The Night Everything Changed

The Night Everything Changed Think of an 80s horror movie involving small, vicious creatures who are fascinated by the breasts of human females And there s a corn field The end. A nice short prequel to Kristopher Rufty s No One Would Ever Forget The Night The Carnival Came To Town Vincent Carlson Used To Have A Good Life He Lived On A Small Farm In Doverton, Wisconsin, With His Loving Teenage Daughter, Leanne His Biggest Worries Were Tending His Corn Crop And Being A Good Dad To Leanne But That Was Before The Seedy Little Carnival Came To Town, Bringing With Them The Tiny Humanoid Creatures Called Haunchies For Vincent Carlson And The Whole Town Of Doverton That Was The Night Everything Changed This was an odd quirky little book I hate giving books or short stories low ratings because especially for indie artists but a well known author who publishes a story that I cannot like it is what it is The star rating is how I feel about the book and it fell flat for me I did not find it quirky, scary or anything else except for just plain weird It was a freebie so that is good but the only the good about this book was the fact that I did not pay for it Maybe if it was novel length I could have gotten into the book but it just was not for me. Since I got my Samsung Galaxy Note last week, and added the Android Kindle app, I ve been loading a bunch of my shorter stories and anthologies to it And it s quite handy.This is the latest story I read, which was a freebie from Samhain It s quite a creepy tale about a man who is waiting for his teenage daughter to come home from the carnival, and instead finds his house invaded by some very scary, little guys.It s a shortie, but very well written The tension was pretty thick too, and it s darn spooky at times I also liked the old style horror feeling it had to it. Dr Vincent Carlson is a country doctor who lives on his farm in a remote area of Wisconsin He has a very beautiful daughter named Leanne As the story opens, there is a thunderstorm and it is nearing midnight, the time Leanne said she would be back from seeing a show performed by a traveling circus called the Haunchyville Carnival Now all these deep rooted fears we have of the freaks that used to be the attraction at a circus in the days when there was no television the author of this amazing short story uses to his advantage He really knows how to scare his readers I loved the imagery Vincent could only see his corn in the burst of a lightning flash Any horror fiction junkie should check this out Extremely good short story that finishes way too early leaving you gagging for I will definitely be buying of Mr Rufty.This review was written before I started to take my reviewing seriously I would need to re read the book to give it a serious and fair review so the above review was what I posted at the time. This was a fairly decent horror short story that probably should and probably could have been longer Rufty has all the ingredients in place for a very strong full length novel.3 STARS based on length A part of me wants to give this five stars just to outweigh all of the unjustified one star reviews but someone else already did that so I ll stick with an honest rating I m sure some people genuinely hated it and have every right to give it one star but if you browse the reviews I think you would find a vast number to be disingenuous Or flat out nonsensical Or just plain lazy.This was a 2.5 for me I generally don t go for short stories and that will negatively impact my rating 9 times out of 10, as it does here The story didn t blow me away but it didn t suck either I would certainly read this guy again in my comfort zone of longer fiction.This is only about 20 pages and has been available for free on since forever ago It can t hurt to check it out and make up your own mind I highly recommend the reviews though There s some craaaazzzy shit out there. Ugh, trying so hard not to be a judgmental dick right now And failing.I just can t help itI m currently reading Salem s Lot by Stephen King, one of the most effective horror writers in the world, and reading this short story at the same time felt like finding the penny in the diamond mine.It was super short, like chapter length, and the characters were so dumb and tropey small town hick papa basically bonering after his Lolita esque little girl in a grody, not at all disguised incestuous subplot The villains monsters were so gleefully un scary that I almost started laughingyou can t have good horror with buildup and tension and surprise, and a bunch of weird circus elves just isn t going to cut it.Sorry, Rufty, but this horror fan is just not impressed.

Kristopher Rufty is the writer and director of the movies Psycho Holocaust, Rags, and Wicked Wood, and also the author of Angel Board, PillowFace, and The Lurkers.He used to host Diabolical Radio, an internet radio show devoted to horror fiction and film for five years and developed quite an archive list and following.He is married to his high school sweetheart and is the father of two insane chil

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  • The Night Everything Changed
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  • 07 January 2018
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