Too Good To Be True

Too Good To Be True The writing was good but the plot was not very believable , interesting , appealing And the characters well I liked the dog I loved Cal until the lying thing, then he went bersek and made a huge deal about someting so stupid , the whole scene didn t make sense to me.Grace ugh I just feel soooo sorry for Grace, she s so busy worrying about what other people think of her that she forgets about living and ejoying life But forget about that, my main problem with Grace is the fact that her fianc dumped her 3 weeks before their wedding for her sister and then she gave them her blessing My sister and my ex fiance a guy I slept with and was gonna marry that s just sick If he dumped me I might forgive him when I got over him, but that doesn t mean I want to see him all the time if he married my sister I would have to see him every christmas, mother and father s day, 4th of july you know, every family thing and then when they had babies with someone else Forgive and forget how Yeah yeah, I wish him to be happy and stuff, I can accept that, I just don t want to see it, do it away from me and I would expect my family to understand that AND support me And so what if Cal was in jail once , Grace s mom makes porn art, her sister stole her fiance and her grandma is a bitch , why does she think she s so much better that him , he s crazy but still..Meh , I won t be reading this book again, the feminist in me got annoyed at Grace and her family. C Chi Guarda Le Vetrine Desiderando Cose Che Non Potr Mai Permettersi, Chi Invece Ammira Le Foto Di Alberghi Di Lusso In Cui Non Andr Mai Io Mi Sono Spesso Immaginata Di Aver Incontrato Un Ragazzo Carinissimo E Perfetto Quando Invece Non Esisteva Come Quel Giorno In Cui Avrei Preferito Restarmene A Casa Anzich Partecipare A Un Matrimonio Non Era Tanto La Cerimonia A Disturbarmi, Quanto Il Fatto Che Ci Sarebbe Stato Quel Bastardo Del Mio Ex, Al Braccio Di Mia Sorella, Per Giunta, Mentre Io Sarei Arrivata Da Sola L Unica Soluzione Era Inventarsi Un Fidanzato, Un Tipo Meraviglioso E Affascinante Con Sex Appeal Da Vendere E Un Tagliente Senso Dell Umorismo Uno Di Quelli Per Cui Le Altre Sbavano Di Invidia E Sarebbero Disposte A Tutto Pur Di Rubartelo Di Sicuro Uno Cos Non L Uomo Della Porta Accanto, Sarebbe Troppo Bello Per Essere Vero Quirky and funny, Too Good to Be True is another Kristan Higgins winner The heroine is a character easy to understand and empathize with, even if she does present herself as a major doormat at times The admirable theme that runs throughout this novel and its main characters is the loyalty and protectiveness of family, even when loved ones don t deserve or return it Overall, I found this adult romance standalone to be an easy and enjoyable reading experience If you re a Kristan Higgins fan, definitely add it to your list My favorite quoteBecause when you meet The One, you just know Grace feels the need to once again create a fictional beau It worked when she was a girl and a teen, and it should work now This time it s to fend off the sympathy and concern generated by friends and family because her fiancee cried because he fell in love with her perfect little sister For once, little sis is not a conniving bitch and genuinely loves Grace, but, heh, Grace still got dumped three weeks before her wedding Grace s lies take little effort as she s been down this road before, and she conveniently creates a very dedicated pediatric surgeon as her BF Poor doc just never finds the time to meet the family In the meanwhile, a hunk of burning love in the guise of an ex con named Callaghan O Shea creeps into her life What a great name The banter between these two as well as the wit between Grace and her sisters sparkles and is hysterical 5 star banter.As Grace s imaginary BF spends and time with his imaginary patients, Grace acknowledges her attraction to Shawshank as her caustic older sister calls him.There are plenty of fun secondary characters to choose from The cranky and cynical older sister who s separated from her stuffy husband, the h s mother who creates feminist artwork aka vaginas, ovaries etc..,, the irascible and very UNLOVEABLE grandmother, the yummy ex con with an interesting past, the h s gay best friend who s afraid of love, and, last but not least, Angus McFangus her West Highland terrier who does what terriers do best bite people and eat whatever their little legs can get them into Grace spends half her time cleaning up after Angus If you re a dog lover, you roll with it if not, be prepared to be grossed out.Why not 4 stars view spoiler When Callaghan finds out she lied about her surgeon BF he goes off the reservation His over reaction ranks up there with a sixth grade girl It s a little unrealistic and out of character for such a great hero hide spoiler I should have thought this book was Too good to be true..After reading the title.Seriously This story might have had a history teacher and an ex convict..but I only ended up like the dog.I know Initally, I picked up this book with high expectations in regards of humor and romance but ended up being thoroughly disappointed until the very end..soo very boring.In facy,Im pretty sure I cultivated a migraine,after skimming through the glowed up pages on my phone.So yes well.As the title so ironically states ,This book was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE Ok, I admit it I m just a sappy romantic at heart How I love these books Meet Grace Emerson She s thirty, she s a prep school history teacher, Civil Was enthusiast, member of a Civil War reenactment group, proud Highland Terrier owner, old Victorian house owner, middle child, jilted three weeks before the weddingBut that was than a year ago.Now, her ex fianc is dating her younger sister that s the