She Went All the Way

She Went All the WayI haven t read a romance I really enjoyed in a while This one didn t have a ton of sexy scenes which was a nice change and I actually liked both main characters There were some genuinely funny scenes that made me laugh out loud My kids asked what was funny and of course it was adult humor so I couldn t repeat Definitely worth a read if you are looking for a light, funny, romance with not alot of sexy scenes. I have yet to figure out what I truly think of Ms Cabot s writing I often, while reading her work, vacillate between amusement, disgust, enthrallment, and irritation Saying I like her work might be going too far, but to say I flat out dislike it also seems too extreme I guess all I can really say is that, most of the time her books are a pleasant distraction and oftentimes laugh out loud funny For me personally, the humor in She Went All the Way is what sets it apart from most other over the top formulaic romances There are, of course, the glaring cliche s one must overlook to enjoy any kind of romance, but at least Ms Cabot balances those with sarcasm and a little touch of vitriol to make things a little interesting My major irritation with nearly all of Cabot s books is that all the women are walking stereotypes ofwell, women Designer clothes, celebrity gossip, a psychotic preoccupation with their weight, self worth wrapped up in whether or not a guy wants them, etc It can get to be a little tiring reading their internal monologues Lou is one of those heroines that was, for me, sort of desperately confusing She shoots and kills a guy all right, self defense shooters unite , but has a problem with breaking into a cabin to gain shelter during a blizzard What She actually said, Jack, we can t go inside when no one s home, that s breaking and entering This was during a blizzard and after they d been chased not once, but twice by gun toting snowmobilers who were taking pot shots at them So yeah, sometimes Ms Cabot s humor falls sadly flat But hey, she makes up for it with some other good stuff Including some pretty stellar sex scenes Now I m wondering if I m the only person who suspects Jack was loosely based on George Clooney There Are A Few Places Screenwriter Lou Calabrese Would Rather Be Than Crammed Into A Helicopter With Jack Townsend, Star Of Her Claim To Fame, Copkiller, And Whose Ex Just Ran Off With Lou S Ex Talk About Uncomfortable But When, Halfway Out To The Isolated Arctic Location Where Copkiller IV Is Currently Shooting, Their Pilot Turns Murderous And Their Helicopter Crashes, Lou Realizes Her Day Has Just Gotten A Lot WorseNow, While Family And Friends Back Home Fret Over Her Disappearance, Lou Is On The Run In The Arctic Wilderness With America S Sweetheart Jack Townsend And Only The Contents Of Her Purse, His Pockets, And Their Mutual Knowledge Of Survival Movie Trivia To Keep Them Alive Can These Two Children Of Hollywood Put Aside Their Differences And Make It Back Home Without Killing Each Other Or Much, Much Worse, Actually Start To Like One Another I normally like Meg Cabot, but characters here were just a bit too one dimensional and shallow Situations are totally unbelievable, like getting all hot and heavy in the Alaskan wilderness while waiting to be rescued int he freezing cold wilderness Read October 2005Re read February 2009This was a great book I have decided to put this in the hallowed Keepers pile because it is the perfect girly indulgance The main character is Lou Calabrese a screenwriter who dated actor Barry Kimmel until he ran off with the co star of the movie he was working on and married her Lou is broken hearted and pissed off Lou has to fly to Alaska to work on the movie she wrote Copkiller and ends up in a helicopter with Jack Townsend the star of Copkillers and the jerk who changed her writing in the movie He was supposed to say It s always funny until someone gets hurt and instead he changed it to I need a bigger gun and of course it stuck and the whole world is saying it like they are Clint Eastwood or something So of course Jack and Lou end up crashing in a helicopter in the Alaskan Wilderness together They hole up in a cabin alone together que Barry White and OH Did I mention people are trying to kill Jack Yeah So that s kind of exciting too Yummy. Baca reviewnya juga di Ren s Little Corner Well, untuk penghujung tahun 2010, satu lagi buku yang mendapat 5 bintang, dan ini satu2nya Chicklit di tahun ini yang dapet 5 bintang D DDapet pinjeman dari si Kimbab, dan membacanya pas perjalanan pulang ke Malang, Aku bener2 terpesona ma ceritanya, penulisan dari Meg Cabot berjalan mulus dan tidak membosankan untuk dibaca Aku mendapati diriku bener2 masuk dalam ceritanya Ceritanya sendiri berlatar belakang hiruk pikuk dunia perfilman di Hollywood Lou Calabrese, seorang penulis naskah skenario yang baru saja mendapat Academy Award, berkat film Hindenburg yang menggambarkan kemenangan semangat manusia nih apaan sih , harus menerima kenyataan pahit ,kalau mantan pacarnya Bruno di Blase alias Barry Kimnel telah menikah dengan lawan mainnya Greta Wolston,yang beberapa hari lalu baru saja pisah dengan mantan kekasihnya, Jack Townsend..Seolah nasib tidak menjadi buruk, Lou harus satu pesawat baca helikopter dengan si musuh bebuyutan, yaitu Jack Townsend sendiri Jack tak tahu kenapa Lou membencinya, tapi Lou punya alasannya sendiri Jack dianggap telah mengganti kalimat dalam naskah Lou di film Copkiller, dari kalimat yang awalnyaIts always funny until someone get hurts , diubah Jack menjadiI need a bigger gun , yang malah jadi quote favorite dari sang aktor, selain itu Jack dulunya adalah mantan pacar dari sahabat Lou, Vicky Lord, istri dari sutradara Tim Lord, yang menyutradai Copkiller IV, film yang lokasi syutingnya adalah tujuan Lou dan Jack yang sekarang berada dalam satu helikopter.Sayangnya dtengah perjalanan, Jack dan Lou yang saling menghindar, tapi