The Tainted Coin (Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon Chronicles #5)

The Tainted Coin (Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon Chronicles #5) It Is The Autumn Of Master Hugh Is Enjoying The Peaceful Life Of Bampton, When A Badly Beaten Man Is Found Under The Porch Of St Andrew S Chapel The Dying Man Is A Chapman A Traveling Merchant Before He Is Buried In The Chapel Grounds An Ancient, Corroded Coin Is Found In The Man S Mouth Master Hugh S Quest For The Chapman S Assailants, And His Search For The Origin Of The Coin, Makes Steady Progress But There Are Men Of Wealth And Power Who Wish To Halt His Search, And An Old Nemesis, Sir Simon Trillowe, Is In League With Them But Master Hugh, And His Assistant, The Groom Arthur, Are Determined To Uncover The Thieves And Murderers, And The Source Of The Chapman S Coin They Do, But Not Before They Become Involved With A Kidnapped Maiden, A Tyrannical Abbot, And A Suffering Monk Who Needs Master Hugh S Surgical Skills And In Return Provides Clues Which Assist Hugh In Solving The Mystery Of The Tainted Coin

Mel Starr was born and grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan After graduating with a MA in history from Western Michigan University in 1970, he taught history in Michigan public schools for thirty nine years, thirty five of those in Portage, MI, where he retired in 2003 as chairman of the social studies department of Portage Northern High School Mel and his wife, Susan, have two daughters and seven gra

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    I enjoy this historical mystery series, featuring Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon and Bailiff It s easy reading and provides a thorough view on those times past It s a bit bland here and there, not so smoothly written I find, but I guess that s also the plus of this series Style is no nonsense with much detail about the times after the great plague 3.5 for me Looking forward to the next one.

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    Quick comment that I do love these books I m constantly surprised that they don t seem to be well known I do have to say that this one was a bit disappointing A The mystery was solved well before the end AND it was Hugh s arch nemesis OF COURSE which I m a little over , b I lost count of the number of plots Hugh hatched that involved going back and forth and back and forth and skulking about in the dark, c the bad guys don t get nabbed which, I m sorry, is just unsatisfying espeically since I suspect that means that Sir Simon will pop up again, and see above , d I started to notice that there was WAAAAAY exposition than dialogue and character interaction I come from the old school of show, don t tell, and I just got tired of being told what was happening.Anyway, I ll keep reading them and hope that this book was an anomaly.

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    This was my first time reading a book by Melvin Starr so I was a little skeptical at first if the book would be all that I hoped it would be I love historical fiction and mysteries so when I come across a book the marries the two together I set the bar very high Luckily for me this one turned out to be exactly what I wanted The story focuses on Master Hugh de Singleton, who is a bailiff and surgeon in Bampton in the year 1367 and centers around a murder that takes place in his jurisdiction one autumn day when a man lays dead and he has to bring the culprits to justice He just has to find out who they are and why they killed the victim Melvin Starr created a likable hero in Master Hugh, one that I m not likely to forget I enjoyed his character immensely because he was neither too pretentious like some sleuths can be and he wasn t a pushover either He had a great sense of right and wrong and I loved how much Hugh loved his wife Kate and their baby girl Bessie He had a strong moral compass and I respected the fact that because of circumstances brought on by the murder case that he was willing to resign from his post as Bailiff in order to help a man who is unjustly punished and condemned to death I thought that the way that the story of The Tainted Coin was told in a wonderful way The author did an outstanding job with the writing I love the amount of detail that went into creating an authentic setting for the novel and I could tell the author has a great love for the time period because you can tell everything was constructed with the utmost care resulting in a fantastically realistic story in a time long ago past The drama, characters, plot, and the historical details and use of words and descriptions were wonderful once they were all pieced together and I m very glad I gave this novel a chance While this novel is the fifth novel in the Hugh de Singleton series I had no trouble following the story line and this can absolutely be read as a standalone The story kept me guessing and the author threw in enough twists and turns to keep me on my toes and keep me intrigued and I loved that while the novel had a fair amount of intrigue and action it still remained what I would consider a cozy mystery Overall, I was impressed with this novel and cannot wait to read the other books in the series All of the preceding novels have been added to my wish list and I highly recommend this book to everyone If you like historical mysteries this might just be the perfect read for you I received a free copy of this book for review purposes I was not compensated in anyway to give a positive review and all thoughts and opinions herein are my own.

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    Even though its just over six months since I read the previous book in the series,I still felt quickly at ease with the main characters of the series Now married with a young child, Hugh de Singleton lives in a fine house in Bampton with a good income partly through still being employed as Bailiff to Lord Gilbert Talbot, and also being a trained surgeon Life seems perfect for him and you just know that it isnt going to last.An incident occurs which , as Baliff, he is bound to investigate and in following the trail he puts everything else in jeopardy. The story itself is as good as the previous ones although I did feel that the end came a bit sooner than I had expected and wasnt quite what I had expected I suppose that this is a plus for the author He still made the feel for the period as strong as before but this one didnt appeal as much as previous onea Where I had enjoyed the detail of meals in previous books, here I found it too much and too often , although I will admit to being curious about the Leach Lambert which I looked up later.It may be just me and I certainly wont remove the rest of the series from my library shelf although I might leave it a little longer before the next.

