The Night Sky in My Head

The Night Sky in My Head Since The Accident, Mikey Baxter Isn T Like Other Year Old Boys The World Sees Him As Damaged, But Mikey Has A Remarkable Gift The Ability To Go Backwards In Time And Witness Things That Hide In The Shadows Now He Must Uncover The Terrifying Truth Behind His Dad S Disappearance Before The Past Starts To Repeat Itself

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Night Sky in My Head book, this is one of the most wanted Sarah Hammond author readers around the world.

➧ The Night Sky in My Head  Ebook ➭ Author Sarah Hammond –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • The Night Sky in My Head
  • Sarah Hammond
  • English
  • 24 November 2019
  • 9780192733191

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    Excellent book I was up reading the last 20% of the book from 9 till 1 as I just couldn t put it down In this book we see Mikey who was in an accident try and fit in, find mates, go for drinks and so on Mikey has a special talent though He can see the past He calls it The Backwards Mikey s Dad is in prison, but you don t find out why until half way through the novel Mikey has a scar on his head but you don t find out how until the end of the novel Mikey has a mate called Ralph, who works on Cackler s farm Mikey has a friend called Meg who is Cackler s granddaughter There has been a murder His Dad has escaped prison Can Mikey figure out who murdered the Tramp Can Mikey solve the problem before it is too late Read The Night Sky in My Head to find out Is there a happy ending Great book I thoroughly enjoyed

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    This is the debut novel of author Sarah Hammond and is described as the perfect read for fans of Skellig and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time Having not read either of these and not knowing much about about The Night Sky in My Head prior to receiving a copy for review, I was a bit unsure if it was going to be my sort of book.The story centres on a fourteen year old boy called Mikey who it transpires at the beginning of the book can see events in the past He calls this the backwards which sometimes shows him things he would rather not see happen He has to unravel the mystery of what happened to his Dad with the help of some of the people he meets along the way.The passages where he sees the backwards were a little strange at first but as these continue they gradually begin to make sense They are like pieces of a puzzle which just need to be slotted together for them to form a picture of events which have taken place This device is extremely clever and helps to move the plot along, whilst presenting to the reader information about Mikey himself and his family I thought that Mikey was a terrific narrator He has a very individual way of seeing the world and this is quite different to everyone else He is extremely trusting of others which isn t always a good thing because they can take advantage of him without him realising it, but he has so many wonderful qualities which means that he comes across as a truly likeable and lovely person By his side throughout the whole book is his dog Timmer and they have a truly special bond between them Whenever he s sad or upset or worried then Timmer is there to comfort him and I think that s a very special thing to have The Night Sky in My Head is an unusual book and unlike anything else I ve read The writing is intelligent and engaging and although not normally the sort of title I d pick up in a bookshop, it was extremely enjoyable.

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    This book opens with an intriguing prologue and then gets going with the action right from chapter 1 We re quickly introduced to Mikey, and to the fact that Mikey is able to see The Backwards shadows and places offer up reruns of things that happened in the past for him to see Of course the adults in his life don t believe this, labeling it as delusions or just another facet of the brain damage he suffered when he was younger.Mikey s story has him piecing together the circumstances around his father s disappearance Everyone has kept many of the details from him and he doesn t know why, but as he investigates and uses The Backwards to help him he starts to uncover things that maybe no one else know either At the same time Mikey s experiencing new things, making friends and finally starting to work out where he fits in the world and what he might like the future to hold.This book has a lovely, warm feeling to it I can understand the comparisons with both The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time and Skellig, I think for me it sits happily at the crossroads between the two books I really enjoyed reading it, and have already got a couple of people in mind to recommend it to.

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    I just finished reading Sarah Hammond s young adult novel The Night Sky in my Head Her finely tuned prose, as well as the story s intriguing concept, makes for an absorbing read Through the eyes and special needs sensibilities of the fourteen year old narrator Mikey , Hammond masterfully juggles the tender with the delightfully scary She brings us deeply into the emotional rhythm of Mikey as he comes to terms with his father s imprisonment by solving a murder mystery He also has a unique gift the Backwards of tapping into the memories of places It is as if the places themselves have souls and secrets Among the book s many strengths is its moment by moment heightened imagery A quick example The world swirls Frost crackles up the bus shelter glass All the while, Hammond keeps tabs on what readers must follow in order to fit together dramatic events that are revealed to Mikey in a piecemeal of present and Backwards In this page turner of a novel, Mikey must learn the hard way who s a good un and who s a bad un.

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    Really enjoyed this book for young people would definitely recommend it to my students The idea is a little reminiscent of The Curious Incident , ie giving a voice to a character with a disability learning difficulty, but the added complication of The Backwards makes it very much its own book I was gripped

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    I found the book quite a slow read to start off with but the pace did quicken towards the middle when the backwards which I found the most interesting was frequent, which helps Mikey and you, the reader, piece together his Dad s past.Reviewed by HelenClick here to read the full review on our website

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    Reminded me of The Curious Incident in terms of the unreliable and disabled narrator.Interesting idea, with the Backwards visions.Quick enough to read Not going to be a best seller but a nice little YA book.

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    Sarah s first book brilliantly evokes the world of a teenager with learning needs A thriller and page turner Wonderful description of Mikey s gradual insights Best book I ve read this year.

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    A brilliant debut novel, would happily read books featuring Mikey.

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    I was so hooked by this book Incredible

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