Nußknacker und Mausekönig

Nußknacker und MausekönigTranslations are, as a rule, pretty bad I feel like this translation did not do the original story justice at all and a lot of the magic had seeped through the cracks as a result The story itself has dark layers to it that the ballet does not possess It has a rather disjointed flow to it and altogether it is a fairly obvious story of a time long ago when attractiveness was the most important quality in any thing However, the most important thing about this story is that it was the inspiration for the ballet, and that makes it expressly priceless and worthy of than five measly golden stars The difference of the ballet to the story is utterly necessary, and makes the original story even dear Differences are what make adaptations, not their strict adherence to their founders You can clearly follow the magical path, clearly feel the Christmas spirit and clearly find joy in the book, but from a personal point of view, only if you ve seen the marvellous spectacle that is The Nutcracker ballet First read 9th December, 2016 3 stars Second read 19th December, 2017 3 stars, 5 stars for the illustrated edition Blog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Etsy Entonces Se Oy Pitar Y Chillar Locamente, Y Se Oy Trotar A Muchos Piececillos Peque Os Detr S De Las Paredes, Y Miles De Lucecitas, Cuyo Resplandor Asomaba Por Todas Las Rendijas Pero No, No Eran Luces , Eran Ojitos Brillantes, Y Mar A Se Dio Cuenta De Que De Todos Los Rincones Asomaban Ratoncitos Que Trataban De Abrirse Camino Hacia Afuera Un Instante Despu S Comenz A O Rse Por La Habitaci N Un Trotecillo, Y Multitud De Ratones Fueron A Colocarse En Formaci N, Como Federico Sol A Colocar A Sus Soldados Cuando Los Sacaba Para Alguna Batalla ETA HoffmannErnst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann Despu S De Escribir El Cascanueces Y El Rey De Los Ratones Escribi Un Segundo Cuento Para Ni Os Titulado El Ni O Extra OEste Cuento, Seg N El Propio Autor, Es Un Cuento Para Ni Os Y Para Los Que No Lo Son , Para Que Todos Puedan Leerlo Y Descifrar Su Oculto SentidoEl Autor, Rom Ntico Por Excelencia, Expone Aqu , Al Tiempo Que Una Historia Entretenida, Una Teor A Sobre La Educaci N, Frente A La Teor A Del Siglo Precedente, De La Ilustraci N Realidad Y Fantas A, Como Es Costumbre En Lodos Sus Cuentos, Dan Gran Encanto Al Relato Misterioso Hoffmanniano 2.5I think this would be a thrilling and fun story for children and one that comes with some good opportunities for important discussions That being said, the way the story was presented really didn t hold my attention well at all It was okay the whole way through until the end I found the way it turned out quite creepy and odd view spoiler turns out the nutcracker turns back into the guy he was before he was cursed and he proposes to our protagonist Which fine But she s EIGHT That s weird Really weird hide spoiler Cum spuneam, to i erau binedispu i, numai regina p rea foarte speriat i nelini tit , i nimeni nu tia de ce B t tor la ochi era ndeosebi faptul c ea pusese sub stra nic paz p tucul lui Pirlipat De i u ile erau p zite de o teni, n afara celor dou ngrijitoare care nu se dezlipeau de leag n alte ase trebuiau s ad noapte de noapte prin preajm , n toate ungherele camerei Maria ridic ochii Consilierul de curte pusese din nou peruca de sticl pe cap, i mbr case haina cea galben i z mbea foarte mul umit, n vreme ce inea de m n un t n r domn, ce i drept, mic de statur , dar bine f cut. Conoc a la historia de El Cascanueces por pel culas, pero nunca me hab a adentrado a leer el libro Esta Navidad decid ponerle remedio y leerlo y ha sido una gran sorpresa Una historia donde se mezcla fantas a y realidad y donde en muchos momentos no sabemos s lo que est sucediendo es real o no Un cuento ideal para adultos para disfrutar en esta poca del a o, y cuya experiencia lectora mejora si os pon is a Tchaikovsky mientras lo le is No os quiero contar mucho, ya que es muy cortito y no os quiero desvelar nada de la trama, pero es encantador y est genialmente escrito, con unos personajes muy entra ables que os llegar n al coraz n. Maurice Sendak did the illustrations for this edition I love them They are quirky and what you expect from Maurice.This is the full edition and it is night something you can read in a single bedtime story This is long This is also all about how things look Is someone pretty or not Marie sees the beauty on the inside over what is on the outside The nutcracker ballet focuses on the candyland part of the story and the beauty there The