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D.W Buffa full name Dudley W Buffa was born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area After graduation from Michigan State University, he studied under Leo Strauss, Joseph Cropsey and Hans J Morgenthau at the University of Chicago where he earned both an M.A and a Ph D in political science He received his J.D degree from Wayne State University in Detroit Buffa was a criminal defense

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  • Star Witness
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  • 09 January 2019
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    D.W Buffa has done well with his Joseph Antonelli legal thriller series, taking the reader into the depths and darkest corners of the genre In this novel, the protagonist tries his hand at the law in the glitzy city of Los Angeles, battling the giants of Hollywood and the seedy underbelly of the politics of the silver screen While settling in San Francisco, Antonelli receives a call to come to Los Angeles to meet with a potential client He cannot help but wonder and is brought to the city, where Stanley Roth, the famous film director, finds himself in some hot water After his wife, Mary Margaret Flanders, was found in their pool, her throat slit, all eyes look to Roth as the obvious killer Antonelli learns that Roth did not have the strongest marriage to his movie star spouse, nor was it monogamous, but there are a few troubling aspects With the revelation that Roth was violent to his wife and surrounded by vipers in his movie studio, there are many triggers that could have pushed Roth over the edge Add to that, Roth saw himself as the greatest film executive ever, having penned the modern Citizen Kane to show some of the hurdles he overcame Antonelli finds himself battling uphill the entire time and facing a ruthless prosecutor who is out for blood However, Antonelli has a few tricks up his sleeve, which he will need to use effectively, as the evidence paints a picture of guilt like no other Buffa does well in yet another of his novels to show that Joseph Antonelli is a versatile character and one the attentive reader can enjoy Recommended to those who have loved the series to date and the reader who enjoys a deeper and denser legal thriller.Many will know that I have an affinity for novels by D.W Buffa, which prove to be a deeper read and trigger the need to think a little about the content Delving into the world of Hollywood politics, the reader discovers new angles about Antonelli and this realm of the law, though there is little backstory on offer Antonelli has seemingly chosen to live in San Francisco now and is making headway in his relationship that sparked in the past novel, though it is his ability to adapt to ever changing legal scenarios that is the main focus of the protagonist here The masterful courtroom work is what makes Antonelli such an interesting character, but it is replaced with decent banter and a great deal angst for the world of Hollywood and the accused s plight as he faces almost certain conviction, based on the facts Other characters pepper the pages of the book and offer some shape to the case at hand, it is the cutthroat world of the silver screen that keeps the characters intriguing As always, it is Buffa s style to slowly draw the reader in with characters whose lives are anything but simple and who serve to draw out interesting tangents about the case and those actors at the centre of the legal argument The story held my attention throughout, though the Hollywood angle served to offer less of a punch than a flick to the ear Buffa never makes reading his novels easy, but the themes developed do offer something unique from past books in the series The story seemed darker and not as sharp, but the end result baffled me as many of the past novels have done as well I am fully committed to the series and am eager to see what new ideas await the dedicated reader It s time to dive into another novel and see what Buffa has in store Kudos, Mr Buffa, for new twists and an ever evolving protagonist Not my favourite of the series, but surely one that kept me wondering.Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge

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    RATING 3.75This fifth book in the series finds Joseph Antonelli defending Stanley Roth, one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, who has been accused of murdering his movie star wife, Mary Margaret Flanders nee Marian Walsh There were only 3 people at their home when Mary Margaret was killed Mary Margaret, Stanley and a maid The security system had not been breached When the police find Mary Margaret s blood on some clothing in Stanley s laundry hamper, he is charged with murder.Antonelli has a reputation for being a lawyer who rarely loses Roth calls upon him immediately but strangely, he seems rather disinterested in his own defense Instead, he is consumed by the details of a movie called Blue Zephyr which is also the name of his studio that he has written and is planning to film The movie is really 2 things an homage to Orson Welles Citizen Kane as well as a fictionalized account of Stanley and Mary Margaret s life together, including an accounting of who killed her If the movie makes Stanley look bad, so be it the making of a great movie means to him than the unraveling of his entire life.Stanley s situation is threatening the future of the studio, and the partner who is the main financial backer is ready to pull out There is a scene where Stanley almost kills him with a wine bottle Although not a violent man, Stanley has lost control of his temper before, most noticeably when he hit his wife and gave her a black eye after she had an abortion Antonelli uses all of these events in a very unique way in his defense of Stanley, and the trial is wonderfully portrayed in these pages It s not the usual defense to bring up Roth s lack of concern about his wife s affairs, the fact that he hit her, the fact that he attacked his partner It appears that this risky strategy just may backfire.Buffa has done an exceptional job in creating the character of Stanley Roth He is a very unique individual, and it is fascinating to see how he turns everything that happens into a movie related event The man is a sheer genius with incredible talent He steals the book from Antonelli The conversations between the two men are intriguing In an interesting twist, Blue Zephyr is eventually filmed, and Antonelli is portrayed by an actor who was part of the trial.Buffa has a unique writing style As he is presenting the narrative, he also threads in some thought provoking questions about the nature of fame and desire and obsession that apply to Antonelli just as much as they apply to Roth.Based on the strength of STAR WITNESS, I plan to seek out the other books in this series.