reason he broke up with her , she s indulging in too much Ben and Jerry s, she invented a boyfriend so people wouldn t pity her, and she recently assaulted her hot new neighbor with a lawn hockey stick Okay, so she was a bit tipsy, but he is and ex con Sure, embezzlement doesn t sound as ominous as rape or murder, but he does have a record.And did I mention he s hot Well, he is, and she suddenly finds herself having all kinds of improper thoughts about him But she can t because he s an ex con and besides, she s looking for someone ready to settle down with a wife and four children And her little dog can t stand the man And she does have a boyfriend, imaginary, but still, she can t go cheating on Wyatt Dunn, pediatric surgeon, and disappoint her whole family, now, can she I m so happy when Harlequin decided to give away good ebooks Because this one was good In fact, it was great Though I m not particularly fond of first person POV I found myself reading this one in one sitting and enjoying it immensely It was hilarious, a little sad, a little strange, a little annoying when the heroine was in a funk and didn t want to get out of it, it was funky, it was sparkly, spunky, and very well written.It had all the elements a chick lit book requires A slightly crazy heroine, a middle child that doesn t want to hurt people s feelings, but doesn t want their pity, either, so she invents a boyfriend There was her crazy family with an old, nasty, belligerent grandmother, a tax lawyer quirky father, a porno artist mother, a grouchy older sister deciding to leave her husband and move in with Grace, a coddled, protected younger sister, and a cute little Highland Terrier named Angus.Throw in a hunky, sexy, bedroom eyed neighbor slash punching bag slash chew toy, a gay best friend who owns a dance studio and hasn t been in a relationship in eight years, a female best friend who can t keep a guy, a two hour How To Get Your Man seminar, a classroom of bored teenagers, a race for chairman of the History department, a few battlefield in Connecticut reenactment, a few lies strewn here and there that almost ruined the HEA, a weddin in the making, a hillarious pre HEA brawl, and a cute epilogue, and you get yourself this charming little story.I absolutely loved it And I m thinking of giving the author s other books a try If they re as good as this one, I m in for quite a fun few hours.Highly recommended. When it comes to writing a review about a Kristan Higgins book, I honestly feel like a broken record All of the things I love about her other books, I loved about this book From the community of characters that give me a sense of belonging while I tag along for the story, to my feelings of wanting to defend the heroine against all of the situations and peopler doing her wrong Too Good To Be True was no exception.This story, told in the first person, was about Grace Emerson Grace, when she was younger, had an odd coping mechanism of making up people, mostly imaginary boyfriends, to fit in with stories from her imagination Fast forward to where the story began and she was accidentally blurting out that she had met this perfect boyfriend, all in the name of helping her sister Natalie not feel bad and uncomfortable because Natalie was MARRYING GRACE S EX FIANCE Yes, you read that correctlyfacepalms And another thing, I continued in a low voice I m sick of the pity Nat and Andrew should just get on with it, you know, and stop treating me like some crippled, balding cat who has seizures and can t keep down her food Margaret laughed Gotcha I was immediately in Grace s corner, though she was way understanding and accepting than I would have been in the same situation Being dumped for my sister and then having to watch a man you were once in love with and not quite over, together and blissfully happy well let s just say I don t think I would have been able to do it I get why she felt the need to make up a boyfriend, just to get everyone off her back I wouldn t have been able to handle all of the pity Sounds perfect, Natalie said approvingly Good sense of humor Oh, yes, I answered Very funny But in a nice, nonmocking way Not snarky, sarcastic or rude In a gentle, loving way So this is a case of opposites attract Callahan asked Amid all of the deception and wedding planning, Grace got a new neighbour, in the form of sexy Callahan O Shea To say her interactions with him were hilarious would be an understatement Cal was a refreshing hero for me I really liked that he was the vulnerable one while he and Grace were getting to know one another In fact, most of the time, while Grace was internally lusting after Cal, she was quite rude and dismissive of Cal I found Cal to be quite wonderful Finally It s about time, he muttered against my mouth No quest to find the one would be complete without some disastrous blind dates and Grace had one of the funniest ones I ve read to date Perfect, perfect Lester had Grace going to her imaginary world and envisioning a perfect world with him as her co star He loved to cook and couldn t wait to make me dinner He wanted children He was perfect.Then his cell phone rang Oh, shoot, I m sorry, Grace, he said with an apologetic smile, glancing at the screen of the phone I ve been waiting for this call No, no, go ahead, I said, sipping my GT Do whatever you want, baby I m yours.Lester flipped open his phone What do you want, bitch he demanded, his face contorting with fury.I choked and sputtered, lurching up straight in my seat Around us, patrons grew still Lester ignored us all Well, guess where I am he barked, turning slightly away from me I m at a bar with a woman So there, you disgusting whore Grace s family, like other families in Kristan Higgins books, were very quirky and loveable I loved how protective her older