ObedienceWith Superb Confidence, Lavender Constructs A Brilliant Fictional Web Of Lies, Inventively Warping The Psychological Thriller To Fit The Confines Of A Scholarly Investigation Kirkus Reviews When The Students In Winchester University S Logic And Reasoning Arrive For Their First Day Of Class, They Are Greeted Not With A Syllabus Or Texts, But With A Startling Assignment From Professor Williams Find A Hypothetical Missing Girl Named Polly If After Being Given A Series Of Clues And Details The Class Has Not Found Her Before The End Of The Term In Six Weeks, She Will Be MurderedAt First The Students Are As Intrigued By The Premise Of Their Puzzle As They Are Wary Of The Strange And Slightly Creepy Professor Williams But As They Delve Deeper Into The Mystery, They Begin To Wonder Is The Polly Story Simply A Logic Exercise, Designed To Teach Them Rational Thinking Skills, Or Could It Be Something Sinister And Dangerous The Mystery Soon Takes Over The Lives Of Three Students As They Find Disturbing Connections Between Polly And Themselves Characters That Were Supposedly Fictitious Begin To Emerge In Reality Soon, The Boundary Between The Classroom Assignment And The Real World Becomes Blurred And The Students Wonder If It Is Their Own Lives They Are Being Asked To Save From The Hardcover Edition

Will Lavender is the author of the novel OBEDIENCE, which was translated into fourteen languages and was a New York Times bestseller in 2008.

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  • Hardcover
  • 289 pages
  • Obedience
  • Will Lavender
  • English
  • 22 September 2017
  • 9780307396105

10 thoughts on “Obedience

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    Blargh Why did I waste my time I couldn t stop reading because I thought the author was going to redeem his crap characters, needlessly labyrinthine plot, and blah writing by blowing my mind with a great ending He didn t I got to the end, then I threw the book across the room This book would have actually been better if it ended mid sentence 30 pages sooner but not by much I could elaborate on all the other reasons why it sucked, but I ve wasted enough time already I can t believe I m 31 And it s already June Jesus.

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    It s not a good book, but it is a page turner Despite the weak writing and implausible set up, I kept reading because I wanted to know how it would end I think it s kind of like porn you eventually get the resolution you re looking for but it s really just not that satisfying Though I suppose it ll do in a pinch.

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    I really, really, really wanted to like this book I like philosophy, I like psychology, I like murder mysteries a b c should equal fantastic And I did, and it did, for most of it But Obedience was much cooler in theory than what actually transpired some of it was confusing, some of it was broken plot threads, sometimes it meandered around this way when it really ought not to have, and ultimately is just so unfeasible a premise that even though I read all the way through I did feel somewhat cheated by its conclusion The book jacket certainly talks a good game Overall, one to get from the library, but not one to buy for the bookshelf.

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    Was this book a page turner with a strong premise Yes.Was this book poorly written, poorly executed, and poorly edited Yes, yes, and yes.Was I glad that I borrowed it from the library instead of spending any of my money Most definitely.There were a few things that kept this from the realms of One star Hell, but it just wasn t entertaining enough to merit a higher rating.This review captures my feelings so perfectly, that I m jealous I didn t write it.

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    USA Indiana Se scoprite la chiave di questo thriller prima dell ultimo capitolo, siete dei geni.Cos recita la didascalia sulla copertina.Evidentemente sono un genio mediocre, perch a dir la verit una mezza idea che fosse una sorta di rappresentazione me l ero fatta di fatto ci sono andata vicino.La traccia induce in tentazione, intriga, alletta e spinge alla lettura, ma Spesso c un ma, ed anche questa volta non manca.La storia insolita, fin dalle prime pagine fa intravedere un giallo diverso, con alte possibilit di sviluppo se non che ad un certo punto si realizza che c troppa carne al fuoco, personaggi e situazioni risultano solo abbozzati e concorrono unicamente a rendere la narrazione affastellata, intricata e in alcuni casi addirittura noiosa, se non assurda Solo verso la fine, quando tutto sembra delinearsi e concludersi, la storia acquista un lieve spessore e i tempi si accorciano ma tutto sommato neanche il colpo di scena finale riesce a riscattarla completamente.Tre stelle per eccesso, perch in fondo l idea iniziale mi piaciuta e la ricerca della soluzione ha tenuto desta la mia attenzione LdM USA Indiana RC 2019 Alphabet Titoli O RC 2019 Esimio sconosciuto USA Indiana Biblioteca