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    Much though I love Master Hugh I have to admit this book left me a little frustrated and here be spoilersWe never did find out why John Thrale hid that single coin in his mouth, or where he found the treasure he had already processed, nor did we find out how Sir Simon and his grooms knew of him, nor did we see any possibility of justice And I would have liked to learn a little of what happened to Sir Phillip and his kidnapping of Lady Sybill.But I will, no doubt, come back to Master Hugh et al again soon and hope for satisfying conclusions again

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    Fifth book in this medieval series set in 1360 s England, Hugh de Singleton, bailiff and surgeon in Bampton Hugh is now married with an infant daughter, which is both a delight and also a burden, as their mere existence colors everything he does and affects each decision he makes He is enjoying his relatively quiet life when murder once again finds him, a chapman near dead when Hugh finds him, and only one sentence does he utter, They didn t get my coin This is puzzling to Hugh, until an ancient corroded coin is found in the chapman s mouth.When he begins investigating, he discovers that there was to the chapman than there seems to be at first, and that he d recently come into a goodly amount of money He also discovers that Sir Simon Trillowe, once his competition for his wife Kate s hand in marriage, is also somehow involved in the chapman s illegal business and death, and much investigation is needed by Hugh and his assistant to find the connections.This book ended very abruptly after all the detailed detective work, which is one reason I marked it down compared to previous entries in the series I just wasn t happy with the end The other is that, while I appreciate Starr s attention to historical detail, after five books I often find that detail to be very repetitive not only from book to book, but also within each individual book For example, how many loaves of maslin or wheaten bread is Hugh mentioned eating Most of the time when it s mentioned, it s not a situation where the type of bread matters so why not save the words for some new detail In a modern mystery, an author would be laughed out of town if he mentioned breaking his fast with white or wheat bread every day It just doesn t matter The prose, as always, is somewhat dry as well, and the author has an odd writing style that isn t as easy to read as some Still, it is a mostly enjoyable series and as a nurse, I do enjoy the details about Hugh s surgical work that are worked in to the story each time too.

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    I have read and own all of the Hugh de Singleton chronicles and I must say, this may be my favorite to date.The book took me about a week to read, not because it was boring or hard to get into, quite the opposite in fact No, I like to read only one chapter at a sitting so I can prolong and take pleasure in these books for as long as possible.It is obvious when reading these books that Mel Starr is extremely knowledgeable in medieval history and times It is equally fascinating to read of the different surgeries that Hugh must occasionally perform as well as the fare on the menu for the day s meals Even the details surrounding the plagues that have hit the towns and the way people lived during this time period truly come alive in these books Solving the mystery is only part of the enjoyment I find in these books, the journey it takes to get there is just as enlightening.My only possible critique of this book is that Hugh s wife, Kate, usually has of an active role in the deliberating and solving of the cases but this time she took the backseat and was of a background character I hope in book six of the series, An Uncertain Sleep, she takes up her place once as sidekick crime solver extraordinaire.Kregel Publications sent me the above book for review purposes It will allow me to keep the book I have no other connection to and have received no other compensation from Kregel.

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    Starr s book about Hugh de Singleton, surgeon and bailiff, have a unique voice The stories are told in first person by Hugh This style has grown in the series it felt awkward in places in the earlier books but now fits like a well worn shoe Hugh is an everyman than a skilled detective This everyman nature of Hugh combined with the well done use of the first person voice really sets these apart Many good historical mysteries including some I really like deal heavily in the politics of the time in which they are set Starr s novels are largely free of any political intrigue there are a few traces of some religious intrigue This also sets the series apart To really appreciate the books they should be read in order There are quite a few references to events in prior books, and one of the principal characters is from a prior work While there are explanations in this book, it is much satisfying to know the whole story However, any of the books in the series are a good read by themselves.

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    I ve been enjoying these murder mysteries that are set in medieval England in the 14th century They re a bit formulaic, but that doesn t bother me much I like the protagonist, surgeon and bailiff Hugh de Singleton, and his world is populated with very interesting people who show up from one tale to the next Hugh can never quite seem to vanquish the worst of the bad guys, who are very connected in this world where where you stand in rank dictates the justice and mercy or lack thereof available to you And Hugh keeps getting bashed, slashed, or trashed physically, but in this kind of book you know all s well that ends well I do like the detail on medieval life from the justice system to church life to village life to surgery to food quite educational Just finished the 5th novel and wondering when the 6th will be out

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    A stranger, beaten to death on lands overseen by Hugh de Singleton, turns out to have had much than the cheap stocks he sold from his cart In fact, he shouldn t have been able to afford such a cart His knowledge made him prey to a group of predators ironically known as gentlemen Hugh and his henchmen are forced to make a number of dangerous rescues before they make the right one, and then it begins to look as though they were all for nothing.THE TAINTED COIN was good in general, but one operation was set up with such a stupid mistake that no one involved could have made it It seemed as if the author had been instructed to pad the length of the book A couple of the rescues could have been given relevance, which would have lengthened the book in a natural way.

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