Brigands Key

Brigands Key A Perfect Storm Of Menacebreathtaking The Underwater Scenes Are Marvelous, And The Portrait Of The Monstrous Hurricane As It Batters The Key And Surges Over It Is Mightily Gripping The Florida Weekly Death Sweeps In Off The Gulf Of Mexico An Ageless, Impossible Corpse At The Bottom Of The Sea A Lethal Plague A Ruthless Murderer A Monster Hurricane Archaeologist Carson Grant Came To Brigands Key To Escape The Limelight And Repair His Shattered Reputation, And Finds Himself Instead Staring Down The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse When Carson Grant Discovers The Body Of A Man At The Bottom Of The Sea, Suspicion Of Murder Falls Squarely Upon Him Citizens Mysteriously Begin To Fall Ill And Die, Others Disappear, And Others Are Murdered, While An Ambitious Governor And An Unbending President Engage In A Battle Of Wills Over The Fate Of Brigands Key With A Hurricane Bearing Down On The Quarantined Island, Grant Enlists Infectious Diseases Researcher Kyoko Nakamura And Teen Misfit Charley Fawcett In A Desperate Race Against Time To Break The Spiral Of Death And Unravel The Mystery Of A Decades Old Corpse And A Staggeringly Valuable Prize Shrouded In Secrets Of The Past Pitted Against Them Is A Killer Who Will Stop At Nothing To Claim That Prize Winner Of The Royal Palm Literary Award, Brigands Key Is An Edge Of Your Seat Roller Coaster Ride Through Murder, Vengeance, And Secrets Best Left Undisturbed

Ken Pelham is primarily a writer of suspense and thrillers, although he has been known to dip into horror, science fiction, fantasy, and mainstream fiction As a nonfiction author, he s penned articles on environmental issues, public open space, and the fields of suspense writing He frequently lectures on the topics of writing in viewpoint and on building suspense in fiction, and has turned those

❮Reading❯ ➻ Brigands Key  ➳ Author Ken Pelham –
  • Hardcover
  • 373 pages
  • Brigands Key
  • Ken Pelham
  • English
  • 06 October 2019
  • 9781432825782

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    This was an awesome book The best way of describing it is it s one part Michael Crichton, and one part Clive Cussler This book has a little of everything, action, mystery, a little romance, a pinch of teen angst, and a lot of political intrigue The first part of the book sets the scenes, throwing a few hooks out to capture your attention, then it starts building the tension, one event on top of another, until all Hell breaks loose and the novel just explodes with non stop action that will have your heart pumping and you fingers flipping pages as fast as you can read I enjoyed Kan Pelham s two books of short stories Treacherous Bastards and Tales of Old Brigands Key, but they were quick, good, colorful stories that hit fast and were over With Brigands Key, Pelham takes the time to flesh out characters, to build up the story lines, and then brings it all together for a frenzied finish I couldn t recommend a book higher and will be moving on to A Place Of Fear without hesitation.

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    A very well crafted and researched mystery Characters, narrative and plot a riveting read.

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    Eyes the poets say, are windows to the soul The poets are misinformed The eyes of the dead are windows to eternity and emptiness, and when you stare into them in an underwater cave, you see your own death The first few pages of this book spoke to my worst fears as a diver I could easily imagine panicking and getting myself in major trouble in just such a situation Being morbidly intrigued, I kept reading to find an engaging story that combined research with intricate twists and turns I didn t stop reading until early the early hours of the morning.The characters were entertaining and believable I ll admit that I was initially worried by the large number of characters Generally speaking, I have a hard time getting into multiple POVs, but each new character was fleshed out with a distinct personality I especially enjoyed Julie Denton Ever since I was first introduced to Preston Child s Bill Smithback, I ve had a soft spot for nosy journalists with an eye for unusual stories and a penchant to follow danger She s ballsy and I love her for it Luckily, Julie is the star of the sequel, for which I m eagerly awaiting.As for the setting, I was so thankful to find a Florida based novel that isn t set in Miami and filled with gators The author showed a level of knowledge for local history and topography that other Florida natives will appreciate.

