Of Ghosts and Dreams

Of Ghosts and Dreams Warning This Book Contains Graphic Depictions Of Sexual Activity Including Oral Sex And Masturbation It Is Intended For Mature Audiences Not Offended By Explicit Representations Of Sexual Activity Between Consenting Adults Product His Striking Blue Eyes And Hot Caresses Haunt Raven S Dreams Leaving Her Longing Each Day For , But Are They Dreams Or Something Quote The Memory Of The Dream From The Night Before Continued To Snake Its Way Into Her Thoughts, And Her Nipples Hardened In Response The Memory Of His Fingers Stroking Her Swollen Clit Caused Her To Slip Her Hand Beneath The Waistband Of Her Yoga Pants, On Past The Barrier Of Her Cotton Panties, Until She Found The Wet Folds Of Her Pussy

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 17 pages
  • Of Ghosts and Dreams
  • Charity Parkerson
  • English
  • 08 February 2019

10 thoughts on “Of Ghosts and Dreams

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    I had read Charity Parkerson s Hide and Seek for review a couple of months ago and immediately became a fan When I read the description for Of Ghosts and Dreams, her short story, I knew I wanted to read it She got me a review copy and it did NOT disappoint me Raven has dreams of a man with blue eyes, dreams that are so hot, she ends up masturbating to try to get relief from them But, is she really dreaming or is he real And if he s real, what about her marriage A very short read of twelve pages, it is full of adult sexy reading as you go along with Raven in her dreams of Lucien, masturbation, oral sex, and It is a story I read three times, just to enjoy it a couple of times .This is a book to keep on the side of the bed for those times when you really need something to make you feel better on those lonely nights Hawt

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    Disclaimer I have read and loved most of Charity s books Having seen the trailer on YouTube I came to this book fully expecting some nice, erotic entertainment and I was not disappointed.I like the writing style of this author, it is open and accessible, and draws the reader in effortlessly The story centers around Raven an evocative name who has married her high school sweetheart but increasingly finds herself bored with him She has highly erotic dreams about a strange man, worries she is going crazy As usual the erotic writing is of a very high quality, and I loved the contrast between the fantasy world of Raven s dreams, and her routine existence.All in all another high quality read.

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    Of Ghosts and Dreams is a very smooth flowing, short piece of erotica, which will leave you breathless Are Raven s dreams just that simple flights of imagination her mind takes during rest or are they something else As she ponders whether her grasp on sanity is weakening, Lucien s attentions leave her wanting of him What there is no question about is that this story sizzles Parkerson brings life to sensuous characters and a plot that may make you wonder about the powerful allure of dreams.

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    The dream world hit me in this short tale I tend to enjoy darker tales, and the characters are dark, and have a major secret Worth the read.

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    loved it.different. thought provoking. fabulous

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    Of Ghosts Dreams is a short story about a woman who has a recurring dream of a man who arouses her beyond what she could ever imagine The dreams are so heartfelt that she starts to believe they are actually real Intuitively, she knows they can t be but everything in her entire being is telling her he is real Especially when she awakens from these dreams feeling so lost its as if a piece of her is missing without him Oftentimes, she questions her own sanity There is an overall intensity and impassioned feel to this story Even though it s a short story, the author developed Raven s character so well that we end up really caring what happens to her and even fretting that she seems so unhappy With this type of story, we need to know intimately what the characters are thinking so the choice to have very little dialogue is a perfect one A testament to the skill and expertise of this author.This story resonated with me on a few levels Bear with me for a bit while I digress I swear I will make a relevant point While most young girls I grew up with were obsessed with dance or piano lessons, I dreamed of the paranormal Ever since I was old enough to get my hands on an Anne Rice novel, I dreamed of meeting a vampire or some other supernatural creature Strange I know, but I am being serious Also, I m particularly fond of romance novels and used to borrow my older sisters Harlequin Romances and hide away to read them My mom would have disciplined me severely had I been caught So at a young age, I put the two together and my love for paranormal romance was born So, I promised I had a point I believe this is why I really enjoyed this short story so much Parkerson combines both my favourite genres in a well written, character driven, engaging tale one that leaves an opening for a future novel and desperately hoping this will happen For me, even though it was a short read, it fulfilled desires deeply rooted in my being Happy Reading 5 Stars Absolutely Loved It

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    Parkerson delivers a great erotic story with Of Ghosts and Dreams I can see how readers can get all hot and bothered by the steamy parts, but what I focused on in reading it was the story That s not to discredit the author s ability to write erotica That, as I said, was very effective.The relationship between Raven and her dreams and the man of her dreamsyes, I just said thatyou ll understand there s a joke in there when you read this story was intriguing I don t think that I fully understood it, though I don t think Raven did either The only one who seems to know what s exactly going on it the man she s been dreaming about I was left wanting to know of what he knew I was left wanting to see how Raven continued on living.It s a good wanting though It s not agonizingly painful where I need a sequel or to ask the author It just has a good way to keep me thinking about the story And I think that s a good thing for a short like this to leave a reader with.

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    This book is so far away from my usual reading matter it s in another galaxy And yet, I ll let you into a secret I thoroughly enjoyed it The author s writing style is so passionate and yet easy, that the story flows naturally from one high spot to another Raven is a dreamer, but she is every girl I ever knew or wanted to know and It s easy to see why this author s works have been so successful So, why only four stars I m a man Seriously, it is as good as erotic romance writing gets, but the genre is just not my thing.

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    This book is perfect for anyone who has ever had an amazing dream that felt so real they didn t want it to end Raven has these dreams every time that she closes her eyes A man named Lucien haunts her every dream and leaves her body on on fire, but as she is pondering whether or not she is losing her mind the real question isAre her dreams real HOT, HOT, HOT

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    Charity Parkerson wrote a beautiful and poignant story with Of Ghosts and Dreams The idea, the concept, right down to the cover was flawless I only wish she had made this a novel or novella It needed a little room to find itself.

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