Star Quest

Star QuestSTAR QUEST is an enjoyable debut It deals with a character named Tohm,who lives in a futuristic universe where two races are at war with oneanother The plot of this novel is quite complicated, and is brimmingwith interesting concepts Readers accustomed to Koontz s suspense workwill be surprised to see how much imagination and creativity hedisplays in this story STAR QUEST isn t a great novel, but it s a funread with a lot of ideas, action, and romance. I found a copy of it in Half Priced Books, had to buy it as I am a Dean Koontz fan It s his first published book, but it is of a novella It is Sci fi and came out in 1968 in a pulp fiction book It is a happy go lucky good guy, typical arrogant bad guys There is nothing special about the story or anything that makes it stand out from other sic fi of that time It was a fast read, okay story, and not something that Koontz should be proud of It was his start and nothing Word is that he bought the rights back so the story wouldn t get re released Smart move on his part.The other story in the book was Doom of the Green Planet by Emil Pataja Here is the note I made back when I finished the story this book novella was obviously meant to be longer, but it was obviously edited down to fit the double novel in one book concept It was heavy reading, and it took 30 pages before it got interesting Still, while well written, the story just didn t make it past okay. In A Universe That Had Been Ravaged By A Thousand Years Of Interplanetary Warfare Between The Star Shattering Romaghins And The Equally Voracious Setessins, There Seemed Now But One Thing That Might Bring The Destruction To An EndThat Would Be The Right Catalyst In The Hands Of The Right PeopleThe Right Catalyst Could Well Be The Individualist Rebel, Tohm He Who Had Once Been A Simple Peasant And Who Had Been Forcibly Changed Into A Fearfully Ard Instrument Of Mechanical Warfare The Man Tank Jumbo TenBut The Right People Could They Possibly Be The Hated Driftwood Of Biological Warfare Those Monsters Of A Cosmic No Man S Land The Muties A fun short read of Koontz s first book Enjoyable. These books are old school Both from 1968 And short around 25,000 words each Back then, that was a 1 2 a book Today, around 1 4th My reviews take all this into accountStar QuestA most unusual story, even by today s standards Koontz does a great job of developing and handling this tale of mutants, bad guys, and a human brain driven flying battle tank.Of course, there s a girl, a most unusual one and the interaction between her and the main character isn t all that different from other well crafted relationship stories But after that, nothing is normal and all is entertainingDoom of the Green PlanetThis is at least the 2nd book in Pataja s Green Planet series, but the only one I ve read.The main character is already established into this primitive society, with plenty of problems, without the arrival of another starman who has few scruples and the aid of powerful modern technology.From there, the story takes off with a mix of old enemies, allies, and trouble in a rather complex mix that keeps the reader engaged and wondering what will happen next I enjoyed the story and will probably read it again in a few years. Look, compared to his later works, this is definitely not his strongest But based on the era in which it was written and the fact I was not bored throughout the book, I liked it It was a fun little ride I am glad I read the first one Now, I just have to wait a little over a month and read his next one I m cool with that. As a Dean Koontz fan of his modern suspense novels , I thought for sure I would like his older works as well This was the first one that I went back to read, and I m not impressed at all I am not sure if I ll be reading any non suspense books by him from now on Perhaps it s just his older stuff that s lost on me, though.The book was a sci fi action and adventure story It told the tale of a guy who wakes up to find himself as just the brain of a war machine robot He then takes up a quest to find the love of his life from before he was kidnapped and converted to this war brain.The idea of the story held promise, but I found the writing to be disorienting and un magical It just didn t lure me in at all I stuck with the story until the end, but by that time, my brain had almost completely tuned out the story itself. I m not a big sci fi fan but this is listed as the first book dean koontz had published Not sure if that s accurate or not, but I wanted to read his early stuff.Anyway, in this book the characters are well developed and the situation actually makes sense even to a non sci fi person It s actually a believable story This was not a particularly long book so getting the plot in place and the flow set up should have been a challenge However, it didn t seem disjointed at all and the plot line was exactly right.Yeah for this science fiction title. The first novel by Dean Koontz is widely different from the novels that first drew me to him as an author Dean is best known for suspense thrillers often with a twist sometimes the paranormal for examples Phantoms sometime futuristic science Watchers, Night Chills Star Quest is however a Sci Fi adventure story, which centres on two struggles for freedom The first concerns Thom who inadvertently discovers that he is not simple a robotic war machine a Jumbo but was once a living person who was captured, and had his brain implanted into the Jumbo We follow him on his journey through self awareness and his initial struggles as he strives to be a person again On this journey he meets a group mutant freedom fighters The mutants created as the result of nuclear exchanges between two warring factions in their seemingly never ending war The mutants are distrusted and hated and even hunted for sport Thom joins a group as they struggle for their freedom This is an easy to read shortish novel that keeps moving along at a goodly pace As a first novel it is a good read. Godibile opera prima di un giovanissimo Dean Koontz Un po Xmen, un po Star Wars, un po Marion Zimmer nella sua Darkover Leggermente ingenuo in alcune parti, con descrizioni palesemente frutto di una mente ancora giovane e in parte ancora disillusa, ma comunque una lettura piacevole e scorrevole Ovviamente sconsigliato a chi non ama la fantascienza con mondi paralleli, robot e mutanti.

Leigh Nichols,

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