Glimpses of Truth

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Jack Cavanaugh is an award winning, full time freelance author with twenty five published novels to his credit His nine volume American Family Portrait series spans the history of a nation from 1630 to the present and is still in print nearly fifteen years following its release.A student of the novel for than a quarter of a century, Jack takes his craft seriously, continuing to study and tea

[Ebook] ➠ Glimpses of Truth ➦ Jack  Cavanaugh –
  • Paperback
  • 318 pages
  • Glimpses of Truth
  • Jack Cavanaugh
  • English
  • 27 June 2019
  • 9780310215745

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    When I started this book I didn t have high expectations for several reasons First, I had never heard anything about the book Second, it was supposed to be the first book in a four book series that was canceled by the publisher after the second book due to poor sales However, the I read the I liked it A historical fiction book based on the Wycliffe Translation of the Bible into English The book was filled with danger, romance, and adventure and took you through the sacrifice and commitment that the people took to make it possible for the Bible to be written in English, so even the common people could read God s word.

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    Another amazing book I absolutely love the whole idea of this series, reminding us of everything that people had to endure to translate the Bible into English for us Wow People died for that People risked everything for that, stood against their entire country and made the hardest, most bravest decisions just because they knew that this was worth it Cavanaugh does such a fantastic job showing the awe that people in the 1300 s felt about Scripture like it had some kind of magical power Howel s amazement just when he had it spoken in his house was extremely touching Why don t we feel so much about these words any People were awed and brought to their knees by the majesty of hearing the words of God or seeing them before themselves They gave their lives so others could have it And I can read mine any time I want, I have a bunch lying around that I haven t touched for years, and although I read it every day I often think of that practice as of a burden than a precious blessing.I think that was the ultimate best part about this book, it often had me in tears But I also loved the love story between Thomas and Felice Felice s fickleness kind of bugged me though, it seemed like she did not love Thomas nearly as much as he loved her But there were definitely many moments of romance in this story that were touching and beautiful What made me read it so fast is that I wanted so much to get to parts between Thomas and Felice, I would have loved to have of them But what makes this book great is the historical significance, to think that this was real That people actually died so that I could have this book that at this moment lies so casually on my bedstand.

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    An excellent, well written novel portraying the events surrounding John Wycliffe s translation of the English Bible This is the first of Mr Cavanaugh s books I ve read and I really enjoyed it It tells the story of young Thomas Torr, whom Wycliffe has chosen to assist him in translating the Latin Vulgate into English The problem, of course, is that translating Holy Scriptures into the common tongue vulgar language is punishable by death Thomas work takes him from rural England to Rome Mr Cavanaugh was very thorough in his historical research and it shows The details are rich and the characters are believable The ending was very moving This was to be the first of a series of four books set during the times of the earliest English versions of the Bible Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after the first two this one covering Wycliffe and Beyond the Sacred Page about Tyndale, which I m reading now The author says, It is my prayer that, after reading these novels, you will be unable to pick up your Bible without offering a silent prayer of gratitude for those who have gone before us, who thought safety and health and life itself was not too great a price to pay that believers might have a Bible in a language they understand I think he succeeded.

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    Jack Cavanaugh did an excellent job of taking me back to 14th century England Back to the time of John Wycliffe who was one of the first to translate the bible into the vulgar language of English Back when the translation of Scripture was forbidden by the Roman Church His story tells of a young man by the name of Thomas Torr who was taken in and cared for by a poor ploughman named Howel Howel s daughter Felice and Thomas have a romantic relationship that grips your heart throughout the book Thomas is a very gifted man who helps Wycliffe translate the Holy Scripture After Wycliffe s death, Thomas is sent on the adventure of his life Thomas is forced to choose, submit to the Church or stand for the Word of God The ending to this story had me in tears I am now very humbled when I read my English bible and think of all the men and women who died along the way to make that possible.

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    What a testament to the challenges, persecution and death that was endured just for sometimes a single page or sentence of God s written word I love the author s note at the end where she says, Our problem is not that we don t have God s Word our problem is choosing which of the many English versions to read not to mention deciding about study notes, red letter editions, hard cover, soft cover, or leather cover pictures or not pictures maps size gold leaf edges, and whether to have our names embossed in gold on the cover..we haul our Bibles around all to glibly, having forgotten the price that was paid so that we might have the privilege of reading a Bible in English.

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    WOW Fantastic read One of the best books I ve read this year.

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    The review is 3 stars because it could have been engaging but the premise of the book gets 5 stars This is great read on the struggles to provide an English version of the Bible to the laity and the sacrifices to provide the Word to the masses It makes you truly appreciate the Bible you have at your disposal on a daily basis.

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    As romance historical novels goes this one was not too bad The subject matter was interesting and original, and one that is sadly too little explored for its effects I did detect what appeared to be a distinct bias against the aristocratic and upper classes, as well as a number of historical inaccuracies It was claimed, for instance that the nobility who had been sympathetic to John Wycliffe during his life turned thier backs on his teachings as soon as he died because they did want to give up thier easy lives and that only the peasants remained faithful Any serious examination of the 14th century shows that the aristocracy of the period had anything but easy lives, and there were a signifigant number who did hold onto the teachings of Wycliffe for many years after his death Indeed, these became the leaders of that became known as the Lollard movement for decades afterwards One of the heroes, a peasant outlaw names Cayle holds to a set of beliefs that closely resemble modern Communism, when this ideology did not exist in the 14th century, and the impostition of such concepts onto the historical setting just does not fit Finally, one of the characters is burned at the stake for his beliefs at the end on the orders of a local official At this time only the Church could condemn people to burning, which was the specific punishment for herecy, and none of the followers of Wycliffe suffered this penalty until 20 30 years after this book is set I got the feeling that this novel was in some ways intended pander to the tastes and ideas of an American audience, especially with its emphasis on the development politcal freedom and the supposed oppression of the lower classes by the wicked aristorcracy, and this makes the novel appear somewhat polemical, and most of the characters beliefs and attitudes rather anachronistic.

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    The writing wasn t great the story wasn t gripping but a good and fast read for anyone I did like the historical part of the times, and all about the Wycliff translation and why it was so culturally and spiritually important.There were huge parts left out like when the main character Thomas goes to Rome to meet with the cardinals there is no specific timeline of how long it takes to travel to Rome, or how long to get back, or how long he was there just a vague reference to him being gone from England for over 2 years.It seemed hastily written, and that is just one example.If you are a lover of well written historical fiction, this may not be for you HOWEVER, I relearned a lot about the importance of what those Christians went through in that time period to make an English translation available to the masses 200 years prior to the Reformation Can you imagine going to church and hearing everything in a language you were not versed in Latin and simply repeating chants not knowing what they meant God s word was unattainable for anyone who did not know Latin The peasant class of which there were many , were hopeless and without God s word and hope that the Living Word of God offerd, they were an oppressed and unfortunate people It was frankly horrible times.And so for that history lesson alone and the preface and final appendix by another author , I liked this book.

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    This book was much better than I expected well written, interesting characters and subplots, and I learned a lot about the religious and political controversies surrounding the translation of the Bible into English It s Book One of The Book of Books series, so I m going to keep my eyes open for .

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