The Big Bamboozle

The Big Bamboozle From The Perspective Of A Boeing Captain And Former Special Activities Contract Pilot, Philip Marshall Straps The Reader Into The Cockpits Of Hijacked Commercial Airliners To Tell The Story Of The Most Sophisticated Terrorist Attack In History Based On A Comprehensive Ten Year Study Into The Murders Of His Fellow Pilots On , He Explains How Hijackers, Novice Pilots At The Controls Of Massive Guided Missiles, Were Able To Beat United States Air Force Fighters To Iconic Targets With Advanced Maneuvering, Daring Speeds And A Kamikaze Finish But, As Marshall Explains, The Tactical Plan Was So Precise That It Rules Out Car Bombers And Shoe Bombers Known As Al Qaeda, KSM And Osama Bin Laden So Then, Who Was It That S What You Are About Learn Backed By Official NTSB, FAA And Black Box Recordings, Marshall Finds The Most Capable And Most Documented Group Of Conspirators Buried Deep Within A Congressional Inquiry S Report And Retraces Their Work In Gripping Detail Fasten Your Seatbelt The Sad Truth Is That All Of The Solid Evidence Points To A Dark Collaboration Between Members Of The Bush Administration And A Covert Group Of Saudi Government Officials This Is A Game Changer That Will Finally Set The Record Straight On The Most Horrific Crime In US History This Book Is A Compilation Of Official Reports That Disputes The Bush Administration, The Bush Intelligence Community And The American Media S Account Of The Attack United States Senator Bob Graham S Congressional Joint Inquiry In Revealed That Saudi Arabian Intelligence Agents Met The Hijackers In The Los Angeles In January Of , Harbored Them And Led Them To Months Of Flight Training In Florida And Arizona Marshall Follows Reports From FBI Field Agents That Warned George W Bush S Administration That A Cadre Of Individuals Of Investigative Interest Were Engaged In Flight Training In The Arizona Desert In The Spring Of Marshall Identifies Three Top Federal Investigators Who Complained That Dick Cheney Obstructed Justice By Refusing Access To Suspects Who Supposedly Confessed To The Greatest Crime In US History None Of The Federal Investigators Were Ever Allowed To Verify The Confession Of Khalid Sheik Mohammed Who Had Been Water Boarded Over Times At Guantanamo Detention Facility The Book Disputes The Video And Media Confession Of Osama Bin Laden And Points Out That None Of The Accusations By The Bush Administration Could Be Proved Marshall Asserts That The Saudi Government Was The True Executioners Of The Attack And Framed Their Enemies While CIA Special Operations Set Up An Elaborate Decoy Named Osama Bin Laden To Divert Attention Away From The Saudi Operation He Follows The Hijackers To Flight Training Airports And Finds That Saudi Agents Led The Hijackers To The Arizona Desert Where Boeing And Boeing Airliners Were Parked At A Secluded CIA Operated Airport The Operators Of The CIA Airport Were Traced To Suspicious Insider Stock Trades On Two Airlines, United Airlines And American Airlines, The Only Two Airlines Used In The Attack Marshall Breaks Down The Tactical Flight Plan That Was Used By The Hijackers And Chronicles The Actions Of Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, Dick Cheney And George W Bsuh To Learn That Their Account Of The Attack Was Severely Flawed Three Top Investigators Wrote That Dick Cheney Had Obstructed The Investigation And Redacted The Involvement Of The Saudi Government Agents Who Were Employed In California By The Saudi Civil Aviation Authority The Congressional Inquiry Reported That The Saudi Agents Had Seemingly Unlimited Funding From Saudi Arabia And Had Traced The Hijacker Financial Support To Prince Bandar Through A Riggs Bank Account Finally Marshall Chronicles The Media Trial That Allowed Bush And Cheney To Derail American Justice By Trying The Case With Media Propaganda And Away From The American Federal Court Sys

Former commerical airline pilot and 9 11 skeptic.Marshall wrote two books about the 9 11 attacks and claimed he flew iran contra missions Philip Marshall died in a presumed family tragedy where he killed himself and two of his children.