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    SPOILERS AT THE END OF REVIEW I would give this book stars if I could And please excuse the profanity, but I don t know how else to describe this book except as a world class mind fu , and I loved every moment of it I am going to have to read it again as well, I m afraid that in my rush to devour this book I may have missed something I have spent a good deal of the last ten years of my life in and out of academia, and having said that, even had I put on my most devilish and devious academic hat I could have never solved this puzzle But I certainly had a good time trying I agree with some of the other reviews that the characters in the story are not that well developed, but I disagree with the idea that they needed to be They are everyman or better yet, ever Vanilla undergraduate student at any university in any college town in the U.S., and that, I believe is by design I didn t need them to be well thought out and detailed it s not a character study, it s a plot book So, I would warn that if you are looking for a character study, this is not your book If you re looking for a crazy psychological mind F , this is your book I may have to put Paul Auster s City of Glass on my to read list now as well I do feel like I m missing something from this book for not having a background with that particular book SPOILERS As mentioned before, I have spent a bit of time in high ed in the last few years and I just have to say, that Human Subjects Review would NEVER let a professor get away with an experiment like this But, would the ruse of solving a crime about to occur be a GREAT teaching tool for a logic class Would have been way better than the logic and reasoning class I took as an undergrad.

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    Ugh One of those mysteries where the culprit was no one that you could have guessed I hate it when all the clues are red herrings and nothing adds up in the end Plus the flat characters didn t help the convoluted plot Pity, because the premise had great promise

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    If you want to read a highly unusual, provocative, and hard to figure out mystery, put Obedience on your list.This is the story of several college students who are taking a course called Logic and Reasoning 204 Not only is the course unusual but Professor Williams, who teaches the course, is unusual in himself Professor Williams does not fit the mold of a college professor in his dress, his lifestyle, or his thinking The first day of class he walks in and tells his students that they are to find a hypothetical missing girl called Polly The class will be given a number of clues and that if after the six week course if they have not found her, she will be murdered After saying this he leaves the classroom, leaving the students to wonder about the problem and the course.Professor Williams begins to e mail the students information about Polly, her friends, and he habits Several of the students become very intrigued with the problem and set out to solve the mystery They find that the clues lead them to look at their own lives and the lives of the people around them that are connected to the University They are also confronted with looking at the problem, the clues, and their life, and trying to determine what may be real and what may not be real.This experiment comes to a frightful conclusion with all the participants present, an unforeseen death, and a changing life experience for all those involved.This is not a mystery that uses fast action, car chases, gun battles, and femme fatales to excite the reader however, you will find yourself immersed in the lives of these people and the outcome.

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    I wasted a week on this book, that is for sure Everything about it was great, until the last 50 pages when all the questions were answered.This is a thriller set on a college campus, specifically in a Logic and Reasoning class Professor Williams opens his 6 week class by informing the class that if they don t find a girl named Polly by the end of the 6 weeks, she will die It sounds super exciting, and I can t put the book down.As the book unfolds the class seems to find clues to this mystery everywhere they go They also find that the mystery they are working on parallels in a mystery of Deanna Ward, a girl that disappeared a few counties over years ago, and was never found The students think that they have walked into not just a game, but something much sinister.The ending is ridiculous I was actually angry that after all this build up and suspense I am left with this unbelievable ending I suggest passing on this book While the bulk of it is very engaging, the way it ends and how the questions are wrapped out falls short of the mark Its like the author, Will Lavendar worked really hard on the entire book and then at the end just gave up and threw in an ending that didn t make a lot of sense

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    To repeat what many reviewers have already said, This is a page turner but not in a good way The premise was promising Professor in a logic class gives an hypothetical dilemma that the students must resolve Yet the dilemma may not be so hypothetical Soon the students are obsessed in the assignment to the point that both their life and their sanity are at risk I kept reading as every twist and turn was presented despite the weak writing and one dimensional characters Yet the twist and turns became so ridiculous and illogical that, by the middle of the novel, I was no longer reading it in pleasure but because I was determined to not waste another evening on this damn book I guessed the ending about half way through but I was still determined to read it because I couldn t believe that any writer would actually use such a stupid resolution By the time I got to the ending, I was ready for a ludicrous ending and that is exactly what I received If I could sue to get my evening back, I would.

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