Dare to Bleed

Dare to Bleed Emily Is A Normal Girl With A Nosey Mother, A Deadbeat Father She Has Never Met, And A Vulgar Outrageous Best Friend Girls Start Dying Around Her Apartment, And Her Love Life Is Being Turned Upside Down On Top Of Everything, Two Mysterious Men Have Come Into Her Life And Informed Her That She Is The Target Of The Killer A Vampire Named Damon Has Stolen A Book Of Spells And Will Do Anything To Force Emily To Relinquish Her Powers Powers She Never Realized She Had Emily Must Figure Out What She Is In Order To Save The Life Of Her Best Friend Before Time Runs Out

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dare to Bleed book, this is one of the most wanted Mary Whitten author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 138 pages
  • Dare to Bleed
  • Mary Whitten
  • English
  • 05 January 2018

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    So this book is a little tricky for me to review because I m kind of over the whole vampire, werewolf, witch, warlock, wizard thing, although it remains a popular theme for YA novels In regards to Dare to Bleed s supernatural plot, I d rate this book 3 stars, but I found the main character Emily to be a lot of fun and very believable The dialogue is natural, witty and often just plain hilarious I love a well developed, strong heroine, so I have to go with 4 stars in that regard Lusting after multiple boys was pretty meh to me and cheapened the true romance between Emily and Ezra I was given this book by the author, not for a review of this book, but to Beta read for the third book in this series I m looking forward to following this story further.

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    I got this book for free on and really wasn t sure what to expect I love vampires and hoped this would be a great one It turned out to be a pleasant surprise The Good I enjoyed Emily s character She went from normal to special overnight when she learns she s the object of a deranged vampire She cares for her mother a lot and loves her best friend, Kimmie She s sworn off guys, yet they haven t sworn off her The story was engrossing and a quick read.The Bad Emily was a little flighty She had kissed all three guys although she really only wanted one That was a little unrealistic in my opinion There wasn t really a reason for her behavior either.The Sexy There are a few steamy scenes, but mostly kissing There wasn t any sex in the book, just talk about sex The book was still enough romance to hold my attention Overall This was a great read Fans of vampire books will enjoy this one This book is recommended for new adults and adults due to some minor sexual situations I give this book four stars for its ability to draw you in

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    what a fun easy read the story was great there were some grammatical errors, but not so bad it makes an impact on the reader I can t wait to find out what happens with Em and Ezra I really loved Ezra

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    While the story itself was interesting, the bad grammar made it difficult to read Story needs editing badly The first person point of view was too confusing as Emily s thoughts were all over the place It was nerve wracking trying to keep up with her.

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    I love the book I can t wait for book 2 3

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    Loved it, yes Emily was all over the place but wouldn t u be if u had all that stuff happening to you Good read First book I read on my iPad loved it so much I didn t put it down all morning.

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    This book was utterly ridiculous, and I am not sure why I finished it other than I kept expecting it to get better.Emily did not make sense Ever Her reactions to the situations she was put in made zero sense For starters, instead of being scared for her life like a normal person when being attacked, she got annoyed at her attackers and got mad at them for wasting her time What In what world is that the right reaction to someone trying to kill you She also never seemed to take anything seriously, and seemed to make her decisions based on doing exactly the opposite of what everyone thought was the best course of action I feel like trusting the FBI agents around you to do their jobs is a smart course of action, but what do I know Oh, and when someone that she had known for years says Oh, by the way I am a vampire, too, she didn t even bat an eyelash, instead she just thought, why have I never noticed before that this person is hot Shakes my head The romance in this book was awful, too Emily and Ezra couldn t go 2 minutes without getting super angry at each other and one of them storming away in a huff Real mature right there Let s not be honest with this person that I supposed love even though I know next to nothing about them and try to work things out like adults, no let s just act like angry children and run away whenever we disagree about things Dumb.Also, who is the intended audience for this book The characters were adults, and Emily definitely had adult thoughts, but they acted like teenagers and barely kissed I don t have a problem with books that don t go beyond that, even adult books, but it did not feel organic in this one It felt like the author was trying to write an adult book that could be read by younger audiences too, but she failed to find the right balance, and instead it just came across as unfinished and awkwardAll I can say is that I am glad this was a freebie when I got it I won t be picking up the next one.

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    I don t think this book is a bad read, is very much fresh but i have some cons and pros.pros you laugh alot about the character.some of the character are very fun and is a lot to be learnd.cons the main character is all over the place she can choce if she like one charctaer of the other i think the author didn t want it to be in love with any of the other just to find them attractive what i really got she act to much like a slut.they make her a enemi from high school i think it would have work better if she has been a vamp or something that new how she was and help the bad guy.the romance was to dificult to get my mind on, mostly she got mad so fast and them she doesn t love him and yes she does i just got very confused in parts with her, and the why she want it to save her best friend confused face i still don t understand we only get one page with her and we don t see why there friends.there is a lot i have to say but i have to give it some credict, the book did make me smile she is a fun character with a bit work into i think this book could be one of the best out there because she has the plot and the idea is just now to work and make this book a book that no matter how read it is going to understand what is going on and go a bit of background on some of the character she doesn t even explain half of the think of happend i think is the first book of this author and it need a lot of work and for her to read some book for her to understand how to put it together in a way that make it as good as the original idea.

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    First, I really wished Emily had just been named Emma, since she introduced herself that way Constantly My name is Emily, but everyone calls me Emma or Em Second, she was supposed to be 23 She came off as at least 14, and that just ruined the book for me Her thoughts were all over the place, and she was constantly thinking about how hot someone was Her reactions to everything, being told someone was a vampire, wizard, etc, was totally unbelievable I needed a freak out in there somewhere But with her, it was all oh, ok Then to tell her best friend Yeah, I was almost done.Believe it or not, the part that really had me deciding to give up was when she stole Ezra s car view spoiler She gets a call from Damon, the bad guy they re looking for, and even if he has Kimmy, she decides to go off on her own instead of letting the FBI agents know I was done That was the dumbest thing Well, dumbest to the car scene hide spoiler

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    I won this book in a facebook event giveaway, I started reading Monday evening and finished today wed eve and had to worked during the days.I was completely drawn into the book and it held my attention from the first to the last page Great easy read with romance, action, good, evil and bits in the middle I love supernatural fantasy and this certainly falls in that category, esp if you love vampires and witchesI do agree with what other reviewer said about the lead character Emily being too flippant about situations however you can t help but like her she is fiercely loyal to those she loves.As for the male characters well take your pick, they are all gorgeous and have good and bad points but there is something for everyone.I really enjoyed the story line and will recommend this book to people and it is a really enjoyable read you don t want to put down.I ve had the pleasure of speaking with the author and this is her first book, and for a first book it s an absolutely amazing achievement and I m excited to see future work from Mary Whitten

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