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    Even though this is clearly a guy book, I sat down and read it in one day One surprising turn of events after another, many of which would have been unbelievable before Hurricane Katrina Clearly Ken Pelham knows south Florida inside and out Highly recommended for readers of suspense and thrillers Terrific debut.

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    what a nail biter there were several time I was holding my breath in anxiety wondering what was going to happen this was a very interesting story line that I can honestly say I ve never seen before, and was very believable and enjoyable I hope there is a follow up that lets us in on how Brigands Key carries on

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    Really good book Read it.

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    A story that starts with a bang and never lets up highly recommended for those who like a fast moving, action packed mystery And actually, that s also the only thing that was wrong with it Several years ago I heard Donald Maass speak at a Sisters in Crime workshop, and he stressed that once you ve made the most trouble possible for your protagonist make then make Speaking from my relatively powerless position as a reader, I prefer characters who overcome believable odds, not those who perform at the level of super heroes As I read, I found myself just kind of setting aside the last couple of terrible things that happened to each character in order not to surpass my willingness to suspend disbelief Counteracting that is the convoluted plot One of the things I love about mysteries is matching wits with the authors they give clues to lead me forward without revealing too much too fast, and I try to solve the mystery before they want me to This one kept me wondering how in the world Mr Pelham was going to tie up all the loose ends until almost the last page.I received this book in a goodie bag at Left Coast Crime Mystery Writers and Readers Conference in Colorado Springs, but it s definitely worth buying.

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    Unlock the secret of Brigands Key.Brigands Key is a brilliant edge of your seat thriller that will keep you guessing until the end What starts as a scuba dive off the shore of a sleepy fishing town turns into a tale of sunken treasure, power brokering, and intrigue Small town politics in the community of Brigands Key heats up when a land developer pushes the council to allow construction of high end homes When an opposition council member goes missing, foul play is suspected Things take a darker turn as the residents start dying to a mysterious illness Then the army is called in to quarantine the island on the eve of a catastrophic hurricane With Brigands Key at risk of being wiped out by plague, storm, and developers, a motley group of friends race the clock in search of a hidden treasure and a way to save the community Pelham delivers The plot is deliciously twisted The action sequences are white knuckle tense The cast of characters is varied and engaging, from the computer whiz kid to the adventurous archeologist a la Indiana Jones There is to Brigands Key the town and the book than meets the eye It s an excellent read.

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    Archaeologist Carson Grant came to Brigands Key to repair his reputation When Grant discovers the body of a man at the bottom of the sea, he becomes the prime suspect If that s not bad enough, townspeople begin to fall ill and die, while others disappear or are murdered With a hurricane headed for the quarantined island, Grant enlists the help of others to uncover the mysterious illness and the murderer.Pelham has an easy writing style, and I found myself liking the characters, especially Grant I quickly got lost in the story Pelham made it easy for me to picture Brigands Key However, when he came to the action scenes, I sometimes found it difficult to picture what was happening A few scenes toward the end made we wonder about character motivation while other things were simply unbelievable For instance, one character is able to hear his ribs break in the middle of a hurricane, yet moments later, he can barely hear himself yell.These things were not enough to detract from the story, and I would definitely read another book by Ken Pelham.

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    5 stars for Ken Pelham He kept me guessing all the way to the end Like a hurricane, I was twisting and turning with the plot People are dying and why Up until halfway through the book, it felt like a who done it, but once the big discovery was made below the surface, whoa, I was so surprised by what Ken had in store I love techie stuff, so Brigands Key really hit the spot for me.Ken not only spins an intriguing thriller, he also educates the reader on the local region so that you get a real sense of being there.Looking forward to of Pelham s work.

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