Black God's Kiss

Black God's Kiss First Published In The Pages Of Weird Tales In , CL Moore S Jirel Of Joiry Is The First Significant Female Sword And Sorcery Protagonist And One Of The Most Exciting And Evocative Characters The Genre Has Ever Known Published Alongside Seminal Works By HP Lovecraft And Robert E Howard, The Five Classic Fantasy Tales Included In This Volume Easily Stand The Test Of Time And Often Overshadow The Storytelling Power And Emotional Impact Of Stories By Moore S Famous Contemporaries A Seminal Work From One Of Fantasy S Most Important Authors, Black God S Kiss Is An Essential Addition To Any Fantasy Library

Wikipedia Catherine Lucille Moore was an American science fiction and fantasy writer, as C L Moore She was one of the first women to write in the genre, and paved the way for many other female writers in speculative fiction.Moore met

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    Black God s Kiss Joiry falls to a conqueror named Guillaume and Jirel goes to hell for a weapon to use against him.The first story was pretty good The writing reminds me of Michael Moorcock and the trip to hell uses the strange geometry Lovecraft made popular The weapon she brought back was a surprise but probably shouldn t have been given the title Jirel seems like one tough cookie so far, years ahead of her time.Black God s Shadow Tormented by the guilt of Guillaume s fate, Joiry returns to hell to put his soul to rest.The second story wasn t as good as the first and felt like a retread The setting was the same and the plot was very nearly so It still had its moments, though Jirel Meets Magic Jirel pursues the wizard Giraud into another realm, intent on killing him.Yeah, it s pretty much the same story as the first two Jirel goes to another realm to do something or get something, then kills her enemy The writing is still good, evocative of Moorcock or Karl Edward Wagner, but the stories are getting tedious.The Dark Land On her death bed after a pike wound, Jirel gets whisked off to another realm to be the bride of Pav of Romne, Lord of Darkness.Seriously Another plot where Jirel goes to another realm and returns to have everything back to normal Bleh I realize the Jirel of Joiry stories weren t meant to be read back to back but come on The stories are good but they re formulaic as hell.Hellsgarde Jirel goes to the ruins of Hellsgarde Castle to find the treasure the long dead owner died for, only to find it inhabited by his descendants But what hellish purpose would cause them to live there At last, a story that breaks from the formula Even though it s a fairly standard SS tale, it s probably the best one in the collection.Quest for the Starstone Jirel teams up with C.L Moore s other series character, Northwest Smith, in a tale that spans space and time.Like a lot of team up tales, this one failed to meet expectations The Starstone was kind of a flimsy excuse to get Jirel and Northwest Smith together Still, it wasn t bad.The collection of Jirel of Joiry tales wasn t bad but I would have enjoyed it a lot had I waited a week or two between tales The first four were essentially the same plot I can give it a 2.5 but not a 3.

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    At the very outset it needs to be stated that I don t agree with all those reviewers who had thought that they were doing C.L.Moore and her fantastic creation a service by comparing her with Conan the Cimmerian No, Jirel of Joiry is not a Gal Conan , she is a lot than that or any other Red Sonja types currently flooding the fantasy market She is closer to Kull of Atlantis in sombriety and credibility Her physical strength has limits, she knows fear and acknowledges its presence in the periphery of her landscape, but most importantly she neither tries to hide her feminine identity, nor does she try to exploit it unnecessarily She is haughty, vengeful, impulsive, but she is a human being who tries to be the sole determinant of her own destiny These stories, written at least 70 years ago, are documentary evidence of the presence of such a realistic heroine in the pulps at a time when they were despised as little than boyish fantasies.Jirel is the ruler of the medieval French principality of Joiry at a time dominated by warlords and wizards Six of her adventures unfortunately that s all are collected in this slim volume publoshed by Paizo Books in a nice format These stories are 1 Black God s Kiss After her kingdom is overran by a cruel antagonist, Jirel explores a land of evil sorrow accessible through a forbidden route under her castle in search of a weapon that would avenge her humiliation at the hands of the antagonist.2 Black God s Shadow Jirel s remorse for the extreme punishment effected upon the antagonist in the 1st tale forces her to return to her unique hell where she breaks an evil spell for ever.3 Jirel Meets Magic After the dark and forebodingly Freudian descriptions in the first two stoies, this tale is simply Tolkienesque as Jirel crosses over to another state in search of a fugitive wizard and comes across a witch with ultimate powers.4 The Dark Land This hauntingly beautiful and yet terrifying tale forces Jirel as well us to question ourselves about love.5 Hellsgarde This straight forward horror story as well as Gothic romance was a fun read after the oppressive first stories.6 Quest of the Starstone This is obviously a product of popular choice as the author brings together two of her most famous creations in a simple plot leading to Jirel being relegated to the second best position by North Wset Smith.All in all, I heartly recommend this book to not only the readers of rip roaring adventures, pulps, horror stories, etc but also to those interested in the female heroines and their role models.

