How to Swear Like a Pro

How to Swear Like a Pro Swearing Is An Art Form That Many Of Us Call Upon When Situations Arise That Are So Beyond Ordinary That Our Reach For Words Leave Us Digging At The Bottom Of The Vocabulary Barrel For Most Occasions, A Simple Curse Word Will Fulfill Your Requirement, But Sometimes You Just Need An EdgeLearn How To Become Creative With Your Swearing From The Compound Swear To Mood Inclusions And The Dreaded Duplicate Swears, This Guide Will Help You Become The Envy Of Anybody That Has Ever Uttered A Curse WordCaution This Book Contains Swearing Lots Of % Ing Swearing

I m the Oblivious Author I live in Eastern Canada in Riverview, New Brunswick with my beautiful wife, a needy cat and gallons of strong coffee I also wrote this in under twelve minutes

[BOOKS] ⚣ How to Swear Like a Pro  By Nick   James –
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  • How to Swear Like a Pro
  • Nick James
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  • 14 August 2019

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