Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack

Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack Siren Classic Erotic Paranormal Romance, Werewolves, HEA Julianna Morris Didn T Know Werewolves Existed Until She Became OneHiding Her New Identity, Julianna Returns Home Only To Find Her Teenage Crush, Jeff Lightfoot, Is The Future Alpha Of The Callowwood Werewolf Pack She S Unexpectedly Chosen As A Candidate For The Pack S Next Luna, The Alpha Female And Jeff S Mate This Is Perfect, Except Julianna Knows Nothing About Being A Werewolf, And Someone S Determined To Make Her Fail The Seven Tests Of The LunaJeff Lightfoot Lusted After Julianna For Years, Even When He Thought She Was Human Now She S Home And All His If She Passes The Tests She S His True Mate And He Wants No One Else, But Pack Politics Trump Mother Nature And Will Prevent Him From Choosing Julianna If She FailsFor The Future She Wants, Julianna Must Pass The Tests To Become Queen Bitch Of Callowwood Or Watch Jeff Take Another Woman As His MateWord Count ,

Siobhan Muir lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with her husband, two daughters, and a vegetarian cat she swears is a shape shifter, though he s never shifted when she can see him When not writing, she can be found looking down a microscope at fossil fox teeth, pursuing her other love, paleontology An avid reader of science fiction fantasy, her husband gave her a paranormal romance for Christmas one ye

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  • Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack
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  • 27 August 2018

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    How fun A life change that one isn t aware is going to happen We all have them, but Becoming a Werewolf That is a bit drastic This was an interesting twist on the second chance trope Not my favorite trope, but this one had some different reasoning that added some spice Fascinating family secrets Again, we all have them Being adopted is common But finding out one s birth mother is extra special Wow Nice twist I think Julianna did quite well with dealing with everything that got thrown at her in a very short time Now Jeff He had his moments But, I found him a bit lacking for the next Alpha of the pack He seemed to always step back and let his Julianna take the lead I suppose that added to her testing and helped prove she was the Queen Bitch Overall, this was a fun book with excitement and drama, as well as a nice romance I am concerned about a dangling thread though Will there be another book

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    Amazing book written by Author Siobhan Muir Characters you can really sink your teeth into and an absolute delight of a storyline Julianna Morris left town as soon as she could after Graduation to heal her broken heart So coming home after than 8 Years is going to have downs than up Especially with her dad s cancer getting worse and the thought of seeing her old crush Jeff Lightfoot With the passing of her father, Julianna has to face most of the town at his service, people she hasn t seen in years And the fact that she has come home with a secret is starting to wear on her.Jeff Lightfoot had a thing for Julianna before she left town, even though he thought she was too young for him, and with his own secrets what was he to do Seeing each other rekindles the feelings they both tried so hard to forget, but it is building hotter than either of them could ever dream of.Surprises abound around every corner Grab your copy and see how things unfold Heart fully recommended to lovers of Paranormal Well Done

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    This book was outstanding I simply couldn t put it down I loved Julianna s secret from herself and how she and Jeff got together.

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    Siobhan Muir knocked it out of the park with this book It was one of the best books I ve read in a while Ms Muir brought me right into the story, and made me feel every experience along with the characters Julianna and Jeff are the perfect couple, but wolf pack politics will decide if they can go any further with a relationship Will she pass the tests Will they have their happily ever after I highly recommend you read to find out

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    Julianna has a secret she can t tell anyone back home when she goes to see her father and for his funeral She had a crush on Jeff when she was younger and it seems as though she still does To her surprise it seems like he likes her to but he ignored her when they were youngerfor a reasonhe s a wolf but Julianna s secret is about to come outshe s a wolf also Wowthis book was so good The things she has to do and go through were awesome and truly amazing I don t think I would have the patience and the strength to do what she did Jeff being able to stand up for Julianna and what he wanted which was her was amazing A really great read.

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    This is the old version and old cover from Siren Publishing The new version and cover comes out in October 2017 from Three Lakes Books.

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    4.5 stars for this one I went into this book with low expectations for some reason Be it the cover, the blurb or maybe just the mood I was in, the fact I didn t know the author and hadn t read any reviews on the novel, but whatever the reason I found I was than pleasantly surprised by what I found.Siobhan s writing is quirky and fun and real in a way many authors struggle to capture The story kept me entertained and interested and hooked me from the first paragraph There were a couple spots where the main female character got a little teenage for me and a few of her reactions where cringeworthybut then she redeemed herself by having hot sweaty sex with an Alpha Werewolf Really, what could you ask for

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    I just finished reading Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack To keep it short and simple, I loved it There was everything to keep it interesting, Sexy shifters, pack politics, intrigue, and some hot scenes I couldn t put it down once I started reading I m now off to buy from Siobhan Muir.You should too

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    I really enjoyed this book The title scared me a bit, but once I started reading I couldn t put it down Fell in love with the main characters and couldn t wait to see them end up together I can t wait to read about this couple and the other couples starting to develop during the story.

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    An amazing read always love the detail and character development Siobhan puts into her books This book will keep your attention from start to finish and you ll be wishing for 5

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