A Vineyard in Tuscany: A Wine Lover's Dream

A Vineyard in Tuscany: A Wine Lover's DreamThis was a mildly entertaining account of how the Hungarian Canadian author, who is a writer by profession, found and bought a crumbling ancient friary building in Tuscany, rebuilt it into a family home, and planted a vineyard with four different kinds of wine grapes Pleasantly descriptive humorous evocative of living in Tuscany, yet it kind of lacked a soulful touch.I was conflicted about this book On the one hand, I was interested in the details, such as the hunt for the perfect property through the hills and dales of rustic Tuscany, the find of the ruins of an Etruscan city in his 70 acre hilly woods, the pros and cons of the various grapes for the various growing conditions of his patchwork quilt of a 15 ish acre vineyard in the property, his whacky misadventures with construction equipment though he s clearly very handy , the insane bureaucratic process of getting approval to have a vineyard and getting farm tax abatements, etc Doesn t that sound like good armchair traveling On the other hand, I was annoyed by some things His wife, a central character in the book, was depicted oddly shallowly which is too bad because she seemed like an interesting person, an artist and former competitive plane glider And the author seemed to be conflicted himself about what to reveal with regards to the finances of doing what he did he says he might not have enough money to buy totally rebuild the friary, mentions specifics about the price of certain acreage from an unethical businessman neighbor who offers wildly varying prices, but draws a total veil over how he actually manages to afford to spend 18 months with loads of contractors rebuilding the place, then buy thousands of grape vines, vineyard machinery, custom made vats for the wine, spend 2 years in Rome while his wife goes to wine school kid is in private school, etc etc The book s a romp through the shallow bits of the house vineyard purchase creation process rather than a memoir with the kind of in depth explorations I d have preferred. In This Intimate And Uproarious Story, Two Daring New Yorkers Convert An Ancient, Abandoned Farm Into A World Renowned WineryFinding Your Dream House With A Vineyard In Tuscany Is Like Searching The Woods For Porcini Mushrooms A Labor Of Love Such Feats Require Patience, Discernment, Resolve, And An Indestructible Sense Of HumorThe M T S Future Home And Wine Estate Lies Amid Breathtaking Scenery In A Community Brimming With Warmth In Italy S Most Prestigious Wine Zone, Montalcino, They Restore A Thirteenth Century Friary Nestled On Two Hills Within Sixty Acres Of Forest, Olives, And Potential Vineyards Here They Plant Fifteen Acres Of Vines, Build The Winery, And Learn From Their Famous Vintner Neighbors, Like Angelo Gaja, The Secrets Of How To Grow The Best Grapes And Make Superb Wines Within The First Years, The M T Wines Receive International AcclaimThis Highly Entertaining Tale Of How Two Dreamers Struggle And Thrive In Idyllic Tuscany Will Enrich The Lives Of Travelers And Wine Lovers Alike Very enjoyable recounting of the immense sacrifice and hard work of the author and his family in order to create their dream vineyard Planting 42,000 vines by hand is an example His book serves two purposes 1 as a marketing piece for the award winning wines created by the Mate Vineyard and 2 as a love letter to Montalcino and Tuscany. I enjoyed this book tremendously It appealed to me on so many levels from the home in Italy, with Italian friends, to the nitty gritty of how to plant a vineyard on just the right soil to produce a great wine Good wine surpasses any description Mate is funny, self deprecating and descriptive Make no mistake, transforming a long abandoned Italian monastery into a livable home and a great vineyard is very hard work, which Mate makes light of Readers gripe about the money the people who write memoirs of their Italian and French homes must have Mayes, Mayle , which is ridiculous Bitter envy I am very grateful to be able to experience these places vicariously, through their trained writers eyes, and descriptive pens, places which I will, probably, never be able to experience myself That s what books are for Not just to entertain us but to expand our horizons No one complains about novelists who set their books in exotic and improbable places Double standard I digress I would love to hear the story from Mate s wife s point of view Candace, who is an artist, flies gliders, and turns out to be the Great Nose and Sommelier, who makes the Mate vineyard and vintages what they are I want to hear about Candace, to misquote Frodo I also want to hear about the Etruscan village they discovered I must confess that my inner history major and inner wanna be archaeologist cringed each time they went digging around in the dirt and brought artifacts home. It s a joy to read a book written not only by someone who is obviously so in love with the subject matter but who can also tell a great story I was immediately taken on the journey of building a house and winery in the hills of Brunello and I can t wait to taste the wines for myself someday If even in a dark corner of your mind you ve longed for that pastoral life among the vines, this book will both shock you into the harsh reality and have you wistfully aching for that life for yourself. An entertaining, but not very in depth tale of the creation of a vineyard in, well, Tuscany, obviously Several years pass in this short book it s, in many ways, a collection of scenes from those years, rather than a comprehensive narrative.The tone is light and engaging I enjoyed it. Mate, an affluent braggart camouflaging as a self effacing working stiff who just happened to buy an estate next to Banfi, reminded me of one of our college mantras Don t be humble, you re not that great The dialogue is strained, every punch line involves the family s incomparable brilliance, and the laughs are too few to justify this ode to self aggrandizement Mate is no Peter Mayle. Myammthis book is like a mini holidaymini, because it takes about two hours to read holiday, because it makes you sit back, sip a glass of something you enjoy and dream of the day when your dreams will, inevitably, come true Mat s tales of tuscany made me feel the sunshine in my face and brought the smell of lavender and dry grass, dust and warm rocks right into my living roomand sometimes that is all you need.Yes, he leads a life different to that of many of us And why not I don t mind his wealth and the way he talks about himself On the contrary He sounds throughly happy and content with his life, his career and the choices he makes wow How much happiness can one have in life than to be absolutely satisfied with who they are, completely without fear of failure and always ready for a new adventure I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and will keep it handy for the times when the rain beats against the window and the world feels dark and dreary This book will make it alright again. After weeks of delay, knowing if I start this book it will end, I finally picked it up and began I sipped the words slowly extracting flavors of excitement, frustration, diligence and joy and enjoyed every drop.I recommend it highly and that it should be read after reading The Hills of Tuscany The author s earlier book sets up the romance for the second This author has captured everything I love about reading It is interesting, entertaining and moves the heart It covers everything from the first shovel of dirt to picking a single grape and measuring its sweetness each day until the moment comes that the vineyard must be harvested Rebuilding of the ancient ruin into a home was amusing and enjoyable You will be transfixed with interest, you ll laugh quite often and you will likely discover a tear of happiness now and then Allow yourself to be pulled into M t s picture of a wonderful life. If you are wondering what purchasing an old villa in Tuscany to refurbish as your new home, Mr Mate s descriptions of the process were both informative and described vividly Oh, and, if you want to learn how grapes are made into wine, from the clearing of overgrown land, planting, harvesting and winemaking, you will like this book I felt as if I was there beside the familigia while reading this book Mr Mate s vineyard is now producing wonderful wines from Tuscany 39 to 695 per bottle I may have to see about getting some of his Merlot

Ferenc M t has made a career of out documenting his own quests whether it s restoring a Tuscan ruin, building a vineyard from scratch, or sailing the seven seas.Born in Transylvania, he escaped at age eleven when the Hungarian revolution was crushed by Soviet tanks He grew up in Vancouver and has lived in California, Paris, Rome, the Bahamas and New York He has worked on a railroad extra gang a

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  • A Vineyard in Tuscany: A Wine Lover's Dream
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