book spends much of the story on war heaven help us I mean, it is a lot about fighting and war This is so 1800.I think I prefer the ballet to the book and I did enjoy this Having a shorter version you can read in a night is nice too Still, I m glad I finally read this whole thing Merry Christmas. You ll have to suffer a lot if you want to take charge of a poor, deformed Nutcracker Only you can rescue him Be strong and loyalSynopsis E.T.A Hoffman forever ruins your favorite Christmas time ballet Try overcoming this sucker, Tchaikovsky Biblio Babble Wonderful Christian Entertainment This Is Not Like a lot of people, my family and I watch The Nutcracker every Christmas, since it seems to be a holiday staple However, either I m totally missing something or I just wasn t paying attention when we started watching it when I was a child, but I don t remember it being so darn dark in nature However, after doing some research, Tchaikovsky adapted it from not only Hoffman s story, but Alexandre Dumas adapted story as well So I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that we were given a very PG rated version of the story Cause let me tell you something, children this book is dark as HELL I was in a constant state of surprise at how such an innocent looking ballet show stemmed from such a dark and twisted story.Dance of the Demented Mice I don t quite know what mice might have ever done to E.T.A Hoffman for him to make them as vicious, twisted, and icky as he did in this story, but they sure did something Cause the mice in this book are horrible If you already don t like mice, then you probably sure as hell won t like the seven headed Mouse King Yes, he does have seven One for each of the deadly sins, I supposed And these mice are sneaky little turds who are extremely good at blackmail I mean, they extort food, puzzles, and dolls from an innocent eight year old child And they really don t do anything with their loot CGI Barbie Acted More Animated Then This Added to my Nutcracker fueled phase was the release of the horribly CGI animated but still classic Christmas special, Barbie and the Nutcracker. Re watching it with one of my nieces, the animation was absolutely atrocious, with the characters moving and looking like they were chronically constipated However, compared to the writing in this book, they moved so fluidly The writing in this book was perhaps the biggest downfall for me It was just so boring that I had trouble finding the willpower to finish this book, even though it s only a little over 100 pages The narration style is very off, and waivers from first to third perspective which is exceedingly hard to do.The Words No Bookworm Wants to Hear The ballet is better There I said it Without the wooden writing driving the narrative, the story feels alive with both the ballet and even the animated specials I also believe that the magic of the story, and the visuals of both the Christmas season and the Nutcracker land or whatever the hell it s called comes off a lot better visually rather than in written word form, in this case Hoffman s writing just bogged it all down, and I wasn t able to feel or see the magic of the wondrous Christmas season that he wanted to impart on us.Was This Just a Wet Dream Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this novel isn t the killer mice that will haunt your nightmares, or the creepy human that is supposed to be the kindly Drosselmeier Nah, it s what happens at the end of the book, when a certain nephew of a certain Drosselmeier shows up And it s well, I don t want to give too much of it away However, I found the creep level in this book to be reaching maximum proportions So, view spoiler the nephew of Drosselmeier is the Nutcracker who has turned back into human form He then proposes marriage to Marie who accepts This would be fine if it weren t for the fact that SHE S EIGHT FREAKIN YEARS OLD, Y ALL hide spoiler Para quem gosta de hist rias de natal, imperd velMeu primeiro contato com O Quebra Nozes foi por volta dos 9 anos de idade, atrav s do filme estrelado por Macaulay Culkin 1993 , que nada mais era do que uma perfomance do New York City Ballet adaptada para a tv De l pra c , tive a oportunidade e o prazer inenarr vel de assistir a The Nutcracker com o NYC Ballet ao vivo, em pleno natal, no Lincoln Center, e sigo completamente apaixonada, tanto pelo ballet quanto por seu compositor, Tchaikovsky Faltava o qu Faltava o livro, claro Para situar melhor essa famosa hist ria, explico o alem o E.T.A Hoffmann escreveu The Nutcracker em 1816 em 1844, Alexandre