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Sumerfords Autumn The Myriad Difficulties And Colourful Details Of Early Tudor Times Are Vividly Portrayed In This Book From The Royal Court To The Dungeons Of The Tower And From The Vast Chill Of Sumerford Castle In Somerset To Execution Hill In London, The Late Medieval Is Brought Back To Life In All Its Beauty, Filth And Complexity This Turbulent Period Of History Serves As The Violent But Compelling Background To The Lives Of The Sumerford Brothers, And In Particular To Ludovic S Path From Obscurity Towards The Changing Fortunes Of Great Love, National Loyalty, Family Responsibility And Finally Happiness

I was born approximately two hundred years ago It sometimes feels that way in Gloucestershire, England, right in the heart of the Cotswolds After a few years, I moved to London and fell in love with the history which oozes through the old stones, and the medieval atmosphere leaks from the beautiful old buildings For many years, I walked the old cobbled lanes and researched the 15th century fro

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  • 15 November 2019

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    All of England sits back warily as the turmoil between the Plantagenets and Tudors continues in the form of young men claiming to be the rightful heirs to the throne and Henry the VII plotting ways to be rid of the supposed usurpers The temperature inside Sumerford castle is no less tumultuous, though they have no kings and renegade prices to battle Instead they are faced with mental instability, criminal activity, dangerous revolutionary ideals, and a young maid servant who manages to completely disrupt Ludovick Sumerford s entire life The best part of this book for me was the characters Every single player had depth and personality, an interesting history, and a questionable future The uncertainty of the future each of them seemed to carry around on their shoulders made me anxious to keep reading The three youngest brothers had a great dynamic At times you really couldn t tell whether they despised one another or loved each other, and always there were secrets The father was an enjoyable character as well He had some unpleasant qualities, but I felt like I understood his reasons for being the way he was and I still found him interesting to read about Watching this family move through trials and tragedy is an emotional journey Ludovick, the main character, changes significantly, but the others do as well Even Alysson, the female lead, is quite a different person at the end of the book Her naivet cannot last long in the Sumerford household Denvil did a great job of not letting any of her characters remain static The fact that they did grow and change helped to bring their story to life This was definitely a character driven story.The love story between Ludovick and Alysson is another very enticing aspect of this book I had been concerned at first that the Earl s son and the chambermaid was not going to be terribly inspired, but Denvil added her own twist to a commonly used plot element to make it unique Alysson s youth and rather sheltered life leaves her uncertain and hesitant when it comes to Ludovick s attentions And she isn t helped by Jenny, the oldest son s new wife, who fills her head with ideas and expectations about Ludovick that aren t exactly chaste or welcome It was very entertaining to go back and forth between the two characters, being in each person s mind, but knowing they were frequently misunderstanding each other Denvil managed to keep the tension going between them through the entire book, and although I didn t love the last chapter, I was satisfied with how their relationship turned out Sumerford s Autumn is a beautifully written book as well Denvil brought an air of believability to the story with the language and atmosphere, and also her attention to detail I felt like she captured the time period very well with her descriptions of the land, castles, clothing, and foods Denvil is a very descriptive writer, which does help tremendously to build a scene and get readers acquainted with the era, but it does need to be kept in check Through the first half I enjoyed knowing how everything looked, and what people wore As I got further into the book, though, I felt like the description impinged on the story Detailed descriptions of the clothing worn or the drapes in a room bogged down the action of the story at times I already had a visual of how they dressed and what the buildings looked like by this point Later in the book I wanted to get into the excitement than read long passages of description The pacing through the first half was great, but I wanted the story to move quickly during the second half and build up to the climax Instead there were short bursts of activity punctuated by long periods of dialog or description toward the end of the book There was one other area I struggled with a bit There s a bit of a spoiler here, so feel free to skip this paragraph At one point Ludovick is visited by a blue phantasm that speaks to him I was surprised Denvil chose to include this aspect of supernatural, but I was interested to see where she would take it I had hopes that it would play a significant role in the story The identity of this ghost and what it wanted with Ludovick was a mystery I was interested in seeing solved However, I felt rather disappointed when this aspect of the book didn t develop into anything terribly significant Toward the end of the book the ghost s identity is revealed and the reason for his presence is explained Ludovick didn t uncover the information, or puzzle it out, it was simply given, and in the end it had very little bearing on the story at all I was disappointed that the ghost didn t have impact on the story As a whole, the book was enjoyable I cared about the characters and was invested in them pretty early on The family s activities and the mystery surrounding what each brother was doing and how it would turn out also kept my attention throughout the book I did have issues with the pacing in certain parts, but overall I did like the book Would I recommend this book Yes, but it s not for everyone The heavy descriptions and slower pacing through parts will be a struggle to those used to fast paced action and adventure The romance was not intense enough for serious romance readers Those looking for an in depth mystery novel probably won t be satisfied because many of the mysteries are solved either quickly, or with little exploration from the characters In some cases the answer was presented to the reader straight out, although learning what Brice s true business involved was an exception Who would I recommend this book to I don t think this is a book that will very easily entice readers from other genres, but I think historical fiction readers will love it There is a great deal of interesting history presented, thorough descriptions that seemed very accurate, and very good attention to detail I had no trouble at all believing the characters were a part of this time period You can check out my other reviews at

