Sarah's Ground

Sarah's Ground Sarah Tracy Has Spent Her Entire Life Under Constant Supervision, Always Under The Thumb Of One Older Sibling Or Another Now, At Eighteen, It S Time She Was Married, So She Is Being Sent To Dinner Parties, Plays, Teas, Soirees, Talks, And Chaperoned Walks Always Accompanied, Always WatchedSarah S Tired Of Being Shipped Around, Tired Of Being Reminded That It S Time To Find A Suitable Husband Then Sarah Sees An Advertisement Looking For A Young Woman To Oversee Mount Vernon, The Old Family Home Of George Washington Lying To Her Family And Her Potential Employer, Sarah Becomes Mistress Of This Decaying Symbol Of American FreedomAnd Then Comes The American Civil War As Battles Rage Around Her, Sarah Is Determined To Create A Haven Of Peace At Mount Vernon Sarah Single Handedly Manages To Keep Mount Vernon Out Of The War But While She Is Able To Influence Generals, Soldiers, And The President, She Learns She Doesn T Hold Such Sway Over Her Own Heart As She Also Discovers True LoveBased On A True Story, This Is The Amazing Tale Of One Girl S Path To Womanhood

Ann Rinaldi b August 27, 1934, in New York City is a young adult fiction author She is best known for her historical fiction, including In My Father s House, The Last Silk Dress, An Acquaintance with Darkness, A Break with Charity, and Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons She has written a total of forty novels, eight of which were listed as notable by the ALA In 2000, Wolf by the Ears was lis

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    This book is not very good It s supposed to be a journal, but there are no dates It doesn t read like a journal The characters are all wooden and one sided I didn t care about Mount Vernon or feel like Sarah was a real heroine Yeah, skip this one.

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    I ve adored Ann Rinaldi ever since I first discovered her works in 8th grade She writes fascinating YA history Sarah s Ground is no exception.Sarah is a great character She s a woman who is sick of having her family decide her fate, regardless of whether or not it is tradition She feels that her family deciding which family member she lives with, or even which man is suitable husband material, is not that different than selling a horse at auction So Sarah takes matters into her own hands and applies for a job as caretaker for George Washington s house, which has fallen into disrepair since his death.I thought that Sarah was such a strong character, and part of her appeal was that she doesn t realize her own strength until much later She just thinks of herself as stubborn and trying because that s how her family had thought of her.She not only has to deal with a meddlesome, prejudiced neighbor, but has to try to avoid scandal when her chaperone must go to attend her sick mother, just leaving Sarah with the servants and Mr Herbert But the real obstacles come when Sarah decides not only to keep her opinions neutral during the war, but to keep the grounds of George Washington s estate neutral as well.It s an intriguing read that I finished rather quickly and loved every moment of The endings of Rinaldi s books are always the best part They leave you satisfied and ready to read the next great adventure.

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    This was one of my favorite Rinaldi books While a fairly straight forward and simple tale, it is also fascinating, since it is about a brave young woman whom so few people know about Like all of her books, Rinaldi deftly blends solid historical fact in with her own personal interpretation of the people s thoughts an d feelings Sarah is a strong young woman who knows her heart and what she wants, and when she is unsure, she doesn t let it show It could not have been easy maintaining Mount Vernon as a neutral territory during the Civil War.I was a little sad that Rinaldi didn t spend some time on Sarah s school days Those can always be entertaining, especially when the young woman in question is fed up of people trying to turn her into a lady and marry her off to some nice or not so nice young or old gentleman But the story is peppered with little short anecdotes that are amusing and give a small insight into some of the things poor Sarah underwent.All in all, a wonderful short look at the life and possible thoughts of Sarah Tracy, the woman who restored Mount Vernon, and managed to keep peace there through a tumultuous war.

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    Different from Rinaldi s early works But still enthralling She does such a good job of putting REAL history in I love how well researched her books are The story was captivating, as usual I was sorry it was so short and that it was written in journal form, instead of her exciting, personal narrative form However, I saw why she chose that method when I read the afterward always my favorite portion of a Rinaldi, where she divides the truth from the fiction Ann Rinaldi helped me fall in love with history when I was a girl with books like Time Enough for Drums and In My Father s House I love that, as an adult, I can still find her works interesting and educational All in all, not my favorite Rinaldi, but I learned a lot and enjoyed myself while I did

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    Ann Rinaldi specializes in historical fiction, especially American History This book was about the caretaker of George Washington s Mount Vernon during the Civil War It was really interesting because I had never thought about how that particular estate would have been affected by the war Nice to know someone was watching out for our history The book was based on the letters Sarah Tracey wrote the head of whatever society I forget right now what it was called Too bad all of Sarah Tracey s other papers about preserving the house were burnt in a fire that affected her own home 20 years later An easy read, but fun.

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    I really enjoyed Sarah s perspective She was a very mature 18 year old, albeit the situation warranted it However, I think the ending came together too quickly I would have enjoyed details in the aftermath of the climax rather than a brief summary emphasis on brief After reading the factual information at the back of the book, I understand why the ending was so compressed, but that does not stop me from wishing it was not Regardless of this complaint, I find this to be another accurate and enjoyable novel by Ann Rinaldi.

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    This is my favorite Ann Rinaldi book It is the story about the protection of Washington s Mt Vernon home during the Civil War The house was considered the only neutral ground during the war Sarah Tracy, an 18 year old was sent to run the estate and protect it from ruin, fire, and ransom I found out she was buried in a small cemetery in Alexandria and after reading the book, I went to visit her grave.

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    3 I wish there had been depth and complexity, but I still really liked it That being said I also wanted to read something that wouldn t take me a while and this took me two days, so

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    I enjoyed it Skimmed a bit, but it s a nice break from some of my heavy duty reads Loved her books as a teenager and still find them enjoyable.

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    Great book, fun protagonist, entertaining Quick read.

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