sister, Margaret was and her mother s late in life career as an artist was hilarious Hey, Dad, Margaret said, coming up to smooch our father on the cheek How are the labias selling Well Margaret, we need to talk Come on, girls Let s sit in the kitchen Oh, Grace, this shouldn t go here It s not funny This is serious artwork, honey Callahan O Shea had placed Breast in Blue in my fruit bowl amid the oranges and pears I grinned Grace s hobbies, usually involving her best friend, Julian, were quite sweet, with a little bit of cheeky tossed in there They taught dancing to people at Golden Meadows, a senior s home and Grace even read to the residents, though her reading material made me laugh out loud Dare he take the promise of forbidden passion and sheathe his rock hard desire in the heaven of her soft and hidden treasure I think he should go for it I jumped, dropping my tawdry paperback Callahan O Shea stood in the doorway, shrinking the size of the room Irish What are you doing here I asked What are you doing here, is a better question I m reading to Mr Lawrence He likes it Hopefully Mr Lawrence wouldn t lurch out of his two year silence and deny that fact He s part of my reading program Is that right He s also my grandfather, Callahan said, crossing his arms I adored every word to this story, even if I wanted to shake the bad sense out of Grace for most of it I knew I just had to let her get there on her own and she did The heroines in these stories, while finding love, importantly, always find a way to find happiness with themselves and work through the hurt and heartache that life throws their way This was an emotional roller coaster ride of a read for me, filled with humour and heartbreak and love. Grace Emerson is a history teacher at a stuffy prep school, devoted sister and daughter, and a Civil War buff who participates in re enacting the battles , but she also has a small problem she invents imaginary boyfriends in time of crisis For instance, in middle school she wanted to be accepted by the cool kids, so she invented an older, much cooler boyfriend who attended a different school Worked like a charm The same thing worked for her in high school when she invented a beautiful, French man who was in college and totally adored her And so on and so on When her baby sister, Natalie, begins dating Grace s ex fiance, Andrew, everyone takes pity on Grace and presto Another imaginary boyfriend pops out of her mouth before she can take it back Wyatt turns out to be a pediatric surgeon who comes to Grace s rescue when her car tire blows out In his spare time Wyatt rescues feral cats, speaks at medical conventions, and is simply too good to be true But what other options does Grace have The pain of being dumped by Andrew two weeks before her wedding is still fresh and the poor girl can t find a decent man to date Then late one evening Grace happens to see the dark shadow of a man testing the doors and windows of the empty house next door She calls 911 When the intruder knocks on her front door minutes later, Grace opens the door and beats him upside the head with her field hockey stick The man is subsequently arrested When Grace is questioned by the police the next day, she learns that the man is, in fact, her new neighbor, Callahoun O Shea Feeling horrible, Grace takes a plate of her special brownies and a bottle of wine to Callahoun s house by way of an apology however, she ends up smacking the poor guy again by accident this time Days later she wrecks Cal s truck that is parked near the end of her driveway After pages of squabbling and hilarious dialogue, Cal and Grace finally hit it off Their romance is simple and very sweet Cal goes out of his way to do the most incredible, sweetest things possible to prove his love for Grace, including driving her to a movie theatre an hour away to surprise her with the movie Gone With The Wind The only barrier to their relationship is the fact that Cal is an ex con, having recently been released from prison, and Grace s family does not know how to deal with that Please note that Cal is not an alpha, nor is he a reformed bad boy I honestly enjoy the heros that Kristan Higgins writes into her stories They are refreshingly different, well rounded characters I only wish I could hop into their heads and read their perspective on things once in awhile.I really struggled as to whether or not I wanted to give this book 3 or 4 stars It started slow for me and I was annoyed with the fact that Grace was a pushover a true doormat to her family and her youngest sister, Natalie, who became engaged to Grace s ex fiance These issues are cleared up by the end of the story when Grace finally makes her stand and what a great ending to this story I might add , so I suppose this is a case of the end justifying the means Grace s oldest sister, Margaret, an attorney and a real ballbuster, has some of the best lines in the book But I couldn t help feeling that many of the characters and family members were cliches the gay sidekick and the cranky grandmother or were added simply for filler But all in all, it was a good book with slow start and a better ending Not as much fun as Just One Of The Guys, and it lacked the wholesome family dynamic that I like in Higgin s books, but I can honestly say I enjoyed it and would recommend it to my friends.

Kristan Higgins is the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of than a dozen novels Her books have been honored with dozens of awards and accolades, including starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, Library Journal, the New York Journal of Books and Romantic Times She is a two time winner of the RITA award from Romance Writers of America and a five time nominee for t

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