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    Ms Gaskell Denvil has turned out yet another enjoyable novel, heaving with historical detail, some likeable characters and delightful descriptive writing Sumerford s Autumn plays out against the backdrop of the political unrest which plagued England during the early years of Henry Tudor s reign Specifically, the novel describes the events surrounding Piers Warbeck, the young man who claimed to be Richard, Duke of York, and therefore England s rightful king The Earl of Sumerford has worked hard to keep his family safe under the new king, despite his previous loyalties to Richard III The Earl also seems to avoid spending too much time at home, what with his unhappy marriage, his retarded heir and his somewhat unsatisfactory younger sons, one of whom the Earl suspects is far too supportive of Piers Warbeck However, the central character is not the Earl who remains rather aloof and unlikeable for most of the book but his youngest son Ludovic I must admit to having a problem with this name, which to me rings anything but English, but this is an irritant quickly overcome Of all his family, Ludovic seems to be the only one gifted with a heart, and it his instinctive kindness that first causes him to cross paths with Alysson, a dirt poor but spirited young woman While Ludovic initially doesn t consider Alysson as than an enervating waif, he is protective of her, and helps her to find employment at his family s castle Over time, curiosity develops into attraction on both sides Of course, Ms Gaskell Denvil ensures there are plenty of hurdles to overcome before this attraction can blossom into anything , and this is where she so elegantly merges her fictitious characters into the real events of the time, taking the readers on a rather gruesome tour through the Tower and the intricacies of the 15th century English justice system As a side story, we have poor Alysson s extremely harrowing experience as a lady s maid at Sumerford While Ludovic s reactions are consistent and credible all the way through, that cannot be said for all of the characters Alysson is a tad too na ve, Ludovic s sister in law morphs from good girl to sinister baddie without any real explanation offered as to why, one of Ludovic s brothers goes through a similar transformation, his mother behaves despicably towards Alysson I was, however, rather impressed by how the author handled the transformation of the Earl From being quite the boor, the Earl develops into a worried father, a harried courtier and a man near on torn in two as he attempts to balance the quagmires of the Tudor court and his dysfunctional family One of the absolute joys in this novel is the dialogue It is fast, it is witty and it is very individually flavoured, making speech tags rather redundant as it is obvious who has spoken Add to this a poetic, descriptive language in which the author inserts historical detail with such lightness of hand one scarcely notices it, and you have a most enjoyable reading experience My one reservation is the fantasy element I found it somewhat contrived and rather unnecessary, adding very little to the story In fact, the novel would have been better off without it In conclusion, this is a book that offers a lot of insight into a turbulent period of English history Clothes, food, furnishings it is all brought to life, down to the stark and downright scary descriptions of prisons and executions Add to that an intelligent main character and a fast paced plot, and you definitely have something with which to while away a couple of happy hours.

