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Tyrkers Tale Leif and Tosti are the sons of Eirik Tyrker is a slave of Eirik, and it is job to take care of the boys, in addition to his other slave duties He teaches them swordsmanship and tells them tales to keep them amused In addition, they usually visit Runa, the cooks assistant, who gives them small treats In a time and place of slaves, it is usually best not to anger your master.Very short quick read, almost like an essay This could actually be an opening chapter for to come, rather than it s own story While the characters blend well, it needs to be expanded , with a bit of a plot Overall very good, but you leave wanting. I took a chance on this short story and was pleasantly surprised It s a well written and engaging tale of a slave in a difficult position Tyrker has a lot of responsibilities and not much freedom, and this puts him in a bit of a jam I read it in one sitting, because I was eager to see how he gets out of it The sense of adventure that marks a lot of stories about vikings was there, and I was very interested in the depiction of life in that time and in that part of the world Readers of historical fiction will love this. Very fun little story It was kind a prequel to some I ve read with Tyrkr Tyrker so that was fun to see where he came from Engaging and cute Fun to think of Leif as a little kid. One doesn t often think about the Vikings, from tenth century Iceland, so this is a great little story to spark an interest in an area of study, abandoned since the fifth grade.Tyrker is a thrall, which is a slave, and he is training to be the guard of Eirik the Red s son, Leif Ericson It s a story, in and of itself, how Tyrker becomes a thrall for Eirik the Red.In less than twenty pages, Robin Ingle, has managed to write an exceptional, historical, piece of writing So much occurs in this extremely short story we get to know Tyrker, we learn about Viking women, slaves and non slaves, and we are treated to an inside peek into the mind of Eirik the Red.Tyrker is educating Eirik s sons for combat, as he is a well rounded man of warfare He is such an interesting character, with an intriguing love life, and I am eager to read about Tyrker, in the future.Tyrker s Tale The World s Edge Series , is my introduction to Robin Ingle As a reader of historical fiction, I am thrilled to have stumbled across this author, and I ll be looking for of her work. A cool little short story, with a unique setting that isn t often explored in historical fiction to the best of my knowledge Feels like setup for a larger story I m looking forward to reading. I found this tale to be quite interesting from a historical point of view I enjoyed learning of Tyrker and where he had come from and how he had ended up in Iceland Tyrker s Tale may be a short story but it was not lacking in any other way It measured up very well for me as far has historical fiction goes and I would recommend this book to anyone. I enjoyed reading Tyrker s Tale and look forward to additional books in the series The story is written well and holds the readers interest Love the cover Graphics This is the story of Malik ad Din Qasim, a warrior in his homeland, the empire Anatolia He and his three brothers were captured and sold to slave traders Later, two of the brothers were sold together, and Malik was sold to Danes as they travelled to Dublin One brother was ransomed This causes me to question why one son would be ransomed and the other three left to the slave traders So, possibly there will be forthcoming about this in the next tale That is interesting Although Malik ad Din Qasim was trained all of his life to be a soldier, he is now a slave or Thrall in Iceland When it is discovered Malik has a gift for diplomacy and knowledge of different languages, he is purchased by Erik the Red Erik is a prominent past warrior, now a business man and land owner with two young sons Erik changes Malik s name to Tyrker and gives him the commission to train sons, Tosti and his brother Leif, in the art of fighting with weapons and in war There is an incident when Tyrker has to jump into a freezing lake in order the save Tosti and Leif from a drowning.Read of the surprising results when Tyrker falls in love with the widow Runa, the cook s assistant in the house of Erik The consequences of his relationship with a freed woman could bring his death, imprisonment, or a flogging So, what will the thrall warrior do when faced with the possibility of giving up the love of his life or losing his own life for his choice The premise of this well written short was promising it follows the fate of Tyrker, a slave training to be the guard of Viking Eirik the Red s son Leif The characters were interesting, the historical setting was fascinating, and the promise of further adventure with the famed Vikings was tempting Unfortunately, the story was marred with severe sexual content The plot consists of Tryker, a slave not allowed to marry, succumbing to his love for a woman and being caught sleeping with her While the incident is never described explicitly, enough detail is given before and after and enough vivid emotional references made that I can t recommend the story for anyone I wouldn t give up on the author or even the series, but I would need content details before reading another of her works. Tyker s Tale is a short about a slave named Tyrker who has been placed in charge of training his master s sons in sword combat He s on good terms with his master Eirik due to his performance and skill, but even with that it is forbidden for him to find love If he does, and has a child, then the child will be raised as another slave for his master a fate considered cruel for any parent to give their child Despite this, Tyrker falls in love with another slave You also briefly learn about Tyrker s past, and how he ended up being a slave for Eirik, and the job he now performs.This story was surprisingly good for a short and I even found myself interested in the fate of Tyrker The author delivers a necessary amount of background information without making the story become boring, drawn out, or distracting too much for the main point, and the prose is not overdone which is a habit I notice of many authors today I will say that Tyrker is probably the only character you ll really care about His lover, his master, and his master s sons are brought up multiple times but there s wasn t enough time or information centered upon them to pull me in That s not a bad thing though, after all this is Tyker s Tale not Eirik the Red s I look forward to reading from this author After being able to make such an impression with a basic short you can expect impressive novels or even epics to follow. Tyrker, A Slave Belonging To The Viking Chieftain Eirik The Red, Has Been Given The Task Of Educating Eirik S Young Sons, Leif And Tosti, In The Arts Of Weaponry Forbidden To Marry, He Longs To Have His Own Family Instead, He Must Learn To Live With Serving Another Man Until One Day Something Unexpected HappensFirst In Robin Ingle S World S Edge Series Of Short Stories, Tyrker S Tale Takes Place In Tenth Century Iceland, In The Years Prior To Eirik The Red S Settlement In Greenland

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