Ice Station

Ice StationAntarctica, an American settlement the Wilkes Ice Station abandoned now, two U.S scientists surface in an ice cave, 3,000 feet below sea level, their last moments breathing Other divers are sent and are never heard from again The American Marines arrive, amidst rumors of an alien spaceship found, silly notion, imagine such a thing occurring Lieutenant Shane Schofield Recon Unit Commander, nickname Scarecrow has one great attribute, he never gives up Mr Schofield will need all that determination to survive this unprecedented situation Don t need to state the lethal conditions here, an ice desert which kills, bone chilling temperatures can freezes a man s soul, the great blizzards, the relentless, massive winds that will blind and crevasses, might eventually doom any traveler ignorant enough to walk on its surface unprepared Technological supremacy is the big prize and no one has any friends any, no surprise, greed always prevails With a dozen men and women, Shane has to defend the ICE STATION AGAINST ALL THE ATTACKERS, so called allies, become deadly enemies, even his own men can t be trusted A solar flares causing a communication blackout, Scarecrow will get no help from anyone, they will have to deal with all , hoping their limited resources are enough to win After the marines defeat friendly nations soldiers, Shane needs to get to the mysterious cave Killer Whales or no Killer Whales swimming around, he has a job to doBack in the U.S Washington Post reporters get a tip from Andrew Trent, a U.S.Marine hiding in New Mexico, about a secret military group which unbelievably even kills its own people, in order to preserve American superiority in the world On the South Pole, Scarecrow with the assistance of Wendy, an Antarctic seal the kind with flippers gets what s left of his friends to the cavern However with the diving bell destroyed, there is no way out, still not the immediate problem for now Strange new sea creatures also are inhabiting that space under the sea, both kinds of animals can t live in the same area though, something has to giveAnother difficulty, well two, bombs are about to go off on top and a nuclear missile is racing in the air and getting closer and closer to the ice station, Scarecrow better think of something quick This is like an action movie all credibility is thrown out the window in order to entertain the public, just relax and enjoy the trip some clever happenings take place Killer Whales Seriously Even in a society desensitized by the escapades of James Bond, this kind of thing seems rather excessive in an action thriller, although I must say the scenes in question were pretty scary in a Jaws kind of way Oh, and of course, giant seals Par for the course in this kind of fiction, eh The book s pacing is frenetic, which helps, since all the not so good bits flash by so fast that you almost don t realise they re even present Just how over the top is this book Ha Read it and see Shane Scarecrow Schofield might be a Marine, but he would not be out of place in a superhero comic, wielding his maghook with a finesse that will make Batman green with envy Ribs crack, blood spills and limbs are lost, but the heroes in this outing keep on coming back for Oorah at some point in the proceedings I became aware of the fact that I was enjoying myself, even though all reason or common sense had long since fled You can t take a book like this too seriously, and that is perhaps a saving grace Stick with it, laugh, cringe, enjoy It s akin to playing a video game than reading a novel, but you might well end up buying the sequel too.In the end I m not sure where to classify this book It s certainly an action novel, but there are smatterings of Science Fiction and Horror albeit of the B grade kind as well Conspiracy Theory Murder Mystery Hell yeah It was actually quite a bit of fun, all told Another plus the villains in this book aren t from Eastern Europe, Africa or the Middle East, which was kind of refreshing.This book is for people who like big explosions, ridiculous coincidences and a Chuck Norris approved protagonist Read it if you dare. Why read a book called Ice Station, are you having flashbacks to the days of Alistair MacLean and those commando ops that thrilled with the killing of lousy Krauts, except this one is by Matthew Reilly some wanking Aussie young un with Coke bottle specs, an older and reedy version of Mr Peabody s Sherman with a shoeblack pomade, it s a nice sleek white and promises cheap merc entertainment so why not, it s not like you have thousands of award winning, globally lauded, literature defining authors on the shelves now, is it, this one should prove a quick one while the brains away, holy fuck this intro is really bad, Reilly sounds like a dingbat, good God, do we really have a squad leader named Scarecrow with knife scars slashed across his beady eyes, fuck right off with this shit