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    She could ve taken on Conan.

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    C.L.Moore s writing is foundational to the sword and sorcery genre and deeply neglected.

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    Reading Black God s Kiss made me realize what have I lost at not knowing Catherine Lucille Moore The five histories and the crossover with her husband s character appearing in Black God s Kiss which is both the first story s name in the volume and the one which marks Jiriel of Joiry as an extraordinaire and quite human character let me taste something of what Moore really is.There is no other way to begin talking about Black god s Kiss and C L Moore than analizing Jirel of Joiry, which can be defined with one word Fire Jirel is nothing if not passionate rage and passion and love in a sort of way rule her live, than once this deep rage, this lust for life is what lets her survive the ordeals she confronts from dark gods, to evil men, to dark wizards and men from the future But Jirel is not only fire in essence, but also in body, from her long red hair, her lion yellow eyes, to the passion present on the feminine curves of her body, to her expression of eternal defiance or her burly celebration after victory That is what defines Jirel of Joiry, such passion that forces us, as it does to her men, follow her into battle and sometimes into the abyss and stranger lands.Yet still, Jirel is quite human herself She is pasional, courageous and sometimes barbaric yet she is also honorable, na ve, superstitious, and human in her desires More than once she has found herself vulnerable and afraid, but most of the time her fury gives her the upper hand other times she is as much afraid as any other girl but in the hells she has taken to visit, who would not be afraid.From the first story to the last France, from where she reigns Joiry, is nothing but a background to give us a frame of reference to understand Jirel As some say, Jirel comes from a naiver era From this background we rarely see something than the walls of her castle and those of her enemies, we learn that she has a cousin with a fortress close to her land, an allies and enemies too, yet we heard nothing of her parents or suitors She is a catholic and has god in high regard, yet she wouldn t think twice in damn her soul or leave the protection of the cross if that is what she needs to destroy her enemies.That is France but the true stories always take well elsewhere From outlandish worlds that when seen in the plain light of day will take your sanity away, fiendish and esoteric worlds that can only be understood under the veil of illusions, fae like worlds with doors to worlds unimagined by mortal minds, esoteric places between the worlds of reality and fantasy They all are populated by strange versions of ourselves, or bizarre creatures we hardly imagined in our weirdest dreams, where Jiriel usually travels alone, moving between alien creatures, some of which from human, only have the appearance and usually it s never the true one.Reading Dark God s Kiss and many of Jirel s stories is like reading an story of a female medieval Conan crossing in between worlds that H.P Lovecraft would have imagined An interesting and dangerous mixture, where she understand the impossibility of what she lives, but only has her senses to guide her and her rage to impulse her to win against, sometimes, impossible odds But as always, her rage is a two bladed sword, as much times saving her, as making imperiling her, or destroying what she loves than once taking her to death s door if not for outside forces.So, what can I said about C L Moore and Dark God s Kiss Simply, I enjoyed deeply her stories and fall deeply in love with Jiriel, so much that the last stories I drank them like sweet wine, unable to stop and taking myself a day to savor the aftertaste this story left me before beginning with something else.If you have the chance don t doubt it, and give Jiriel an opportunity, I am sure she will bewitch you as she did with me.

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    I must admit that I didn t expect these stories to have quite as much female agency and psychological metaphysical drama as they did even if there are aspects that are very much of the time and of the pulps I really enjoyed these stories although the mash up that is the end story is nowhere near as good as the just Jirel stories.

