The Post at Gundooee

The Post at Gundooee Lindsay Thought She Had Been Rather Clever To Obtain The Post Of Bookkeeper At Gundooee Station In The Australian Outback Although She Might Be Said To Have Got It Under False Pretenses But The Forbidding Station Manager, Rod Bennett, Didn T Think She Had Been Either Clever Or Amusing

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Post at Gundooee book, this is one of the most wanted Amanda Doyle author readers around the world.

[Download] ➽ The Post at Gundooee  By Amanda Doyle –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 191 pages
  • The Post at Gundooee
  • Amanda Doyle
  • 09 February 2019

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    Heroine obtains her job as a bookeeper at an Outback station through the sin of omission She omitted her gender from her application and let her employer thinks she was a man based on her name The hero is ready to send her back, but something her green eyes makes him give her a chance She makes a bunch of mistakes like kissing one of the stockmen so the bet they devised will be dispatched and they won t bother her again , but she manages to befriend everyone on the station and fit right in Then her evil cousin shows up to snag the hero and the heroine is frequently shown in a terrible light The hero is angry about some mistakes that the cousin caused he doesn t get rid of the heroine In fact, he s quite sweet when she gets a black eye from an errant tennis ball.The climax of the story occurs when the evil cousin sends the heroine off on a wild goose chase and she is almost drowned The hero finally puts two and two together and makes his declaration He ll pack the evil cousin off immediately and they will marry.The ending is abrupt and we don t get to see the evil cousin come to justice on the page, but this has the Amanda Doyle feel good tone that I really like hence four stars.

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    Talk about evil OW Carleen the Coldblooded Cousin takes the cake when it comes to scheming, nasty, OTT horrible bitches Lindsay is a naive, wide eyed orphan who plays Cinderella to her relatives for way too long She allows herself to be guilted into becoming Carleen s slave, doing her washing, ironing, cleaning, catering, etc until one day she overhears Carleen saying truly nasty things about her and finally finds a spine Sort of Lindsay s a country girl at heart and she applies for a job in the outback, except the isolated post was looking to employ a male and Lindsay doesn t quite specify her gender in her application She gets the job, much to Carleen s displeasure, and moves out.Rod the Manly Hero is displeased to find a woman arriving for the post, but Lindsay persuades him to give her a chance by quoting heartfelt poetry at him LOL. it was cute From here on it s your typical woman in the wilderness adjusting to life with rough men kinda deal, until the arrival of Carleen, who heard that Lindsay s employer was fabulously rich and hunky Rod Bennett and promptly finagled her way out there.Carleen s antics just grow exponentially cruel and evil, culminating in like, a serious murder attempt I swear she had murder on her mind, although it s not explicitly stated, it was clear that she meant for Lindsay to get lost, injured, and most likely dead Now, Lindsay was a sweetheart and super innocent, but it grated the way she naively gave her cousin so much ammunition to use against her, like telling her about deceiving Rod over her gender when applying for the post She never lost her doormat ways, allowing Carleen to pretend they didn t know each other and treat Lindsay like a servant when she came to the outpost, dropping everything to hem Carleen s skirt, etc Still, the book was interesting and I would have liked it well enough except the ending was super abrupt and Rod s reveal of his feelings for Lindsay came out of the blue Completely out of the blue There was barely any hint of his liking Lindsay anywhere in the entire book until the end, when suddenly he s all, You re going to be my wife Up until that point he s been distant with her and spending all his time flirting with and entertaining Carleen Also massive disappointment in never finding out what happens to Carleen There is never any big scene where her true face is revealed, all her lies uncovered There is no confrontation over her murderous intention at the end You never see her angry and thwarted or getting any kind of comeuppance, although I hope something happened when they went back.So yeah, a decent read until the severely short changing end Cute heroine, but justice never gets served and there is a distinct lack of romance feelings from the Hero.

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    Bookjunkie s review is a perfect recap Relationship between MCs was not really believable.

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