The Little House Collection

The Little House CollectionOriginally Published From To , Laura Ingalls Wilder S Little House Books Are Classics Of Children S Literature, Beloved By Millions But Readers Who Last Enjoyed Them As Children May Be Astonished At The Quiet Poetry Of Wilder S Prose And The Force And Poignancy Of Her Portrait Of The Lives Of American Pioneers Now The Library Of America And Editor Caroline Fraser Present A Definitive Boxed Set That Affirms Wilder S Place In The American Canon, Reintroducing These Enduring Works To Readers Young And Old Here, For The First Time In Two Collectible Hardcover Volumes, Are All Eight Little House Novels Brilliant Narratives Of The Early Life Of Laura Ingalls And Her Family As They Grow Up With The Country In The Woods, On The Plains, And Finally In The Small Towns Of The Advancing American Frontier Plus The Posthumous Novella The First Four Years, Which Recounts The Early Years Of The Author S Marriage To Almanzo Wilder As A Special Feature, Four Rare Autobiographical Pieces Address The Need For Historical Accuracy In Children S Literature, Reveal Real Life Events Not Included In The Novels, And Answer The Inevitable Question What Happened Next VOLUME ONE Little House In The Big Woods Farmer Boy Little House On The Prairie On The Banks Of Plum Creek Library Of America Volume VOLUME TWO By The Shores Of Silver Lake The Long Winter Little Town On The Prairie These Happy Golden Years The First Four Years Library Of America Volume Each Volume Features Deluxe Three Part Bindings, A Newly Researched Chronology Of Laura Ingalls Wilder S Life And Career, And Helpful Notes The Volumes Are Also Available Separately With Standard Library Of America Series Bindings And Jackets From my blog I was a little girl, my father used to read me these books It has been a really long time since then and I can hardly remember most of the stories from the book, but I still remember the sense of excitement and adventure in these books Laura and her family were pioneers, and as a young girl she met each move with a sense of adventure and openness to the world I also loved that the girl was called Laura like me.These stories are a true testament to the amazing spirit of the pioneers They kept moving on, dealing with the problems of their life, never losing hope The parents always did their best to make this world pleasant for their children, and to make times like Christmas magic Trips to town were a treat when the girls would get a lolly each They had very little, but completely appreciated what they did have, something which a lot of us have forgotten in our modern consumer driven society I don t long for those times, because the life was hard and not everyone made it as Laura s family did, but I love the simplicity and teamwork of their little lives It reminds us to appreciate what we do have And anyway, they were just such amazing adventures I think this series is must read material It s also great for parents to read with their children, creating wonderful memories like the ones I have. Like so many people, I read and loved these books as a girl When my son was an infant and I was looking for something to entertain me during his marathon bouts of nursing, I decided to read the series again I still found it immensely enjoyable, but with one striking difference When I was a child, Pa Ingalls seemed like the coolest dad on the planet he played the fiddle, made his own bullets and took his family on all sorts of adventures all over the unsettled west As an adult, however, I thought Pa came off like a flakey dreamer who put his family through years of hell, always claiming Caroline If you just put up with backbreaking labor, mortal danger and starving kids for a few years, just watch This expanse of desert marsh frozen tundra will become the breadbasket of the world and make us rich as kings How Ma Ingalls put up with his crazy schemes for so long is a testament t her patience holy doormat ness On re reading, I thought the series must be missing the volumes Little House on the San Andreas Fault , On the Slopes of Angry Volcano and By the Toxic Tidepools of Three Mile Island. OK, so I m a little generous with the whole Little House series Sue me But for me, as a child, they WERE amazing, and here s why.When I was in first grade in a tiny, tiny town in Arkansas, and hating school with the heat of a thousand suns, each member of the class was given identical packages at Christmas time They were books I d been reading for a long time already, so loved a new bookbut disappointment set in as my classmates who got their books first opened them before I had a chance to open mine, and they were all the same A beginner children s book called The Big Snow I think It was about a kid getting dressed to go out into the snow On one page, he put on his pants On the next page, his boots, and so on and so on, FOR AN ENTIRE BOOK I wanted to cry.And then when I opened MY book, it was Little House in the Big Woods Then I DID cry, because it was a REAL book, and somebody got me, and knew I was different, and it was OK.I loved the series as a kid, and after reading each book, would spend lots of time imagining that I had brought Laura from her time to mine, and what it would be like to show her things like cars and telephones and televisions she d be AMAZED And she d think I was so COOL Yup I just reviewed a book as a 7 year old You re welcome. I read this series when I was in fourth gradeso it was many many years ago However, the story has not left my mind I absolutely adored these books, and I m sure I would love them just as much if I re read them I remembered feeling as though I was with Laura s family during every journey they went through It s a fascinating story and a true one at that I d recommend that everyone reads this series at least once in their life

Ingalls wrote a series of historical fiction books for children based on her childhood growing up in a pioneer family She also wrote a regular newspaper column and kept a diary as an adult moving from South Dakota to Missouri, the latter of which has been published as a book.

[BOOKS] ⚣ The Little House Collection Author Laura Ingalls Wilder –
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  • The Little House Collection
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  • 09 December 2019
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