Catspell Shelley Holmes Was Accustomed To The Bizarre Such Phenomena As Werewolves And Vampires Held No Surprises For Her But In All Her Years Of Investigating The Paranormal, She Had Never Run Across A Case Like This One Beautiful Arielle Blaylock Was A Proper Victorian Miss By Day, But A Daring Wanton By Night In Her Dreams She Seemed To Enter Another Life, One Where Sorcery And Sensuality Held Sway But How Was It Possible That The Happenings Of That Shadow World Were Beginning To Manifest Themselves In Reality What Was The Significance Of The Egyptian Cat Amulet She Wore At Her Throat And Of The Two Mystical Beings Who Fought To Seduce Her, Which Was Destined To Be Her Lover The Creature Of Light Or The One Of Darkness As Her Midnight Wanderings Became Ever Alluring, Arielle Found Herself Lost In A Maze Of Danger And Desire Where One Misstep Might Mean The End Of Love And Life

colleen1011 gmail.comColleen Shannon s ancestor signed the Texas Declaration of Independence and her West Texas roots give her the optimistic yet inquiring viewpoint that she tries to reflect in her books Believing in the redeeming power of love, the benefits of knowledge, with a bit of sprituality included, are the elements she most enjoys in books and that s what she tries to write With a bit

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  • 342 pages
  • Catspell
  • Colleen Shannon
  • English
  • 07 April 2017
  • 9780505526113

10 thoughts on “Catspell

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    This was truly a weird book, but I don t think it was the strangeness exactly that kept me from liking it Arielle was rather a bore and slightly Mary Sue ish, while Seth was strange and not quite likable but most of all, the book was boring I don t know how with all the convoluted ideas this story had, but it was With the exception of Shelley and Ethan, I didn t like anyone, and their romance was by far the better one Too bad it was secondary to Arielle s and Seth s And even though I like things out of the ordinary, the plot didn t do it for me and was a bit too odd I m beginning to think that Colleen Shannon s books are not for me, even though I really enjoy Shelley s character too bad she s always investigating the supposed main love interests, because she is so much interesting than they ever are.

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    An entertaining beach read, light enough for the distractions of travel A very unique blend of mystical, mythical, historical period romance with some mild horror elements, werewolves and such Some of the dominance games in the romance are quite trite and wearying for me I would love to find a novel in the Romance genre that doesn t make me squirm when it comes to gender roles and clich s Is it time for Feminist Romance Maybe that is a book I need to write I wouldn t recommend this one.

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    This book was very interesting in the beginningI wanted to keep reading to see what was going to happenHowever it was just weird and the ending was obvious anddisappointing to me I don t really like romance novelsIn my opinion they tease too much and it is over much tooquickly.

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    I really liked this book Lots of historical information within, but the characters were absolutely fascinating The writing style was certainly unique, and I loved the way that the drama unfolded The main character was quite interesting The only bad thing I have to say about this book was that I flew so rapidly through it that I wish it was longer than it is

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    I tried, I really did The concept of the story was great and I don t know if it is my book funk or what but I could not finish this I am going to keep it and try again in a different setting, but right now um not so much

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    I ve always liked anything having to do ancient Egypt or the mystcism of cats This book provided a lot of eyptian history, including and old myths and legends I didn t know about, keep in mind I don t know how much of this fact But it was still fun to read about

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    a fair read.

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