[Reading] ➻ The Big Bamboozle  By Philip Marshall –
  • Paperback
  • 168 pages
  • The Big Bamboozle
  • Philip Marshall
  • English
  • 01 November 2019
  • 9781468094589

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    This book convinced me that the hijackers of 9 11 weren t working alone as per the official story The author allegedly killed himself, his two beautiful teenage children and his dog just before his latest book was to come out The idea of suicide was so preposterous to me that I figured he was suicided in an effort to know why, I read his book this one Now I want to know about 9 11 this is my next project to that end

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    Sadly, another whistle blower,murdered by our governmentread his book is an excellent expos e about the BS Americans and the world was fed to cover the true facts of the Bush Saudi created 9 11 event,and all the Malarkey fed to us afterwards about Bin Laden.Funny,I got my first inkling of the deception when finishing a book totally unrelated in subject matterInside the Kingdom My Life in Saudi Arabia by Carmen bin Laden who was married to one of Osama s 45 brothers Which is a wonderfully sweet, but ultimately sad love story of her and her husband,and how because of the insane Muslim culture where the male relatives control all facets of your life should your husband die,she knew she would not be able to live with her BIL controlling her and her daughter s lives,so she left her husband and took her daughters out of Saudi Arabia,while she still had her Swiss passport.There is very little about Osama in the book,but at the end after 9 11 she tells how strange it is that several bin Laden family members were in America and while our own planes were grounded,the Saudis were allowed to fly out Now wouldn t you think if you had the family members of the man your believed responsible for such an act,that you would want to keep them here, at least for questioning They were allowed to leave,because Osama had nothing to do with 9 11 The government murdered this author and his family,just like they did other whistle blowers who uncovered their dirt Jim Kieth,William Cooper,Danny Casolaro,and The Washington Madam who was about to testify about her clients on the Hill This is an eye opening book for those who haven t researched these claims before,and there is a lot of evidence,even for those who have.http 2015 02 05 us Highly recommended.

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    What I did like about the book was its play by play on how the planes were highjacked and maneuvered and what Bush and Cheney were doing, and over what they didn t do, and should have done to counter the attack This written by a pilot who used to work for the CIA.The author either committed suicide or was murdered along with his two children and the family dog After an informative, evokative first half of the book, you expect it to go somewhere But it does not The rest is filler Personal anecdotes and biographies of neoconservatives in Bush Cheney s inner circle who had something to hide, either by not responding to reports of the terrorist plot, or through a direct involvement.The author seems to imply that the Saudi s did 9 11 along with the US intelligence community, but doesn t mention Israel and the many links this horrible tragedy had to Israeli Americans such as the owner of the WTC Larry Silverstein, and the fact that only 1 of the 4000 Israelis working at the towers perished on that day.

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    Expert in aviation, breaks down in detail how the morning of 9 11 went A chilling read.

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    A book that everyone interested in how crooked the government can be should read Nothing is sacred to our government, including the truth This goes for ALL politics, DEM and GOP.

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    If you aren t a conspiracy theorist, then this is definitely the book for you It is full of dates and exact times and many many correlations that are fascinating to say the very least He provides the what and why however, if you want to just focus on the what and develop your own why that is also an option Very factual in nature Had to take a hard look in the mirror at my severe naivety.What a sucker I am Will be paying much closer attention going forward.

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    Lots of details and well sustained information for you to make up your mind about what 9 11 really was, if you haven t yet It tends to get heavy and heavier as you advance but of course if you really want to open the box on what happened in 9 11 you just keep on going Not to say that this should be taken as an undeniable truth about 9 11 nothing should be , but of course the info you get about it, the better you are prepared to defy the general and media view about this catastrophic event and this book does that job well In the end, it made me feel that after a good beggining it started to go nowhere, that s why I rate it only 3 stars, but the informative value it s definitely there.

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    My the author s soul rest in peace One can believe and one can ignore what the author tries to show through this book But I feel my decision to read the book absolutely stand correct An informative book that try to provide proofs and links that 9 11 was an inside job I did feel Philip might be angry with the Bush government due to what happened to him, but when one reads through the book there are several facts that make you think and rethink.

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    Phillip Marshall was uncovering too many truths He was killed along with his kids Oh excuse me, committed suicide Of course The Intelligence Community of the USA has limitless power I wonder how long before his book stops being available on Kindle.

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    Very provocative.

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