PromisesUgh that was ridiculous Glad Colt s gonehe was a pansy Their love felt so fabricated. I absolutely loved promises so much happen in this book and Cheyenne experiences so much growth and loss.this book made me cry at the end CI love all three O Shea brothers.Colt is just amazing he loves Cheyenne and never tries to use her for her powersCallon loves Chey but at times your left wondering if its just for what she can offer himDaniel is amazing he always keeps neutral ground and he just loves teasing Chey and being the big brother figure to herUgh I can t wait for Daylight to come out Cheyenne Is Determined To Seek The Light Of Truth In A Web Of Darkness, But At What Cost Still Reeling From The Revelations Of Her Secret Birthright And Fated Betrothals, Cheyenne S Thoughts Tumble Over The Whirlwind Of Life Since The Death Of Her Parents Vowing To Close Herself Off To Spare Her Heart Pain, She Keeps Her Distance And Seeks Her Own Path But Colt, Daniel And Callon Are Constantly At Her Side, Not Giving Her Room To Breathe Or Let Her Come To Terms With Her Destiny At The Same Time, Her Transformation Into A Timeless Begins A Process That Could Very Well Kill Her As If That Wasn T Enough, Her Enemies Are Still Out For Her Blood, And Nowhere Is Safe Though New Allies Appear To Protect Her From The Unseen Dangers, Which Ones Are Friend And Which Are Foe And Can Cheyenne Stand The Ultimate Pain Of All Speechless, shellshocked, and so happy I paid for this book Thankful I was able to instantly purchase this book just moments after reading Cheyenne, I began the continued journey of Cheyenne and her three hunky captors Struggling to find out the truth of who she is and who she can trust, Cheyenne makes mistakes, discovers what is important and then finally loses the connection to the person who gives her hope.If you re looking for a spoiler, you won t find it in this review I ll just worn you to feed the kids, get in some comfy clothes, and buckle up because it s quite the ride My only complaint is that I have to wait for the next book to come out Ugh Oh.My.Gosh I am still sniffling from the last part of the book I am still in shock after the amazing twist I could barely put this book down have to say it was as good or maybe even better than the first book in the series I cannot wait to read the next book Incredible OF COURSE ITS GOOD HeartbreakI both love and hate this last book If u choose to read this series, don t get to attached to the characters I don t know if I want to read the next one. Love this series I immediately was drawn into the characters and their mysterious lives I found the storyline unique and intriguing the entire series grabbed my heart and made me want. OH MY GOSH I finished the first book of this series and couldn t stop reading, so naturally I had to buy the second one right away As I read Promises, I kept thinking Ohh don t let it end with this event currently happening, I really want to see what happens next Then, as I kept reading, the event would end and there d still be a lot pages left I would sigh in relief every time this would happen So much happened in one book and it wasn t rushed This book is heartbreaking It kept me in suspense and kept me thinking Please don t end yet and had to keep checking how much of the book was left I read this book in my kindle view spoiler In the scene when Colt and Cheyenne were hit with thunder I couldn t quite understand what would happen next, then everything played out and I realized Colt had died I didn t want to believe it, but it happened When Cheyenne got to his body and started begging him to come back I began feeling her despair and agony It was really heartbreaking from then on hide spoiler I enjoyed the basic concept an story I hated the love triangle between Colt An Callon both wanting loving Cheyenne.The other thing was I kept WAITING for Cheyenne to come in to her own All that feeling sorry for herself drove me bonkers I m adding to my original review of book one May I just say WTF First off REALLY Cheyenne GROW UP.CHOSE ONE,, All the flip flopping crap drove me nuts.Also it was SO OBVIOUS that Matt was Marcus I was glad Cheyenne go her powers but what the heck The build up over the transition..then the let down of when it happened sucked This book felt like a fillernot the next stage in her story It was a repeat of the first her trying to run away, get caught, run away, get caught..they leave her alone She meets Matt aka Marcus, they unite fight with each other enter the bad guys Blah blah blahThe only real shocker was the author freaking killed one of the favorites.don t see any way of coming back from that.Then the darkness comes for her The loss of losing her beloved who she cant be with anyhow So kill him.It really pissed me off that she never did find her backbone UghI m not sure if I will bother with the next book It s 50 50 at this point

Taming the wilderness of her imagination one story at a timeLisa Wiedmeier lives in Idaho with her loving husband, two sons and crazy dog Mandi She has tamed the wilderness of her imagination and she has recently completed 8 novels in her Timeless Series, with a ninth book upcoming and a new novel The Gate also in the works.

[KINDLE] ❥ Promises ➛ Lisa L. Wiedmeier –
  • ebook
  • Promises
  • Lisa L. Wiedmeier
  • English
  • 14 April 2019
  • 9780983905233

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