Nothing's Sacred

Nothing's SacredComedian Lewis Black Unleashes His Trademark Subversive Wit While Recounting His Own Life Story In His New York Times Bestselling MemoirYou Ve Seen Him On The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Offering Up His Trademark Angry Observational Humor On Everything From Politics To Pop Culture You Ve Seen His Energetic Stand Up Performances On HBO, Comedy Central, And In Venues Across The Globe Now, For The First Time, Lewis Black Translates His Volcanic Eruptions Into Book Form In Nothing S Sacred, A Collection Of Rants Against Stupidity And Authority, Which Oftentimes Go Hand In Hand With Subversive Wit And Intellectual Honesty, Lewis Examines The Events Of His Life That Shaped His Antiauthoritarian Point Of View And Developed His Comedic Perspective Growing Up In S Suburbia When Father Knew Best And There Was A Sitcom To Prove It, He Began To Regard Authority With A Jaundiced Eye At An Early Age And As That Sentiment Grew Stronger With Each Passing Year, So Did His Ability To Hone In On The Absurd True To Form, He Puts Common Sense Above Ideology And Distills Hilarious, Biting Commentary On All Things Politically And Culturally Relevant No One Is Safe From Lewis Black S Comic Missiles New York Times You Have Been Warned I d listen to Lewis Black read the phone book His rants are legendary and in fine form here What I didn t expect, and was pleasantly surprised to find, was a sweet, almost sugary, heart at the center of his cynicism Nothing is sacred indeed. I ve had this sitting around for a few years, as it was a present from my daughter I think I finally got around to reading it Consider it a book equivalent of a summer popcorn movie entertaining at best, but not very substantial.And that s a shame I think he s the best stand up comic currently practicing, or at least in the top five There s a lot to be said for his delivery Anyone familiar with his act over the past five years or so will doubtlessly recognize several routines contained in this book.My biggest frustration here is that there is a really good book here potentially This is largely about his formative years, from his youthful days in suburbia through college and a bit beyond Far too often, he wrote a short passage about a particular time in his life, it lasts a page or two, and it s over It s simply lacking in richer details.Now maybe a full out autobiography would have been too egomaniacal even for Mr Black, but this could have been a much satisfying presentation of his life and his viewpoint I will admit, I got a good laugh every few pages at least, so this book is not without its merits I d say, check it out from the library, take it on vacation, you could do worse. Amazingly thought provoking and amusing while also bitter sweet at times, this book was a strange choice as I don t usually look into the biographical section, but I ve found Lewis Black s comedy to be to my taste, so I figured why not Well, the book is insightful It encourages you to look at the things we take for granted from a less than ordinary standpoint, with Lewis s less than ordinary sense of humour added to the mix For fans, this is an absolute must, and for people who want something strange and new, I recommend it.The downside of it being so uniquely Lewis Black is that it loses his cadence and inflection, which might confuse people who are unaccustomed to his humour This is definitely a book that works better read aloud, preferably by the author, especially if you re new to Lewis Black Fortunately, audible do sell it as such, and I d definitely recommend it for anyone s commute who want s to expand their minds a little It is a book that lives on my iPod, and one I constantly go back to listen read again and again. I love Lewis Black He s one of my favorite comedians This book is hilarious. I had the pleasure of seeing Lewis Black live and the privilege of meeting him after the show and he is one of the smartest, wittiest, sharpest comics around I love his no holds barred attitude and his candor. A very funny, insightful audiobook perfect for a road trip. I never realized he was such a well read nerd in addition to the anger. Lewis Black is one of my favorite comics, although I worry about his blood pressure If you like his comedy, then this is probably worth a read. So, this is a lesson for me check my goodreads bookshelf before picking up a book to read Apparently, I read Lewis Black s Nothing s Sacred ten years ago Bad news for him I completely forget everything about it so when I came across a copy on my bookshelf, I thought, ah, I need something quick to read so I ll read this I m irritated I spent time re reading this dumb book Lewis, I like your stand up comedy, but this book is mediocre.I ve read a number of books by comedians now and aside from Sarah Silverman s The Bedwetter Stories of Redemption, Courage and Pee, none of them were very funny or well written Their humor is in their delivery and relevance to current events and they do not translate into print I have yet to read any George Carlin, so maybe he will be an exception to this rule So far, however, comedians can t write humor Sarah excepted Lewis Black s memoir ish book is not any worse than Tina Fey s or Samantha Bee s books it s as mediocre and mostly humorless as those were What kills me about comedians who write memoirs or books that are memoir like is the colorless, emotionless personal stories they tell Lewis discusses his family and it s clear that he loved them, but he s not a good enough writer to convey any significant emotion It s like reading a facts only profile in a newspaper While Lewis gives a loose account of his younger years and start in stand up comedy, he intersperses it with not funny rants about the government, politics, cellphones and the popularity of Starbucks These rants are disappointing because they seem to be full of fake rage and the some of the text is almost word for word from his comedy routines I think the routines came first It s clear Lewis didn t have as much to say as his publishers hoped he would as he does admit to this at the beginning of the book so he padded the book with chapters of recycled comedy routines Which, again, aren t funny When I heard them, I laughed my ass off Reading them, not so much It s odd that so far, almost every comedian except Sarah Silverman whose books I ve read is mediocre and only vaguely amusing I guess they should stick to their comedy routines and leave writing to the professionals My review from reading it in November 2006 Part memoir, part his comedy routines I do love Lewis, but a lot of his humor is in the delivery, not so much the lines The humor doesn t translate as well into print I miss his trademark yelling and gesturing.

Lewis Niles Black is an American stand up comedian, author, playwright and actor He is known for his comedy style which often includes simulating a mental breakdown or an increasingly angry rant, ridiculing history, politics, religion, trends and cultural phenomena He hosted Comedy Central s The Root of All Evil and makes regular appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart delivering his Bac

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