Snapshot (The Jamieson Collection, #2)

Snapshot (The Jamieson Collection, #2) Marti Hunter Hates Rockers And Anything Remotely Related To The Rock And Roll Lifestyle She Thought She D Left That All Behind, Along With Her Drug Addicted Mother And Absent Minded Rock Legend Father Now She Lives With Her Grandmother, And Marti S Life Is Finally Normal Just The Way She Likes ItFor Adam Jamieson, Normal Is Not Possible He Is The Genius Guitar Player Of The Band Jamieson He S Ecstatic To Finally Get A Two Week Break From His Micromanaged Life And A Chance To Hang With Regular Teens Adam S Shaving Off His Trademark Curls And Going UndercoverBut When Marti, The Reluctant Rock Princess, And Adam, The Undercover Guitar Wizard, Meet, Sparks Fly In Ways Than One They Spend Their Time Alternating Between Making Out And Driving Each Other Crazy But Their Summer Adventures Of Skinny Dipping, Storm Watching, And Stolen Kisses Are Brought To A Halt When Tragedy StrikesSuddenly, They Re On Opposite Sides Of The Country, Just When They Need Each Other The Most Can Marti Survive Life With Her Dad And His Vicious Girlfriend Will Adam Get So Fed Up With His Over Managed Life And Controlling Parents That He Quits The Band Snapshot A Moment In Time That Changes Two People Forever Love this book just as much as the first one Can t wait to read it again soon D So worth reading and so cute Love Adam I mean AJ If you haven t read it yet or are thinking about it stop thinking and read it you wont be disappointed If you loved the first book you will love this one Warning though you may feel like punching a few characters at times I know that I did Another warning you might end up reading until 2am to finish it D defiantly recommend reading this one and Rock and a Hard Place the first in the series I actually finished this book the day after I started it I ve just been too busy to update Goodreads I loved this story I was always a fan of Rock and a Hard Place but this story was even better It made me get flutters in my stomach, made me nervous, made me cry, and made me cheer I highly suggest it It s okay, this is the safe time of the month She wanted him so bad and couldn t let anything stop them. This was a YA contemporary romance about the second Jamieson brother Adam.The characters in this made some silly decisions in my opinion Why Adam thought that shaving off his hair would be a good enough disguise I don t know, and why Marti kept having unprotected sex with him was another weird oneAdam wanted to enjoy the anonymity of being a regular guy while he was here He didn t want them to know his true identity, because it would be so far from their realityThe storyline in this was about Marti and Adam meeting at camp, and then what happened after camp The story was quite slow, and I found the whole thing a bit too drawn out for me I also wasn t impressed with all the unprotected sex Talk about setting a bad example The romance was oaky, but it didn t sweep me off my feet reallyYou re my drug of choice, and I plan to overdoseThe ending to this was overly happy really, and everything was just looking perfectly rosy Hmm.6 out of 10 NOOOOOOO OMG WHAT HAPPENED Rock and a Hard Place was such a good book I was reading it constantly and when I wasn t reading it I was thinking about it Then I get to this book jaw hits the floor This book was definitely a disappointment compared to the first one I did like it eventually but the beginning was sooooo..typical Rock and a Hard Place was anything but typical This book actually became not typical once Adam and Marti left camp Before that, it was just a regular book that I could pick off any shelf After they left camp it became really good I was obsessed Now I m curious, Adam and Peter I 3 Peter were such amazing sweet guys, but Garrett pissed me off in both books He needs a girl to loosen him up, but yet I see no news of a sequel or any hint that there will be a sequel in the future Angie Stanton, I love you so much I have been stalking you are you suppose to admit that PLEASE MAKE A BOOK ON GARRETT Thank you sooo much for being an amazing author and sharing your amazing writing skills with the world

[EPUB] ✻ Snapshot (The Jamieson Collection, #2)  By Angie Stanton –
  • ebook
  • 340 pages
  • Snapshot (The Jamieson Collection, #2)
  • Angie Stanton
  • English
  • 07 January 2019

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