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    Sumerford s Autumn begins in 1497, twelve years after Henry VII won the crown of England by defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth The Earl of Sumerford, who fought on the wrong side, has been doing his best ever since to rehabilitate the family name and keep his family below notice of the king He has four adult sons, the eldest is Humphrey, his heir, simple and newly married to Jennine, an attractive woman who does not quite behave as the Lady she is supposed to be His second son, Brice, is secretive with inexplicable access to money Then there is Gerald with his barely hidden sympathies for Perkin Warbeck, whom he believes to be Edward IV s son, Richard, Duke of York who is now in Henry s custody Finally, Ludovic, the youngest, who has few prospects so has to find his own way in the world He also appears to have a sense of chivalry not quite worn off since his knightly training Into this world of secrets comes Alysson Welles, an orphaned young woman who has sunk into poverty Her brother, a groom at Sumerford castle, has recently been kicked to death by the Earl s charger Angry about the Sumerfords callous treatment of her family, Alysson accidentally shoots Ludovic when he is out hunting she only wanted to scare him Alysson tends to his wounds and Ludovic, for reasons he cannot quite explain himself, rather than hand Alysson over to have her due punishment, finds her a position as a waiting woman to Jennine Alysson is drawn into the intrigues of this family where everyone has secrets and no one is exactly as they seem Her relationship with Ludovic develops slowly as the whole family is eventually drawn into Gerald s political intrigues.This book springs to life from the very first page Each character is well developed with a unique voice, instantly recognizable The family interactions are enthralling, amusing and realistic The tight, intricately crafted plot involves treason, betrayal, piracy, smuggling and even torture and execution Denvil creates intense moments of fear, suspense and genuine terror She presents late 15th century life realistically with vividly described squalor and brutality, alongside stunning descriptions of the countryside.One minor element did not quite work for me Although the spirit that haunts Ludovic serves to spur him to action and, in the end, allows a complete resolution, it seemed at odds with the realism of the rest of the novel As there are no other supernatural elements, this pulled me out of the story as I puzzled over what it really was This is a very small quibble in an otherwise lush and spellbinding book Sumerford s Autumn is thoroughly enjoyable historical fiction in the best traditions of the genre It is certainly my favourite style with fictional characters and their activities seamlessly interwoven into an accurate historical timeline peopled with those we know were there.Other reviews and at

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    This is the third book I have read by Barabara Gaskell Denvil All three were great.but by far this is my favourite The Earl of Sumerford s sons are great characters, but of course Ludovic is my favourite Set at the start of the Tudor era, this book keeps you wondering about what will happen next to one of the Earl s sons The plot is very exciting and I could not put the book down.Barbara Gaskell Denvil is definitely a great storytellerher scenes are so vividI could almost feel myself there I could see a sequel to this book as I definitely want This book is a definite 5 STARS If you haven t read any of Barbaras books.check them out Fair Weather, Satin Cinnabar and Sumerford s Autumn

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    Pretty good I have to give my opinion as mostly positive with this book I love the characters, and the plot is very well done with the exception of one small area I think this would be a five star read but for the strange addition of the light that comes to whisper to Ludovic I understand the author was attempting to bring clarification to the story via the history, but that almost ruined it for me As to the historical content, it was very informative and a very sad side to the very controversial subject of who truly was next in line to the throne of England after Henry VII took the throne It was obviously a bloody reign The four brothers were uniquely different and all very well described as was the earl s family structure This is only the second book I ve had the pleasure to read by this author, and I m mostly favorably impressed with her style I would recommend to readers of historical fiction romance, and personally plan to read by this author.

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    Sumerford s Autumn by Barbara Gaskell Denvil has received a Chill with a Book Readers Excellent book, the author took you through the sights and smells of Tudor England where everything hinged on your reputation, and that hinged on what others thought and said This is a truly fabulous book It has everything Ms.Denvil certainly has an in depth understanding of the dark side of those days torture, execution, pirate behavior etc Such amazing graphic descriptions as if she had been there herself Pauline BarclayFounder of Chill with a Book Awards

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    TMIVery repetitive I m not prudish nor am I squeamish but this so too much Maybe some people want to read every detail about torture but I just don t see the point Maybe some people want to read about the intimate details in the sex scenes , repeatedly, but I don t see the point Maybe a teenager might find this titillating but I m old enough to know there s nothing new here The authors descriptions are beautifully written when she writes about everything else, like the buildings, landscape, characters,clothing food and even animals I suggest she concentrate on that.

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    Set at the end of 15th Century England when the first Tudor king ascended the throne, this has a bit of everythingpolitical intrigue, war, poverty, graphic violence and bloodthirsty torturing and executions, a pretender to the throne, and all balanced out with some romance.A fast paced Medieval thriller, this one had me hooked from the start and kept me interested all the way through, with a few twists and turns along the way.

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    This book has received a Discovering Diamonds Review Helen Hollickfounder DDRevs the plot is tight, well crafted and tied up neatly with no loose ends Each of the major characters are deliciously irreverent, the settings evocative, from the beauty of Somerset to the torture chambers in The Tower and the entire book convinces you that you are indeed in the late 15th Century.

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    A stunning historical novelI really enjoyed reading., about Ludivic and aAllyson, and their gentle love in spite of the brutality and betrayal that surrounded them A timely reminder of the fate of the last Plantagenet princes, and the bitter Tudor King who so feared them.

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