Dumas fez uma revis o da obra de Hoffmann, e esta serviu, em 1892, de base para o ballet composto por ningu m menos que Tchaikovsky Por m, foi apenas a partir 1954, quando o ilustre core grafo George Balanchine produziu uma nova vers o do ballet, que ele se popularizou, se tornando o ballet mais famoso do mundo e uma tradi o natalina.Encontramos muitos filmes, desenhos da Barbie, inclusive e livros adaptados de O Quebra Nozes, mas h um bom tempo procuro uma edi o com texto integral em portugu s, sem sucessoachei Falo sobre ela ap s a resenhaAt que me deparei com a cole o de cl ssicos de natal da Penguin e, opa, The Nutcracker estava l , por que n o pensei antes em l lo em ingl s Era noite de Natal quando a pequena Marie ganhou um boneco de madeira de seu padrinho Drosselmeier O boneco era um quebra nozes e, naquela noite, ele ganhou vida para proteger Marie do Mouse King, o camundongo rei Machucada ap s a noite e aventura de natal, Marie, acamada, recebe a visita de Drosselmeier, que lhe conta a hist ria de uma princesa e de como o Quebra Nozes j fora bonito um dia, antes de ter sido enfeiti ado pela m e do camundongo Nessa mistura de sonho e realidade, Marie levada pelo Pr ncipe para lugares encantados, florestas de Natal e de frutas cristalizadas, lagos de am ndoas e muita, muita magia.Por ser uma hist ria infantil, esperei uma linguagem mais simples, com frases mais curtas e bobas, e, para minha surpresa, me deparei com um texto bel ssimo, com rico vocabul rio, frases bem elaboradas e lugares muito bem descritos Surpreendeu me tamb m a parte sombria da hist ria, meio tenebrosa, daquelas que deixam os pequeninos um pouco assustados, mas que, sem d vidas, estimula a bravura.O livro tem tudo de que gosto se passa no Natal, tem fam lia reunida, um tio que fabrica brinquedos ex ticos e conta hist rias maravilhosas aos sobrinhos, tem sonhos m gicos com pr ncipes e princesas e um ex rcito que luta corajosamente para derrotar o mal e, claro, tem final rom ntico e feliz.Um conto de natal majestoso, um cl ssico que deveria ser lido todos os anos no natal para as crian as, uma hist ria que desperta a imagina o e a criatividade e que mant m vivo o fasc nio pelos brinquedos e o encantamento pelo natal ig Brasil muito f cil encontrar adapta es dessa hist ria, mas o livro com seu texto integral s encontrei em uma vers o da editora Berlendis e Vertecchia, que diz ser a primeira vez que a obra publicada diretamente do original e na ntegra O t tulo se chama O Quebra Nozes e o Camundongo Rei. The Nutcracker Prince, with Keifer Sutherland as the voice of Nutcracker, was one of my favorite childhood movies, and is still a favorite to this day When I realized it was based on a short story that also inspired the ballet, obviously I had to read it.I m not a fan of Where the Wild Things Are, and I wasn t too impressed with Sendak s weird Labyrinth like tale, Outside Over There because there was no Jareth in it, obviously But I wanted to read this version because Auntie J said it was the best version ever I actually read another version of this tale and was less than impressed I figured it was just a bad translation, but this version was quite similar.The illustrations were good, but not good enough to make me swoon The story was not quite to my taste and, in fact, a bit weird If Marie was only seven at the beginning, how did she get betrothed at the end She would have been eight by the time they got married.Unfortunately, I don t think I d be a fan of this story if it weren t for the movie version I love I m not sure what it is about the movie that makes it so magical for me, but certainly Tchaikovsky s beautiful music used throughout doesn t hurt Clara takes a much active role in the narrative than the book s Marie Also, look how adorable Nutcracker is.Yes, yes, he s supposed to be ugly But a character voiced by Keifer Sutherland could never be ugly I don t think I ll be seeking out any written versions of this story, but I am interested in the ballet and other movie versions. 4.5 Book 4 in CramaThon2015 Read a book under 200 pages.

Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann, better known by his pen name E T A Hoffmann Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann , was a German Romantic author of fantasy and horror, a jurist, composer, music critic, draftsman and caricaturist His stories form the basis of Jacques Offenbach s famous opera The Tales of Hoffmann, in which Hoffman appears heavily fictionalized as the hero He is also the author of

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