The Icarus Agenda

The Icarus AgendaOman, Augustus, Uur De Amerikaanse Ambassade Is Bezet Al Drie Weken Worden Amerikanen Door Terroristen Gegijzeld Er Zijn Geen Eisen Er Wordt Alleen Maar Zinloos Gemoord Elf Amerikanen Zijn Doodgeschoten En Uit De Ramen Van De Ambassade Gesmeten Congreslid Evan Kendrick Biedt Aan Te Bemiddelen En Binnen De Kortste Keren Komt Kendrick Terecht In Een Maalstroom Van Geweld En Intriges I lasted about 50 pages approx a tenth of book Had to mercifully put it down It s bad The writing is static, the characters are asinine the protagonist is a Caucasian US Congressmen who 1 speaks a foreign language, 2 speaks Arabic fluently, and 3 represents a rural Colorado district because you know rural Colorado districts always elect junior politicians that are fluent in Arabic And to top it off, the protagonist literally dons skin coloring to look like an Arab and then infiltrates the country of Oman ridiculous The characterization of the Arab World is appalling The author tries to validate this by scattering transliterated Arabic words throughout the text showing that he did his homework but it s the same depicted Arab world that s been regurgitated time and time again a backwards society, engulfed in religious fanaticism, the backdrop of oil and shady business sheikhs blah blah blah Don t read this book. maybe 4 1 2 The first half left me wondering how well the author portrayed the Arab world, but it moved quickly The last half was so intriguing and thought provoking that I couldn t put the book down, and it s a very long book I kept stopping to discuss some of the ideas with my sounding board, my husband It s disturbing to read that there could be a government within the government so to speak that causes us to pit ourselves against ourselves So often we believe what we read in the news, or possibly WANT to believe, that we miss the disturbing manipulations of hidden people in control I see our own government being manipulated by the rich and powerful and feel hopeless in any good resolution.This was a very, very good read. I m re reading Ludlum He s often copied, borrowed from, outright stolen from, but nobody comes close He crams ideas in one book, than any other writer out there Story unbelievable Who cares It is a fun, well written wild ride of a book, and at 770 pages over all too soon Nobody does did it better Highy recommended. Good writing of course,it s Ludlum But Amazingly convoluted plot, and so loo o ong By the time I reached page 400, I was crawling on the floor from sheer exhaustion, checking every 30 minutes how many pages I still have to battle through The total in this edition is 678 More than once, I considered dropping the book, but that would probably have put a hole in the floor just kidding By the time I finished, I was seeing double and my tongue was hanging out of my mouth.Not that it s not a good story with a credible plot and totally believable characters But it should really be two separate books. Airplane fodderLudlum writes great thrillers Picked up this oldie but goodie on the cheap at a yard sale or something.As I was reading this I thought, Hmmm, this could make a good movie Maybe two movies given the depth When I finished it I looked around to see if there was a sequel Imagine the representative from Colorado as the president What I found was the prequel, currently in production as a movie Leo DiCaprio as the lead Ugh.A little dated by today s standards in terms of technology and communications, but well written and fast paced Kept me up well into the night after my plane trip Couldn t finish I had nothing else to do Passed the time, would be for genre author fans Everyone could enjoy this book Everyone should read this book, I ll read it again I keep forgetting that I need to concentrate if I m planning to read a book by Robert Ludlum Seem to spend half my time confused about what is going on.Enjoyable book in 2 halves 1st half concentrates on a crisis in the Middle East and then the 2nd on the repercussions when the hero returns home and is catapulted to the top of political life. So much for the suspension of disbelief An unbelievable character in an unbelievable plot doing unbelievable things I could only get through this novel by treating it as satire, and laughing with the author and publishers who conspired to make the critics believe it was a thriller. This novel is frustrating, insubstantial and very very improbable A caucasian US Congressman dons dark makeup to pass for an Arab, infilrates a terrorist organization in Oman, convinces them he is a fellow terrorist, and somehow foils their plot All this despite his obvious non native accent which isn t even mentioned by Robert Ludlum He then keeps the entire caper a secret until one covert agent recognizes him from a photograph.The only interesting plot involves a secret star chamber like organization scheming to select the next US President Once again logic holds no sway in this universe because the secret organization is apparently risking their lives and reputations for entirely altruistic reasons, with no personal benefit expected or desired from the new administration.Please stay away unless you enjoy smacking your forehead with the palm of your hand every 20 pages. the past s brutal vengeance kendrick sold his business that had made millions in the middle east after an enemy, known only by name, destroyed one of his buildings and withing it over 70 of his employees and their children whom he considered his family remaining anonymous, with the knowledge of the american govt but no recognition, he returned to masqat, living and befriending the locals and eventually helped free the hostages being held in the american embassy by arab terrorists his last act was to have killed the man responsible for his family s killings fast forward and he is now a congressman but with no intention to stay one however an undercover group have other ideas and he finds that his past is being manipulated into the limelighttgis has devastating effect on those he knows and is close to and also opens a way for him to correct the corruption being caused bu greedy people and arms dealers blood is the name of the game great characterisation u will love manny and obviously a lot of research has been carried out in the making of this novel book one i fund my attention drifting as there were so many characters and it was not clear who was whom and on what side book two i found dragged and i was surprised on 2 points i would have thought the computer was the obvious place to look especially as it could be hacked also nobody seemed to have mobile phones strange use of punctuation marks usually describing the activities kendrick was in almost childish think of enid blyton bev

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  • The Icarus Agenda
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  • 07 January 2018

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