These Boots Weren't Made for Walking

These Boots Weren't Made for Walking Willing To Make The Necessary Sacrifices Even Skipping The Occasional Latte To Ensure Career Success, Year Old Cassidy Cantrell Invests In A Chic Pair Of Boots, Certain They Ll Make A Spectacular Impression And Help Seal The Deal On A Long Anticipated Promotion From Her Seattle Employer But Reality Tromps All Over Her Expectations Cassie S Job Is Abruptly Eliminated And Her Love Life Obliterated, When Her Longtime Boyfriend Dumps Her For A Friend Her Self Esteem In Tatters, Cassie Limps Home To The Resort Town She Once So Eagerly Fled Only To Find Her Recently Divorced Mother Transformed Into A Gorgeous Fifty Something Babe With A Thriving Social Life Cassie Wrestles With Envy And Apathy As She Considers The Dismal Shape Of Her Own Physique And Romantic Prospects What Will It Take For Her To Jump Back Into Life And Regain Her Stride This Sassy And Hilarious Novel Leads Readers On A Romp Through The Wilds Of Relationships, Romance, Career, And Spirituality, Revealing That, While God S Plans May Look Drastically Different Than Our Own, It Ll Always Be A Perfect Fit

Melody Carlson is the award winning author of over two hundred books, several of them Christmas novellas from Revell, including her much loved and bestselling book, The Christmas Bus She also writes many teen books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series, the TrueColors series, and the Carter House Girls series Melody was nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspi

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  • Paperback
  • 314 pages
  • These Boots Weren't Made for Walking
  • Melody Carlson
  • English
  • 04 October 2017
  • 9781400073139

10 thoughts on “These Boots Weren't Made for Walking

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    This was a nice book for a break and comic relief The main character Cassidy loses her job, two days later her boyfriend of three years She finds out that he is dating someone else She then discovers that her supposed friend stole her new credit card and maxes it out She ends up moving back home with her mother Big changes are found there Mom is dressing and flirting like she is 30 something instead of the 55 years old She is dating several men, one who is one year older than Cassidy Cassidy goes to the gym with her mom and that really had me laughing Also the halloween party Cassidy finds a job and things are looking up There is a wedding and the family starts to rebuild and forgive for the father who left Cassidy s mother for a younger model THings end well for everyone.

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    All right, but I didn t like this as much as her teen novels possibly because I am a teen and not a 31 year old, although I normally enjoy books like this anyway And I felt like the last chapter was really rushed and a little overdone Lighthearted and sweet, though, and I loved her mini fetish over her new uberexpensive boots I enjoyed the book but I think a lot of the humor just went right over my head and the story felt kind of flat in places Overall, I think i just found this too hard to relate to I ll probably just stick with her books written for girls closer to my age.

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    I started out irritated with the main character and her mother But, once she started to get her life together, the book went much smoothly, in my opinion.It was a fun, fast read And it didn t make me dread winter, which is great

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    I needed a light, quick clean story so this was the book I chose While it fit the what I needed, I just didn t find it appealing I never connected with Cassie or her mother as they seemed superficial The author didn t develop them much beyond their current circumstances and they both were materialistic Cassie struggles with finding her identity as a young 30 something who lost her job and boyfriend with hopes of finding herself after moving back home The story is Cassie s struggles of identity and reconnecting with her newly transformed mother The author uses fashion designer names throughout the book and has the characters obsessed with physical appearance Maybe the author is trying to appeal to a certain reader with emphasis of designer names but that reader is not me I couldn t care less what designer clothes the people I know wear, much less fictional characters of a story This was a turn off from the beginning of the story and continued throughout till the end.Although this is labeled Christian fiction, it s not preach y and is without scripture It s a clean story without vulgar language or sexual scenes The romantic elements are sweet and innocent There is mentioning of drinking wine and beer and hanging out at the local brewery I very much enjoy Christian fiction and expected this one to be without the depth I prefer in a story but I didn t expect it to have the superficial, emphasis of designer names as part of character development which is why my reading experience gives it 2 stars.

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    Such a happy little book I thoroughly enjoyed it I could not stop laughing out loud when the main character, Cassie, goes to her first spin class I think maybe I m going to have a heart attack I can t help but glance around the room to see if anyone else is in dire need of medical help

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    This is the second Christian Chick Lit book I ve read all year and possibly ever, if I recall correctly , and I can t say I m overly impressed While not as heavy handed as some Christian books when it comes to faith, the character still talks too rosy and the faith in the book comes off as trite And I can totally tell that Carlson was never a thirty something single woman And what, pray tell, is the obsession with clothes and shoes in these books I know a lot of single Christian women in this age group and NONE of us even know the designer names these authors are throwing around Honestly, the books smack of insincerity.On a specific level, Carlson s writing is passable, the story is interesting and other than the few slips of oh, I m a Christian so maybe I should forgive him and what not, it wasn t too bad She overused the word actually and the main character has at least five self proclaimed pity parties yes, she says it every time And once, she totally missed a saying, either in effort to not be cliche or because she just doesn t know it well, with out of the frying pan into the blaze rather than fire or flame It just felt really werid and made me stop, reread and then go I wouldn t take tips on writing from Carlson, and there is no promise that I ll hunt down any of her other books, but if I was stuck on a plane for four hours and there was an extra copy, I d read her without much complaint.Funny, some of the comments in this book come across as overtly grown up than many secular books, maybe because Carlson is trying so hard to avoid it who knows.

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    It all starts with a 200 pair of boots At least that s what Cassidy, the main character of this novel seems to think She is perplexed by her run of bad luck losing her job, finding out a neighbor has stolen a credit card and run up a huge balance, and buying the aforementioned boots which look good but leave her with horrible blisters So Cassidy ends up moving back home, with a mother who has undergone an extreme makeover and looks like her sister In fact, Cassidy is shocked to find out her mother is a former high school classmate of hers All these changes throw Cassidy into a funk for a while, but with the help of God she will find out how to crawl out of her hole, improve her life, choose the right man, and ditch the wrong pair of boots return This is a totally fun light read with a bit of a good message thrown in Cassidy s over the top dilemmas made me feel better about my own Definitely pick this one up if you enjoy chick lit.

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    I enjoy Carlson s Christian chick lit This story is about a young woman who s overextended financially and fired at work She moves home to live with her mom, but discovers that Mom has begun dating younger men and dressing younger, too Cassidy is a likable character and it was easy to find myself in her corner B.

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    Another book chosen from cover art Good job cover artists You made me choose this book But once I started reading, I didn t put it down until I finished So thanks Ms Carlson Loved the story I also loved that even though Cassie s self esteem was down, she didn t let go of her value set.

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    I really enjoyed reading this book It shows that you can write a great story without using bad language and sex.

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