PolyeuctePierre Corneille Was A Th Century Dramatist Who Produced Plays Over A Year Span Along With Moliere And Racine He Is Considered To Be The Founder Of French Tragedy He Is Best Known For El Cid Which Was A Tragic Comedy Written In Polyeucte Was Based On The Life Of The Martyr Saint Polyeuctus Polyeucte Is A Tragic Drama In Which Polyeucte, Son In Law To The Pagan Governor Of Armenia, Converts To Christianity, An Act For Which He Is Condemned To Death His Wife, Pauline, Who Has Never Loved Him, Now Finds Her Admiration For Him Turning Into True Love A fairly good drama, though, by modern standards, too rigid in following Aristotle s unities The reader must take into account that this is a religious play As such, certain assumptions are required An atheist or agnostic will laugh at the pretensions but the open minded should appreciate this play for its character development The ending is disappointingly contrived but suits Corneille s purpose to elicit pride in Christian martyrdom. Corneille is no Shakespeare By that I mean there are no characters with one word entrances and exits, no comic relief, no extensive cast, and no grand scene changes A character of Chorus, however, might have been helpful, as I did have to research the background of this play it is fairly amazing to think the general public of 17th century France might have immediately gotten this play This English translation, as I do not parle, had couplets, an abab rhyme scheme, syllabic short lines, syllabic LONG lines, rhymes across characters lines, and even ONE unrhymed soliloquy I am sure it had to be tweaked from the original, but all I can do is trust the translator Thomas Constable I did enjoy this and I want to read Corneille Despite the fact I could probably be called or cursed, depending on your personal beliefs a Post Modern Christian who likes Spong and Ehrman AND Jesus, the dated faith of the piece was not a turn off I read the 50 page Gutengerg free edition play does take place in Armenia Hey, the FIRST nation to declare Christianity the state religion Armenia..just a factoid.Need a break from bawdy Moliere Try serious Corneille. Fantastic play originally, but the English translation by Thomas Constable is, in my opinion, an atrocity If you are going to read it in English I hope you find a better one. very derivative hagiography inspired a thrilling piece of music by dukas, however. I don t have any recollection of this play, and I don t think it was included in any of my papers for the class. J adore Corneille Zauj mav dielo. .

Pierre Corneille tait l un des trois grands dramaturges fran ais du XVIIe si cle , avec Moli re et Racine Il a t appel le fondateur de la trag die fran aise et tait productive pendant pr s de quarante ans.Vous pouvez lire son oeuvre sur

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