Reilly, whoops, here we go, Frog commandos springing a oily trap armed with mega technological crossbows, that s aces, now Yanks are dropping like flies, take that French to Freedom Fry butt plugged aresholes, oh, come on, did Reilly just spring some cheesy seal pinging around like a pinniped version of Flipper, now what the hell, mutated walruses and killer whales chowing down on humans like regular bizness, what the fuck are divers and seals doing one mile down in freezing black Antarctic ocean waters, fuck Reilly, your acrobatic seal and SEAL poltroons would implode like my fucking liver did in 2002, why don t you just include a fucking mermaid pleasuring her half scaly self with a tubular iceberg for Christ s sake, now what, my God a badass Marine she bitch named Mother who cracks walnuts via clenched butt and clears the shell casings with an impressive rooster tail, let me guess, she harbors a deep and abiding shemale manlove for Scarecrow who doesn t know and won t reciprocate and nevertheless secretly dreams of a romantic date with the dude in an Afghan foxhole where they ll dine on grenades and toast each other with gasoline, I can t take this any, what, hovercraft colliding and dinging each other with the abandon of the patrons at the Fraser Arms when one o clock rolls around and only one toilet is functioning while Marines leap back n forth killing freckled Tommy SAS chump change wearing berets and sporting Nietzschean staches with a well placed elbow or frozen penguin carcass, Reilly you blow massive chunks, escapist, brain dead thrills are one thing but this happy go fucky bullshit is an insult to the output of Mack Bolan, I can t take it any you cliche ridden, one thousand words for machine pistol but only one for a knife to the throat plagiarizer of Cassell Military Paperbacks OK, Goddammit, I slopped coffee all across this cap popping deadweight, me and my Maxwell House elbow fucking shaking like a Juan Valdez rummy, damn carpet used to be nice, that does it, this one goes directly into the garbage and NOW finally can we get to something better, well I ll be, here s another on the shelf by Reilly called Hover Car Racer, now that sounds promising WOW WOW WOW THE PACE WAS FRANTIC EDGE OF THE SEAT STUFF A TOTALLY GRIPPING, ACTION PACKED THRILLER What the hell just happenedI m a member of the GR group A Good Thriller and in October this year they started a concept called Book Pal The key purpose of Book Pal is to help members attack that overwhelming To Be Read TBR shelf by assigning a random partner each month to choose a book for you to read from that shelf This month I was teamed with Juliana from the UK who had just started to read Ice Station and, given this had been sitting in my home library unread since 1999, we thought it was an excellent opportunity for me to read it as well OMG What an amazing experience I haven t been so entertained like this for a long time I was neck deep in this book from start to finish It did not disappoint This is not my usual line in escapism, but Reilly s talent for coming up with ingenious new twists on every page is awesome I kept telling myselfI ll get to the end of this chapter and then I ll go and do Xbut damn it, every chapter finished on such an adrenaline high, I simply had to read the next one to find out what happened All the various plot pieces revealed throughout the story were seamlessly woven together by the end, and Reilly s dastardly collection of marines, psychos and sadists were so astutely portrayed that I felt like I personally knew every one of them.The story begins at Wilkes Ice Station, a US research facility about nine hundred miles from McMurdo Station, Antarctica Wilkes Ice Station is essentially a great, big, vertical cylinder that has been bored into the ice shelf It dives five storeys straight down, all the way to sea level Indented at regular intervals on the walls of the cylinder are metal catwalks which run around the circumference of the cylinder Branching out from each catwalk, burrowing into the icy walls themselves, are a series of tunnels which form the different levels of the station Wilkes Ice Station from the insideAfter two diving teams at Wilkes Ice Station are killed following their discovery of what appears to be an alien spacecraft, the station sends out a distress signal A team of eleven United States Recon Marines, led by thirty two year old Shane Scarecrow Schofield, is dispatched to secure the station Upon arriving they find that French scientists from a nearby French research station have already arrived But all is not what it seems and some of the French are revealed as soldiers, who are also after the alien spacecraft discovery A bloody and gruesome battle ensues whereby all of the French soldiers are killed, and Schofield loses three members of his team, with a further two seriously injured So much for both countries belonging to NATO, ehInternational