Inside Wellington's Peninsular Army: 1808-1814

Inside Wellington's Peninsular Army: 1808-1814 The British Army Reached The Apogee Of Its Success In The War Against Napoleon, And In Particular In The Famous Campaigns In The Peninsula, When Under Wellingtons Command Yet Many Aspects Of How It Achieved Its Victories Have Been Ignored Or Taken For Granted This Book Breaks New Ground In A Series Of Meticulous Studies, Which Reveal The Hidden Mechanisms That Lie Behind Triumphs Such As Salamanca And Vitoria At The Same Time It Places Wellingtons Campaigns In Their Strategic Context And Explains How He Achieved His Success The Organization Of Wellington S Army And The Principles Underlying The Way In Which The Troops Were Placed In The Line Of Battle Are Uncovered In A Penetrating New Analysis The Subordinates Who Commanded His Brigades And Divisions Are Given The Attention They Deserve, And There Is An Authoritative Explanation Of The Importance Of Army Rank And SeniorityFascinating Studies Of Bridging Operations, Including The Construction Of Europes First Suspension Bridge, And The Role Of Reconnaissance Or Exploring Officers Reveal The Practical Difficulties Of Campaigning In A Country Where Roads Were Few, Maps Inaccurate, And What Bridges Existed Were Often Of Ancient Roman Origin An Invaluable Appendix Lists And Organizes By Regiment The Titles Of The Many Hundreds Of First Hand Accounts Of The War By British SoldiersThis Book Emphasizes That There Was To Wellington S Generalship Than Just Command On The Battlefield It Is An Important And Original Contribution To The History Of The Peninsular War, And It Builds Upon The Pioneering Work Of Sir Charles Oman

Rory Muir is visiting research fellow, University of Adelaide His previously published books include a highly praised study of Wellington s great triumph at Salamanca and the edited letters of Alexander Gordon, Wellington s confidential aide de camp He lives in Australia.

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  • Hardcover
  • 328 pages
  • Inside Wellington's Peninsular Army: 1808-1814
  • Rory Muir
  • English
  • 05 May 2019
  • 9781844154845

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    This book by Rory Muir details many of the aspects of Wellington s Peninsular Army There is not as much on the battles as on the people and things that enabled the battles to be fought Much of it may be difficult for the casual reader to understand as descriptions of how the lines were formed, how they moved, and the intricacies of the ranks and formations of the British Army are not easy to follow.Of interest to me were the chapters on the generals who served with Wellington, and a very interesting chapter on the difficulties of bridge building in the Peninsula The Royal Staff Corps and the Royal Engineers performed amazing feats allowing the army to continue their push into France.This is not a book for everyone, but it does provide much needed details for those who want to know about Wellington and his army.

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    Outstanding volume with really great research However Muir is probably the hero of the volume with Rory no relation adding his name to lend legitimacy.

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