I Spent My Summer Vacation Kidnapped into Space

I Spent My Summer Vacation Kidnapped into Space This was one of my favorite books in elementary school I even handed it off to my teacher and she read it to the class in 6th grade during reading time Now, we are reading it to our son I am SO glad I kept it all these years. What A Way To Start The Summer On The Last Day Of Sixth Grade, Reeann And Her Best Friend Jared Who Just Happens To Be The Cutest Boy In School Are Innocently Hunting Rocks Among The Asteroids Suddenly They Meet A Very Shaggy Pair Of Torkan Aliens One Of The Torkans Aims A Freeze Pistol At Them Be Silent Or You Die He SaysThe Next Thing Reeann Knows, Her Friendship With Jared Is Put To A Severe Test As They Are Kidnapped To The Forbidden Planet Of Freetal To Be Put In An Arena To Fight Giant Andovian Slime Worms For The Entertainment Of The Aliens And The Summer Is Just Beginning Reeann Can T Believe What Is Happening Is This Any Way To Spend A Summer Vacationfrom The Back Cover I liked this than I thought I would 3.5 stars The ending was really funny A funny, imaginative children s book. How could you not like this book One of my all time favorite books when I was a kid Although I could see how kids would like this story I didn t think it was all that great I got quite bored with it. Short and sweet book that is action filled and keeps moving A great read for boys and girls. I loved this book as a kid.

Martyn N Godfrey April 17, 1949 2000 was an English Canadian author of children s fantasy books Born in Birmingham, England, he moved to Toronto, Ontario when he was eight Godfrey graduated from university in 1974 with a teaching degree.Godfrey was the Edmonton Public Library s writer in residence in 1989 He died in 2000 The Young Alberta Book Association presents an annual Martyn Godfrey Y

❮Ebook❯ ➢ I Spent My Summer Vacation Kidnapped into Space Author Martyn Godfrey – Ultimatetrout.info
  • Paperback
  • 133 pages
  • I Spent My Summer Vacation Kidnapped into Space
  • Martyn Godfrey
  • English
  • 19 May 2018
  • 9780590434188

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