alliances are not about friendship They are about advantage If friendship brings advantage, then friendship is desirable If friendship does not bring advantage, then perhaps merely civil relations may be all that is necessarySchofield decides to send a marine dive team of three down below the ice to find the supposed alien spacecraft They are also joined by one of the scientists from Wilkes Station But all hell breaks loose once they re gone One of the two injured marines is killed, Schofield himself is shot and left for dead, and the second injured marine is also set upon There is a traitor in Schofield s team, a member of the Intelligence Convergence Group ICG , whose sole purpose is to infiltrate elite American military units to keep tabs on them and make sure they re doing what they re supposed to be doing Once the job is complete however, the ICG infiltrator is then tasked with erasing or wiping out the unit such that no knowledge about the assignment is leaked As if this wasn t enough, the team learns of a pending nuclear attack by the French, as well as a land attack by the British SAS Everyone wants to secure the spaceship discovery for their country.And so the battle begins One of Schofield s team peers through the window from a hovercraft vehicle, as troops do battleThroughout this book Reilly delivers cliff hangers galore The laws of science are sometimes shunted aside to make way for improbable weaponry and impossible situations, but that s just part of the fun One thing s for sure I now know I want an Armalite MH 12 Maghook for christmas Read the book and you ll know why I LOVED THIS BOOK DEFINITELY AN AUTHOR I WANT TO READ MORE OF.A solid 5 stars About the AuthorMatthew Reilly was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1974 He is the international bestselling author of twelve novels Ice Station, Temple, Contest, Area 7, Scarecrow, Hover Car Racer, Hell Island, Seven Ancient Wonders, The Six Sacred Stones, The Five Greatest Warriors, Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves and The Tournament Matthew ReillyPublished in late 1998, Ice Station was an instant hit, delivering a new style of action thriller to Australian readers It was snapped up by major publishers in the US, UK and Germany.Matthew Reilly has been quoted as sayingIce Station was a direct response to Hollywood action movies I figured that when you make a movie, you are limited by your budget Put simply, it costs big dollars to make big action scenes But when you write a book, you can create the wildest and biggest action scenes you like and it doesn t cost you a cent The only limit is the limit of your imaginationLife hasn t always been happy for Matthew In early December 2011, while Reilly was in South Australia on a book tour promoting Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves, his wife Natalie, who had suffered from anorexia and depression, committed suicide Matthew could not write for a very long time following this.An Australian TV program, Australian Story , caught up with Matthew in February 2014 to find out how he is doing Attached below is a link to a very moving 30 minute interview with Matthew, his publishers and his family friends.http austory specialPhotos Photo 1 courtesy of Clan McPherson Photo 2 courtesy of PC Power Play Photo 3 courtesy of Daily Mail Photo 4 courtesy of Mama Mia I started reading this book And then I put it down And then I Picked It Back Up.Again.Just to see how it endedI couldn t actually finish the book Gave up on page 500 The beginning was great, but things rapidly dissolved into stupidity This calls for than suspension of disbelief Maybe a pre frontal lobotomy Or maybe a time machine I could travel back in time and give this book to my 14 year old self, who would probably enjoy it Though a pre frontal lobotomy might still be necessary.Give credit where credit is due, though in the stupid action book category, Reilly is right up there on top He s got the mojo There is no other way to explain 3 million books sold and a 4 star rating, although this type of success is a mystery of the same caliber as crossbow wielding commandos, US marines shooting grappling hooks at everything that moves, and a guy who gets eye replacement surgery after having his peepers sliced in half during a razorblade torture session.My favorite part was when the hero falls off a cliff, swims through 40 foot frigid artic waves I believe at some point he s pummeled into a cliff by them and then somehow manages to blow up a nuclear submarine with some high explosives he had in his back pocket.Oh yeah, sorry, that was a spoiler But believe me, the plot is not the selling point of this book, so I didn t really ruin anything. The environment in Antarctica kicks the danger into overdrive This is one of those action packed books that barely gives the reader time to catch their breath between thrilling scenes If the idea