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    C L Moore s Black God s Kiss collects all six Jirel of Joiry stories including Quest of the Starstone, the Jirel Northwest Smith crossover.Moore s greatest strength is her fantastic vocabulary and the ability to create extremely vivid images with her prose Each story is worded in so beautiful a manner that is rarely equaled in the genre or elsewhere Her sentences possess a certain musicality and flow, resulting in very distinctive writing Her worlds are truly fantastic, with creatures and beings and plants and terrain that will make you go Wow often.However, all these traits fall into the water before the sheer utter boredom these collection evokes.Who s to blame Well, it s Jirel herself.Jirel of Joiry is an extremely passive protagonist While she does indeed run hither and tither, and wonders, and gazes in awe, or in dread, or in anger that s all she does She goes, and observes All that happens story wise, all the action and the deeds that propels the tale forward are done by others, to Jirel Always and without exception, she is simply an observer of her own adventures.Moore also exhibits a peculiar kind of circuitous narrative She often repeats and re uses the same scenes, using only slightly different vocabulary This repetition is not only carried from story to story, plot wise, but also within the stories themselves Jirel gets into trouble by doing the same stuff, chasing the same people, and getting attacked in the same manner These attacks are often mental, so that means a series of long, descriptive paragraphs where Jirel effectively stands still.I m the first to defend the so called purple prose , but when that s all there is to a tale well The collection should really be titled Jirel of Joiry, or, How I Repeatedly Chased Wizards Through Strange Magical Portals And Then Idled About While Thing Happened To Me.In summary, I can t recommend Black God s Kiss.

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    This volume from Paizo s Planet Library which is a great and praiseworthy undertaking, although I ll have to frown at the very sloppy copy editing for this volume which is full of typos collects all of C.L Moore s Jirel of Joiry stories It fulfills all the usual conditions for a true classic It is old all the stories in here were published in the period from 1934 to 1939 , it was innovative back in its day presenting the first ever female Sword Sorcery protagonist, and although that was not common knowledge at the time written by a woman, too , and it had a significant impact on what came afterwards it was a huge influence on female fantasy authors in the 70 s and 80 s, like C.J Cherryh, Tanith Lee etc The stories are also very good and remain compelling and readable to this day return return They are not quite what one might expect from pulp magazine stories, though while they undoubtedly belong to the Sword Sorcery genre which in itself, it should be noted, had one leg still firmly planted in the horror genre at this stage , there is not a lot of sword swinging going on here, not even with the exception of the final story which Moore co wrote with her later husband Henry Kuttner a lot of action what you get instead are long and vivid descriptions of fantastic dreamscapes Suzy McKee Charnas, in her excellent, enthusiastic introduction to this edition, points towards a possible reason why people might have looked for different things in the pulp literature during the 1930s than they do today namely the scarcity of visual media back then at least compared to today s proliferation of images She argues that today s genre writers tend towards a sparser style because they rely on the diverse media to provide a visualization and complementary to that, I think that in the first half of the twentieth century in the absence of TV and video, internet and DVD it fell to writers to supply their readers with pictures to feed their imaginations, leading to a vivid style in their writings in order to conjure up weird and exotic images in their readers minds return return As for the style of the Jirel stories in particular, what it lacks in polish the stories were all written early in her career , it than makes up for in passion McKee Charnas remarks in her introduction that Moore did not have much interest in small historical details but that her Middle Ages were a grand canvas, and the same can be said for her writing it has an almost expressionist quality, she paints in raw, bold strokes, and her language has a distinct, driven rhythm to it that thrusts her vibrant images into the reader s mind where they won t get easily dislodged again return return Passionate seems to me to not only best describe Moore s prose in these stories, but it is also what characterises their protagonist most concisely While she is described as a strong and competent warrior, we do not see Jirel do much fighting here instead, it is mostly by the force of her personality that she vanquishes her opponents, the fierceness of her temper and the strength of her determination And it might be interesting to compare Jirel with that other famous medieval warrior woman as she appears in Dreyer s La passion de Jeanne d Arc and discuss the various meanings of passion involved here As is probably obvious from what I wrote earlier, this is yet another book where plot is not central to the enjoyment, in fact all of the stories in this collection have much the same basic plot Jirel wanders is snatched away into a fantastical realm where she faces and finally overcomes an opponent and like most pulp tales of the period are best read and savoured one at a time rather than in quick succession.

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    Wonderful story, wonderful heroine, wonderful conclusion conclusion You can tell Ms Moore is still learning her voice, but the vision is so compelling and eerie that hardly matters In an era of Feminazi joke heroines Jirl of Joiry stands out as not being a hyper defensive misandrist snark fest, but instead a wild woman in wild times much like the also bloody maned Sonya of Rogatino The conclusion is quite surprising and feminine, as well as all too human.

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    2.5 stars

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