some do in this work of fiction The Red Cross is brought up as a society that many women participated in to help ease the discomforts of the soldiers A quilt is made with names sewn on a patch if the donor gave a small amount that went for a huge need overseas Who makes the quilt How much money is the person trying to raise for the Red Cross and for what exact purpose I sure hope you take time to read this work of fiction that has a flavor of history within its pages It is enjoyable and filled with a variety of characters, themes, and My rating is 4 stars Note I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility Other reviews can be read at Also follow me on Twitter lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at Mehgan becomes a Harvey Girl in California With her brother off in the war, she learns to serve countless soldiers before they ship over to fight New to the position, she has a lot to learn Can she hold her tongue and stand up to the job Caleb saves her life at the start He trains horses for the cavalry to send over to the war Mehgan s superior questions why Caleb doesn t enlist to serve his country All the other men, in the area, have Caleb has a well kept secret for not joining the ranks Mehgan does her part, in helping the American Red Cross, by making a quilt to raise money Can she follow her heart and good feelings about Caleb or will she fall to the majority I loved this book I really enjoyed this story It was a nice quiet read, perfect for relaxing on an afternoon or before bed.I had to enjoy Meghan s enthusiasm and her ability to actually finish what she started, though, at times I agreed with Caleb and wanted to shake some sense into her when she kept leaping before she looked.I wish we could still find doctors who cared half as much as Doc You really had to admire his patience, love, and hard work on behalf of his patients I was very impressed with his devotion Another character we should all try to be like was Natalie Her love and determination to help and take care of her husband s family was very admirable Her loyalty and friendship to Meghan were a very precious thing I would love to someday read a book of Natalie s own.Ms Vetsch did a wonderful job in engaging the reader s emotions I felt disappointed, angry, and excited with Meghan and Caleb At times I just wanted to slap Mrs Gregory, she was just SO unfair While reading about the El Garces Harvey Hotel and all the wonderful girls being trained into their jobs, I kept having scenes from the 1946 movie The Harvey Girls starring Judy Garland Ms Vetsch has captured that nostalgic quality that seems to have disappeared from books and movies these days.One of the highlights for me was the matter of fact descriptions of the influenza epidemic Many authors will skirt over the illness they are writing about so it was nice to have, not only the emotional response, but a description of the physical cause for those emotions.By the way, you will want to read this one with a tall glass of cold lemonade Needles is hot and Ms Vetsch has done a good job making her readers feel the desert heat All in all this was a great read and I will be looking for books by Erica Vetsch.Tell Tale Book Reviews my blog gives A Bride Sews With Love In Needles Californiaa 4 Bark Rating Excellent or 4 Stars You just can t beat a book with a quilt A BRIDE SEWS WITH LOVE In Needles, California by Erica VetschI like compelling stories that make me feel uplifted when I come to the end.This book was like that Only thing, while Meghan Thorson works the intense challenging life of a Harvey girl serving the Harvey hotels along the railroad west, I couldn t figure out how sewing had anything to do with it.Although she s had trouble with achievement, she is compelled to make her father proud Meghan rises to the demanding job that requires near perfection, but she has ambitions Her dreams go to World War II s front lines in France where her brother serves in the military An upcoming auction to benefit soldiers causes her to make an almost unreasonable pledge to contribute 1,000 toward an ambulance She hopes to raise the money through a signature quilt She plans to sell quilt pieces donors sign and then she embroiders the signatures The pieces make the beautiful quilt.A major distraction, however, is handsome Caleb McBride who is accused of being a coward because he raises horses for the Army instead of volunteering Meghan s boss refuses to serve Caleb in the Harvey restaurant and others in the town ridicule him But still there is an invisible connection between Caleb and Meghan.A roommate hiding her marriage and pregnancy, plus a dangerous epidemic further challenge Meghan s job, her success and her confused heart.The book is full of suspense, a little humor, and satisfaction for the reader I recommend it.Note The publisher provided a copy of this book, but in no way does that influence my opinion. Oh mercy funny and touching and historically fascinating The whole Harvey Girls backdrop is amazing I d never heard of them before and funnily enough read a book a while ago featuring them as well Vetsch does an incredible job with her historical detail Rich descriptions created images in my mind so that I felt like I was living the story rather than just reading it Strong, engaging characters though annoying enough to make me want to smack them upside the head a time or two Argh But I do love getting in the boxing ring with a hero and heroine Makes the read that much thrilling I felt for Caleb right from the very beginning even before I knew his whole story I could just tell he was an upstanding guy who d been handed a raw deal and was making the best of it The only thing standing in his way is his pride It s kept him living on the outside a true loner who has convinced himself that he doesn t care what people think about him And, for the most part, he doesn t as long as they don t know the whole truth So pride raises its ugly head and keeps him isolated Until Meghan shows up She s considered a bit of a flibbertigibbet by her family and she aims to prove them wrong by serving out her full six month contract as a Harvey Girl She aspires to be the best Harvey Girl ever She struggles with a different kind of pride Unlike Caleb she does care what other people think about her and sometimes she allows that desire for approval to dictate her actions Lots of lovely, gnarly bits to work through before this hero and heroine can find their hope for a future Fans of Mary Connealy and Margaret Brownley will be thrilled to become acquainted with Erica Vetsch through A Bride Sews With Love in Needles, California. Meghan Thornson is ecstatic when she secures employment as a Harvey Girl in Needles, California A good job, earning her own money, greeting and encouraging World War I recruits, gaining her independence the perfect combination for success right Caleb McBride keeps to himself, rarely visiting town unless he is required to pick up horses or deliver trained horses to the railroad station for transport His contributions to the war effort are not appreciated by the residents of Needles, many think he is profiting off the war , rather than volunteering his services in other words they consider him a coward And Caleb has done nothing to overtly change those opinions When beautiful, outspoken Meghan meets handsome, introverted Caleb, the town of Needles, California may never be the same Enjoy this light, entertaining look at the brave men and women on the home front during this period of American history.

Even though Erica Vetsch has set aside her career teaching history to high school students in order to homeschool her own children, but her love of history hasn t faded Erica s favorite books are historical novels and history books, and one of her greatest thrills is stumbling across some obscure historical factoid that makes her imagination leap She s continually amazed at how God has allowed h

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