The House That George Built

The House That George Built THE HOUSE THAT GEORGE BUILT Takes Readers Through The Process Of How The President S House Came To Be Starting With The Contest George Held To Choose The Perfect Design For This Legendary Landmark, All The Way To President John Adams S Move Into The Grandiose Home Cleverly Written In The Familiar Format Of The House That Jack Built, Author Suzanne Slade Supplements Her Rhyming Verse With Lively Conversational Prose, Describing How George Was Involved In This Project From Beginning To End, From Selecting The Location To Figuring Out How To Get The Thousands Of Heavy Bricks To The Construction Site Rebecca Bond S Watercolor Illustrations Help Readers Follow The Steps To What Became The White House As We Know It Today

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[Ebook] ➬ The House That George Built  ➫ Suzanne Slade –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The House That George Built
  • Suzanne Slade
  • English
  • 08 April 2018
  • 9781580892629

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    1 Book summary, in your own words 3 pts This books refers to the white house in Washington President George Washington started it all This story tells how it came to be.2 Grade level, interest level, lexile 1 pt 3rd grade3 Appropriate classroom use subject area 1 pt classroom library social studies4 Individual students who might benefit from reading 1 pt students interested in how the white house came to be5 Small group use literature circles 1 pt none6 Whole class use read aloud 1 pt read aloud7 Related books in genre subject or content area 1 pt none8 Multimedia connections audio book, movie available 1 pt none

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    I love the fact that this book can be read two ways For the younger kids, you can read the stanzas with enlarged wording of This is the House that George Built And for the older kids, you can read the additional paragraphs that contain facts about the building of The White House Clever idea and nice illustrations Ages 4 8 Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar.

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    What a fun twist on an old nursery rhyme with a little insight on what it took to build the President s House

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    I liked this one, especially the art, but wasn t as big a fan as others of the juxtaposition of facts and rhyme.

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    .com The House That George Built takes readers through the process of how the president s house It was officially named The White House in 1901 by President Theodore Roosevelt came to be starting with the contest George held to choose the perfect design for this legendary landmark, all the way to President John Adams s move into the grandiose home with a leaky roof Cleverly written in the familiar format of The House That Jack Built, author Suzanne Slade supplements her rhyming verse with lively conversational prose, describing how George was involved in this project from beginning to end, from selecting the location to figuring out how to get the thousands of heavy bricks to the construction site Rebecca Bond s watercolor illustrations help readers follow the steps to what became the White House as we know it today.Loved this book It can be used in so many ways as a picuture book for younger kids, an informational history book for older kids, a unit on building design, and also as a writing prompt for an assignment in writing in verse.Back end material includes The Changing Presidents House, Sources, Resources to Learn More, and a fascinating author s note with additional information on the design and building of The White House I learned many things that I did not know before The detailed watercolor illustrations are wonderful Washington and other historical characters are recognizable, and the details in the illustrations enhance the text.This is a wonderful nonfiction picture book that can be enjoyed on many levels The recommended age group for this book is 6 9 and I would agree with that.

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    This was my audio book for the week One cool feature of this text was that it included a foreword before the actual story I think this is a great component because it gives the story context if the reader or listener does not have the historical background of who George Washington was and why he d be building the White House in the first place It was great hearing this story aloud as a digital text with the illustrations and I think many young students would benefit from this version I think this text is suited best for first grade aged students who are just learning about the government It s a fun story and I think it would neat for first graders to sequence the events of the story starting with George having to find the land, then the contest for the design of the house etc It would also be interesting to have the students discuss how the White House would be different if they picked a different design, and not James Hoban s design Finally, the students could design what they think the White House should look like It could be a fun, creative, wrap up project to this lesson I think first grade students would really enjoy this project and this text as a whole It is a great nonfiction text with many links to teaching social studies.

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    Variant of This is the House that Jack Built but unfortunately, youngsters aren t hearing these traditional tales much these days When my 5th graders hear this, few recognize the rhythm, but we enjoy reading it aloud anyway, and find out little known details about this American landmark Do YOU know why it is white

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    Great details The dual text is a little unclear for readers to follow The cumulative prose would be good to use with younger readers.

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    Nice review of history Enjoyed the detail Enjoyed the rhyme and rhythm.

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    Story of the building of the White House.

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