juga curi2 pandang mendapati bahwa diri mereka dalam bahaya, karena sang Pilot menodongkan pistol ke arah Jack Ada seseorang yang ingin Jack mati, dan saat berusaha mengorek keterangan dari sang pilot, helikopter itu terjatuh, dan praktis saat ini Jack dan Lou tersesat di La La Land, ngg, maksudnya belantara Alaska Masalah tidak berhenti begitu saja, karena masih ada ancaman pembunuhan yang ditujukan untuk Jack Jack dan Lou bekejar2an dengan pembunuh yang mengincar mereka, menemukan kabin, keesokan harinya dikejar lagi, sampai akhirnya menemukan rumah pemburu yang layak untuk mereka huni Sepanjang itu pula Lou dan Jack selalu bertengkar, namun tidak menyangkal kalau mereka saling tertarik satu sama lain, sampai pada puncaknya setelah acara makan malam di dapur ehem2 Tiga hari telah berlalu, setelah kecelakaan helikopter, dan Jack serta Lou tetap berusaha melarikan diri dari pengejar mereka, sampai akhirnya mereka berdua menemukan bar, dan meminta pertolongan.Masalah selesai Tidak juga, karena rupanya ancaman pembunuhan terhadap JAck masih berlanjut, dan parahnya saat itu Jack sadar bahwa mungkin selama ini Loulah yang selalu dia cari2 sebagai pendamping hidupnya nantiBisa dibilang, aku sangat menikmati kisah Lou dan Jack disiniDari yang awalnya hate at the first sight, dan lama2 jadi saling jatuh cinta, walau sama 2 menyangkal Lou ga mau terluka lagi hatinya gara2 aktor, Jack anti komitmen Menyenangnkan melihat mereka beradu mulut, karena Lou bukan tipe yang bisa terintimidasi, dan Jack tahu bahwa Lou adalah satu2nya wanita yang kebal pesonanya setidaknya begitu.Selain Jack dan Lou, tokoh2 lain juga tak kalah seru ceritanya, tapi yang paling berkesan adalah cerita Eleanor Townsend ibu Jack dan Frank Calabrese ayah Lou , rupanya tidak hanya anak mereka berdua yang kena panah cupid, walau sudah tua, cinta pun bisa datang kapan saja , dan juga si Bruno di Blase alias Barry yang masih aja mengejar2 Lou, walau harus menerima kenyataan kalo dy kebanting sama si JackUntuk Chicklit, buku ini tergolong cukup steamy bukannya aku protes, hohoho , cukup kaget juga waktu tau , tapi akhirnya lanjut terus bacanya hmpfh Baru sadar ternyata ini buku Meg Cabbot pertama yang aku baca, dan aku ga sabar membaca buku2 Meg Cabot yang lainnya D This is exactly what I needed it to be Fast paced, interesting, silly, and heart warming The chemistry was great, tbe writing was fun and easy, the hunor made me laugh out loud on occasion And while the premise was absolutely ridiculous, it was a cute enough book that I was able to suspend disbelief and just enjoy it.This is my very first Meg Cabot novel and I m totally ready to try I really like the way she develops her characters maybe that s how I was able to enjoy this so much Because if the characters hadn t been so well written I would have been less likely to put up with the cheesy drama and action sequences.Maybe I ll try the Princess Diaries books next I ve been wanting to for ages.. Three strikes and I m out Jack s a movie star, Lou s a screenwriter, they don t like each other, their SOs just left them and married each other, and now the helicopter circumstances forced them to share has crashlanded in Alaska and someone s trying to kill them Will they be able to fight off their attackers AND the growing attraction between them Yes to the first, no to the second And both pretty easily Good thing they crashed so close to both a ranger station and someone s hunting cabin And good thing Lou lost the weight she had when she was younger, and Jack likes spirited women Bleck Things I hate heroines who used to be fat, that s totally the same as being fat now, even if her new fabulous body is constantly referred to, right also, asshole condescending men Jack actually tells Lou, You re cute when you re mad No one who said that to me would ever get any sexual attention from this cutie again My anger is not cute If you think my anger is cute, you obviously don t respect me and can find your own way out of the Alaskan wilderness, thanks.Not to mention the Hollywood stuff all seemed immensely fake, though not as fake as the supposed serial monogamist Jack asking Lou to move in with him immediately after they sleep together, and asking her to marry him not long after Meanwhile, the subplot about Jack and Lou s widow er ed parents falling in love as well was both pointless and kind of gross Romances are supposed to be fantasies, wish fulfillment, right Who in their right mind would actually want one of their parents and one of their boy girlfriend s parents to hook up as well That is not the way to keep it all in the family Even picturing Jack as Paul Gross, which I started doing about a third of the way through, was not enough to make me like this book, or even feel engaged by it.I still think there must be good Romances out there, and that I m just clearly not finding them However, I think I need to take a break from the genre for a while. I wouldn t say Meg Cabot is my favorite author but in the past she has been reliable in providing a good, solid read Not sure what happened here but I really did not like this book at all The plot sounded promising with Lou, a screenwriter, and Jack, a famous actor, forced to be around each other despite the fact they can t stand one another And then obviously because this is a romance we all know what happens next But with way too many characters introduced in the beginning, a ludicrous plot, and main characters who I didn t really have an interest in, I felt like this was a chore to finish. I like chic lit, but quality chic lit This book did not fall into the quality category I did not find the story of a screen writer and famous movie star, being lost in the Alaskan wilderness because of an attempt to murder one of them, very believable I did not find the characters interesting and was not surprised when the two ended up together.

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