Giving It Over

Giving It Over Justin Dixon Sinclair, Jr Knows That Something Is Missing In His Life Despite Being A Successful Entrepreneur He Just Can T Seem To Find Love Justin Longs For A Relationship That Will Last The Test Of TimeClosing Business Deals Came Easy It Was Matters Of The Heart That Justin Couldn T Fully Control When Justin Is Forced To Travel Home To Sweet Water, Alabama, He Runs Into A Long Lost Love, Enon Green Someone He Has Thought About Since The Day He Left The Small Country Town

Sasha J Frost is a pastry chef by night and author during the day Sasha resides in the South and enjoys an ice cold Arnold Palmer after long fourteen hour days creating mouthwatering foodgasms.

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  • Giving It Over
  • Sasha J. Frost
  • 07 October 2017

10 thoughts on “Giving It Over

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    Ack Not gonna waste my time to review this one Silly story, love triangle I recommend a big ol passNext

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    2.5 stars JJ and Enon were childhood friends in a small town in Alabama In high school, Chris joined the duo and became new member of the group While JJ always liked Enon, he slept with Chris first because he didn t know that Enon was interested in him It turned out, Ennon did and they became a couple But not for long because JJ then decided to leave Alabama and moved to New York and never returned even once In the Big Apple, JJ met Chris again and they became an on off couple for eight years The last time was two months ago, when Chris forgot his birthday Again When JJ got a call that his beloved aunt was dying, he finally went back home This forced him to meet his relatives and town folks And most importantly, Ennon The one that JJ never forgot Ennon still lived as a rancher that his family owned Would the old feelings still be there Or, his heart now belonged to Chris, who unexpectedly showed up at his door The story has many ingredients that usually would guarantee a 5 stars from me However, I felt nothing really new was offered here If the execution has been great, I wouldn t hesitate to give higher ratings, but somehow it s not I didn t really care enough for JJ nor Ennon Let alone Chris The plots felt just glossed over without much emotion And, the ending also a bit forced that doesn t make sense to me view spoiler Part of the reason JJ left years ago was he knew Ennon wouldn t leave his family ranch Suddenly, he showed up in JJ s apartment in NY with intention to move there What would he do for a living in NYC Meanwhile, at the first page of the story, we re told that all JJ needed for his job was a computer with internet connection While JJ was in Alabama, he worked in the ranch side by side with Ennon Wouldn t it make sense if he was the one who moved hide spoiler

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    2.75 starsAn okay romance although there is nothing new here to entice you in A liaison between JJ, Enon and Chris there is confusion and wires crossed before an eventual reunion.

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