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    Star Witness is a legal thriller featuring Buffa s familiar character of Joseph Antonelli, a gritty, bar room brawling type of lawyer, who is defending Hollywood studio mogul Joseph Roth, accused of murdering his wife, a high profile actress working on one of his films There are a list of potential suspects other than Roth, including Roth s partner who is trying to take over the studio, his wife s ex husband, and a cop, who is a wannabe screen writer Through it all, Buffa tantalizes the reader with Roth revealing all about the dirty underbelly of Hollywood.There are some good aspects of the novel, including some intrigue and fireworks in the courtroom It s a solid read that generally keeps moving, but I didn t find the characters to be all that believable Also, the big reveal of how awful Hollywood felt a bit underwhelming It seemed like the novel kept building toward this, and then when it finally delivered, it felt a bit ho hum All in all, this is a solid but unspectacular novel that has some entertainment value.Carl Alves author of The Invocation

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    Was bored at first with the philosophical dialogue but ended up liking the book.

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    I would have given this book a higher rating but it is about 100 pages too long Lots of insihts into Hollywood, philosophy, trials, etc, but in the end I started skimming.

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    This is a difficult book to review due to the author s use of two dramatically different writing styles The basic premises of the book is the overwhelming dominance Hollywood has over southern California The plot revolves around Stanley Roth, a brilliant film director, whose movie star wife is brutally murdered at their estate shortly before her latest movie, produced and directed by her husband, has finished filming Roth, due to his hectic schedule on the film, slept in a separate bedroom and left very early to work on the film The body was found by the maid Although the cause of the crime is based entirely on circumstantial evidence, Roth is quickly arrested and is as quickly condemned by society and the media Joseph Antonelli, a successful criminal attorney is hired by Roth for his defense.The narrative is presented entirely from Antoenlli s prospective This is where the conflicting writing styles come into focus One story is of Antonelli working with his client to understand the background of Roth, his deceased wife, his movie studio, and Hollywood itself The other story is of the trial and is brilliantly portrayed This is a trial that takes months to be presented, but the author skillfully limits the drama to the opening and closing arguments and the testimony of the most important witnesses The dull parts are ignored As a result, this part of the book is absolutely captivating If the rest of the book was written in the same manner I would highly recommend it The rest of the book, which occurs outside of the courtroom, is much slower and philosophical Atonelli spends much of his time dissecting his thoughts and the conversations, actions, motives, and involvement of the rest of the characters in the crime As a result, it feels as if the plot is gently drifting down a slow moving stream on a lazy summer day While all of the novel is vital to the reader s understanding, it was very difficult for me to read it to the end This may well be a limitation on my part and if others enjoy this style of writing I heartily recommend it.

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    Criminal defense attorney Joseph Antonelli is brought in to defend a famous movie producer who is accused of murdering his movie star wife In the process he is caught up in the true business of Hollywood and the sensationalism of this type of trial There is also a story within the story of a screenplay that the accused has been working on for years that will bring to light all the secrets of the case.The courtroom scenes are in line of what is depicted on TV or movie courtrooms but that made for a entertaining read I enjoyed the attorney s speculations on how trials and juries work There are plenty of twists to keep the story moving and the ending is strong as the screenplay is finally made into the movie.

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    Usually books I read about Hollywood are only ok This books was great I loved the courtroom scenes When I first picked it up I didnt expect much from it But when i started reading it I loved it I liked the characters and the dialogue I definitely recommend this book especially if you like courtroom books.

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    On the surface this story appears to be about another Hollywood murder The plot twists in the end, the story within in a story leaves the reader wondering after all who done it Probably should have given 5 stars but most of the story didn t deserve than 4 in my humble opinion.

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    Didn t use the audio version, but read the book Buffa is the most under appreciated modern legal suspense thriller author.

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