Landon Snow and the Auctor's Riddle

Landon Snow and the Auctor's RiddleI used to absolutely ADORE these books, and as I was cleaning out my closet and found all my old copies I figured I should give them a re read I was prepared for this book to be totally cringey and for me to look back and shake my head at my younger self, but it was Actually pretty great Lots of distinct and creative fantasy, interesting situations I get all the stuff about Odds now that I didn t when I was younger and I think it s pretty clever , and even though it is definitely a Christian book, I didn t think it seemed too preachy and still managed to tell a memorable story with fun characters Sure, some of this is probably the nostalgia talking, and if I had picked it up for the first time today I probably only would have given it three stars, but all in all I appreciate it and I m glad it was a part of my childhood. This book was absolutely wonderful I first read it when I was probably about 11 or 12, but I think I will always be fond of it even into adulthood There are scenes in this book and really the whole series that make me want to cry and scenes that make me laugh All of the characters are so well written, especially Landon, Melech, Ditty ,and Ludo I think most of the reviews on here are by adults, and a lot of them don t think it s so great but I still love it It was written for children, but just like C.S Lewis Narnia series, it s just as poignant for adults Just writing this review is making me want to read the book again Landon Snow is a logical 11 year old who likes it when things have reasons Which is why it s so upsetting when his grandfather has an accident the night before his birthday While he s struggling to deal with the lack of reason behind the accident, Landon stumbles across a secret passage, then a mystery in the library His attempt to read the Book of Meanings catapults him to another world where nothing makes much sense at all.Ultimately I think this book tried to work on several levels, and that was why it failed It begins strongly, with Landon and his family going to visit his grandparents Landon s distress over the accident leads to his questions about whether life has meaning an ambitious direction for any book I had an ah hah moment halfway through, when the meaningless adventure in a nameless fantasy land seemed to be a contrast to the story s overall idea of meaning, but any deeper reading of the plot still fails to excuse the fact that Landon spends the entire adventure hardly thinking about meaning at all Most of the journey is Landon running from one place to another Random things happen Landon then goes to a different set of random things With the Auctor s Riddle repeated a half dozen times or at the start, I expected to see something along the lines of Landon discovering the vast diversity of life or the complexity of the life cycle, as he is being asked to answer if mere chance could explain how neatly the world s species fit together Or at least have an actual adventure, rather than simply reacting to everything by running away or getting captured.There is no attempt to cohesively explain where he went or why things worked out the way they did, other than a hint that at least some of it may have been a dream The Odds take the biggest section of the journey, and once it s revealed they actually ARE odds think 3 to 1 or one in a hundred they go away again, with nothing said about the evil that came and changed their forest Or what the Odds actually are to this world, or what they do.I agree with the answer to the riddle, but I don t see that Landon deserved to get it He never thinks about God at all, only a few religious things like saying grace It s hard to see how he concluded that was the answer other than handwaving it off as his religious upbringing must have taught him that sometime off page.Overall I think this had a good idea but poor direction The insanity that was the middle nearly drove me to put down the book, and I certainly won t be reading it again I rate this book Not Recommended. Landon Snow looks forward to the trip to visit his grandparents in Button Up, Minnesota His Grandpa Karl always takes them to visit the Button Up Library known as the BUL , which is the oldest and largest privately funded library in the state Grandpa Karl tells Landon and his family the legend of Bartholomew G Benneford, the man who acquired all of the books in the library, and the mysterious way he led his life.Landon heads to bed with his mind full of stories, excited to visit the BUL in the morning But late that night, Grandpa Karl is injured in an accident and Landon s dad takes him to the hospital Landon is frustrated and can t understand why the accident happened does God really exist And if God is real, does he care about the little things, or is everything an accident Suddenly, a big bookcase in the room where Landon is sleeping opens up and reveals a passage Curious, Landon follows the tunnel and finds himself in the Button Up Library.His journey begins with a riddle he finds in the library And an even bigger adventure awaits Landon in which he travels into a magical land filled with strange creatures, talking horses, and mysterious events Will Landon be able to solve the riddle, or will he be stuck in this world forever Landon Snow And the Auctor s Riddle begins a fantastic new series about a young boy seeking answers to life s tough questions For readers who are looking for a fantasy book with a Christian worldview, Landon and his pals are sure to satisfy But the faith message doesn t overshadow the story s magical adventures, which will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy.Landon is an endearing and curious character, thrown into a land that offers puzzles than answers for him The friends he meets along the way a talking horse named Melech, interesting creatures called Odds, and a helpful girl named Ditty assist him in solving the mystery posed by the riddle is life just based on circumstance, or is there a bigger picture The creative and clever ways the author answers this question are sure to entertain and enlighten readers.If you re looking for a fantasy adventure that is a little out of the ordinary and incorporates a Christian message, then pick up Landon Snow And the Auctor s Riddle And be on the lookout for book two of the series, Landon Snow And the Shadows of Malus Quidam, in which Landon s sister Holly succumbs to an evil force in the land of the Odds. DON T FALL IN THIS BOOK MAY SWALLOW Just Ask Landon SnowHe Could Tell You All About Being Swallowed By A BookOr Falling From The Sky On HorsebackOr Fleeing A Hail Of Arrows Through An Enchanted ForestOr Watching A Gigantic Gold Coin Flipping Into The SkyAnd WonderingCould It Be Chance, Mere Circumstance When Landon S Grandfather Suffers A Minor Accident In Button Up, Minnesota, Landon Asks The Cosmic Question Could Life Itself Be An Accident Pages In An Ancient Bible Mysteriously Turn, And A Bookcase Opens To Reveal A Secret Passageway Tumbling Through The Book Of Meanings Into Another World Full Of Puzzles And Creatures Called Odds Landon Teams Up With A Horse Named Melech To Find Vates, The Poet Prophet Behind Strange MessagesThe Greatest Question Of All Still Remains For Landon To Answer How Will He Solve The Auctor S Riddle So Don T Just Stand There Or Sit Or Lie Or Hang From A Tree Limb Reading This Back Cover Open The Book And Take A LookBut Do Be Careful Not To Lean In Too Closely Gulp This was ok I was expecting to like it much than I did The writing was sometimes hard to follow, I found my mind wandering alot It seemed like there was no point to the story It wasn t until the last page of the adventure part of the story that you finally got what the point was I did like that part Overall the book was missing something, not quite sure what I doubt I ll read the other two books in the trilogy even though my middle daughter really liked the books, admittedly though she doesn t remember the first book very much. This book just seemed to drag on Landon s adventures were just something to get through than fun or exciting or interesting, and I didn t see how any of them contributed to what Landon was supposed to be learning or figuring out.Part of the problem may have been the laid back style of the narrator, but I will not be reading or listening to any of this series. T H O U G H T S oh, this book was my childhood i m tempted to give it five stars just because thinking of the nostalgia warms my heart so.R A T I N G plot 3pacing 3language 3story world 4protagonist 4antagonist 3secondary characters 23.5 stars This looked like it would be good and it might have gotten better, but the first 10 15 pages were all descriptive of the family and things around themso pretty much nothing happened My kids said they were bored so we read something else Not sure if we ll try this again or not. Kia and I are currently reading this book chapter by chapter and really enjoying it It s a great book to read aloud.

R K Mortenson, an ordained minister in the Church of the Lutheran Brethren, has been writing poems and stories since he was a kid A former Navy chaplain, Mortenson is a pastor in North Dakota He serves a church in Mayville, where he lives with his wife, daughter, and two sons.

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  • Landon Snow and the Auctor's Riddle
  • R.K. Mortenson
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  • 09 May 2019
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