of a ufo hidden beneath the ice isn t enough, add to that secret government bad guys determined to lay claim to it A few different secret governments Lots of deaths in lots of creative ways. This is perhaps the single most ridiculously over the top book I ve ever read This is a story in which the author has modern special forces armed with magneto grappling hooks and crossbows Crossbows Seriously The cool thing about early Tom Clancy was that it was so plausible The earnest, macho tone of Clancy s stories fit the grim Cold War setting really well Now you have a generation of writers writing in that same earnest, macho tone about people having high speed hovercraft battles, shooting crossbows at each other, and getting eaten by killer whales How can you take yourself seriously when you re writing this crap Still, you ve got to grudgingly admire any book that manages to be louder, dumber, faster, and X treme than even the worst in a so bad it s good sense action films you ve ever seen 100 pages into Ice Station and I was hooked This book really captures the fun of the great awful action films of the 80s back when Arnold was terminating rather than governating And who doesn t love those movies This book fails to reach the same artistic heights at The Running Man , Commando , etc., but it s still a damn good time. Trigger warnings a metric shit ton of graphic violence Like, so much violence People get shot, stabbed, blown up, eaten by killer whales, and a bunch of other gory things There s also a graphic description of eyeball trauma, which FUCK NOOOO Miscarriage is also mentioned Also animal death 26 1 2019I love this book It s like reading an action movie where everything is ridiculous and nothing quite seems plausible but you go with it anyway because deep down you kind of half buy the idea of Dwayne Johnson jumping from a crane into a skyscraper without any problems This book is that And I know Reilly has said he wrote Shane Schofield with Tom Cruise in mind, but my 2019 headcanon is Zac Efron 22 7 2017This book is hella ridiculous Like, the most ridiculous of all the ridiculous And I kind of love it Everything I said last time stands 28 2 2014This book is approximately 75% contrivance Solutions to major problems appear in the nick of time left, right and centre Guns fire despite having just been submerged in water Characters discover traps and reset them so that they go off in the faces of those who set them 30 year old scuba tanks prove to be viable for several dives A 30 year old plane still has power So yes, it s packed with contrivance But it s so fast paced and so fun that I m willing to completely overlook it I love Shane Schofield The chips are down time and time again, and he just sighs, picks up his Desert Eagle and his anti flash glasses, and fucks some shit up So yeah It s ridiculous from start to finish But it s the good kind of ridiculous, not the kind that makes you want to stab yourself in the eye so you stop reading. At A Remote Ice Station In Antarctica, A Team Of US Scientistshas Made And Amazing Discovery They Have Found Somethingburied Deep Within The Coastal Ice Shelf Something Trappedinside A Million Year Old Layer Of IceSomething Made Of MetalIt Is The Discovery Of A LifetimeA Discovery Of Immeasurable ValueA Discovery Men Would Kill ForLed By An Enigmatic Lieutenant Shane Schofield, A Team Ofcrack United States Marines Is Rushed To The Station To Securethis Discovery For Their Country They Are A Tight Unit Toughand Fearless They Would Follow Their Leader Into HellThey Just DidIn A Land Without Boundaries, The Only Law Is Survival I couldn t believe the pace of this book it seemed like there was hardly a moment to breathe for the first 200 pages 1 3 of the book And how Matthew Reilly thinks of all these different sub plots and can weave them all together is beyond me And all I can say is, I know this scenario probably isn t typical US Marine Corp work based on something that was said at the end , but I guess their work is generally kind of similar situations, so I m glad I m a dietitian I know this sort of book shouldn t probably be over analysed, and it was certainly a rip roaring read at the time Afterwards, though, I realised that there were a couple of things not addressed or not properly explained, unless I didn t pick up on the explanations view spoiler like how an aircraft left abandoned in the ice would be able to work 20 years after it even had a good supply of fuel left , how said aircraft got frozen into ice which was supposedly aeons old, and what happened to one of the reconnaissance team members Mother after she was picked up off an abandoned ice station hide spoiler

Matthew Reilly is a New York Times best selling author of eight novels that have been published in eighteen languages in twenty countries He has sold than 3.5 million copies worldwide.

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