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Michel Foucault At The Time Of His Death In , At The Age Of , Michel Foucault Was Widely Regarded As One Of The Most Powerful Minds Of The Th Century Hailed By Distinguished Historians And Lionized On His Frequent Visits To America, He Continues To Provoke Lively Debate The Nature And Merits Of His Accomplishments Remain Tangled In Controversy Rejecting Traditional Liberal And Marxist Dreams Of Solidarity , Foucault Became The Very Model Of The Modern Intellectual, Replacing Sartre As The Figure Of The Eminent Parisian And Cosmopolitan Master Thinker Foucault Himself Discouraged Biographical Questions, Claiming That He Was Not At All Interesting Didier Eribon S Account Contests That Assertion Well Acquainted With Foucault Before His Death, Eribon Has Drawn From The Eyewitness Accounts Of Foucault S Closest Friends And Associates From All Phases Of His Life His Mother, His Schoolteachers, His Classmates, His Friends And Enemies In Academic Life, And His Celebrated Companions In Political Activism, Including Jean Genet, Simone Signoret, And Yves Montand Eribon Has Methodically Retraced The Footsteps Of His Peripatetic Subject, From France To Sweden To Poland To Germany To Tunisia To Brazil To Japan To The United States Who Was This Man, Michel Foucault In The Late S Foucault Emerged As A Budding Young Cultural Attache, Friendly With Gaullist Diplomats By The Mid S He Appeared As One Of The Avatars Of Structuralism, Positioning Himself As A New Star In The Fashionable World Of French Thought A Few Months After The May Student Revolt, With Gaullism Apparently Shaken, He Emerged As An Ultra Leftist And A Fellow Traveler Of Maoists Yet During This Same Period, Eribon Shows, He Was Quietly And Adroitly Campaigning For A Chair In The College De France The Very Pinnacle Of The Conservative French Academic System This Book Follows The Career Of One Extraordinary Intellectual And Reconstructs The Cultural, Political And Intellectual Life Of France From The Postwar Years To The Present It Is The Story Of A Man And His Time

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Michel Foucault book, this is one of the most wanted Didier Eribon author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 390 pages
  • Michel Foucault
  • Didier Eribon
  • English
  • 23 March 2017
  • 9780674572867

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    Excellent biography of a key figure in late 20th century thought Already during his lifetime, Foucault was a controversial personality, because of his way of life and his way of thinking His sexual orientation has largely subsided as a source of contention, but his intellectual legacy remains as contested as ever Today, many do not hesitate to write the emergence of so called post truth society squarely on Foucault s account But readers of this study understand that his thinking is infinitely complex and nuanced than these generalizations may lead us to believe This biography was the first to appear after Foucault s death and it provides what feels like a balanced and sympathetic view on this protean intellect Eribon relies on a conventional chronological narrative to trace Foucault s development up to the student revolts of 1968 in which Foucault did not take part as he was residing in Tunis at that time After this caesura, Foucault assumes a much political stance and Eribon pursues the story around loose thematic lines Overall the author is fairly reticent about Foucault s homosexuality It s just one theme amongst many others Later, in this biography s companion volume Michel Foucault et ses contemporains Eribon digs much deeper in this subject particularly in response to what he sees as gross misrepresentations in James Miller s The Passion of Michel Foucault More interesting is the opportunity offered by this biography to retrace Foucault s intellectual development, the ceaselessly morphing scope of his philosophical project and the reception of his books and ideas by his contemporaries Newcomers could do worse than to read this book as a gentle way into his thinking Fascinating is also the broader political, intellectual and social context that shaped Foucault as a man and thinker His project emerges from the titanic struggle between the philosophers of the subject the existentialists and post marxists and the structuralists The friendships with Georges Dum zil, Georges Canguilhem, Louis Althusser, Gilles Deleuze and other key figures are expertly woven into the biographic fabric It is quite clear that the academic and political establishment in post WWII France was very much an old boys network of Normaliens Sadly, women are relegated to cameo roles in this whole story All in all a very rewarding read.

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    The less salacious of the two Foucault bios I devoured some 20 years ago being the other I had went to tour a facility in Ohio for work Every turn provided some down time and another spin into this fascinating figure Looking back, I think I invented excuses and dodged some duties I suppose I thought I was combatting hegemony by my being distracted.This approach situated MF into certain traditions as well as movements Miller sought to configure Foucault s sexual practices as being evidence of his theoretical bend.

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    This is an absolutely compelling book It does not sensationalize or manipulate as other biographies on Foucault have the life story of a fascinating, brilliant, and radically engaged intellectual.

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    More an extended review of Foucault s works than a true biography The biographical details are very centred on Foucault s career and have little to offer about his personal life But fascinating nonetheless.

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    Ayer finalic una gran lectura de verano La biograf a que en 1989 le dedic a Michel Foucault el escritor Didier Eribon Me tuvo atrapado durante los d as que le dediqu intentado conocer y entender esa prodigiosa mente generadora de tantas ideas y perspectivas dentro de la modernidad En este libro de poco m s de 400 p ginas se repasan sus estudios de la historia de la locura, de la cl nica m dica, de la prisi n y de la sexualidad Y el c mo estos estudios cambiaron para siempre la forma en que se hace filosof a luego de l Eribon entrevist a decenas de personas que conocieron al fil sofo e investig una gran cantidad de libros, archivos, art culos y grabaciones para darnos una idea de lo que fue la vida de este gran pensador Quien luch incesantemente durante d cadas escribiendo, militando y participando de un sin n mero de manifestaciones y actos p blicos por todo el mundo Siempre saliendo en defensa de los d biles y discriminados Las ideas que se repasan en la obra sobre los conceptos de normal y anormal, del poder y el conocimiento, del episteme, fueron interesant simas, al menos en mi opini n Su forma de estudiar la historia como a contrapelo me record a Walter Benjamin Y es que estos dos grandes fil sofos tuvieron mucho en com n Ambos avanzaron siempre por fuera de los caminos y fronteras demarcados por la filosof a anal tica y ortodoxa Siempre en busca de la verdad por medio de la investigaci n de la historia de los vencidos y olvidados en el caso de Benjamin y de los marginados y excluidos en el caso de Foucault Creo que termin gastando un marcador amarillo fosforescente por completo Luego de encontrar tantos pasajes y frases imperdibles Por lo que recomiendo efusivamente este gran libro Aunque deb comprarlo de usado porque lamentablemente este libro no se edita en espa ol desde el a o 1992 Una l stima y una muestra del lamentable negocio editorial que gu a a la mayor a de las grandes editoriales Espero que alguna peque a editorial con alma y coraz n logre volver a ponerlo en los estantes de las librer as Ser a una pena que nosotros y nuestros hijos se pierdan tanto esta como otras obras excepcionales que est n fuera de circulaci n Historias como la de Foucault nunca deben ser olvidadas.

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    There are, as far as I know, three Foucault biographies available in English I have read all of them Eribon s was the first to appear I believe but if memory serves, the least interesting The Passions of Michel Foucault is the most gossipy and it still doesn t really give up that much dirt and The Lives of Michel Foucault does a better job of giving you a sense of Foucalt s place in theory philosophy whatever Eribon knew Foucault, and apparently well, but that doesn t come across in the book at all, what we get instead is a decent, but not the best biography of a man who is still one of my intellectual heroes.

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    I read this book years ago It provides readable and helpful biographical context for Foucault s work It does not provide much analysis of his ideas I have been reading it in preparation for a presentation on Foucault It has always seemed to me that Foucault s ideas were closely related to his personal concerns, especially about being Gay in France of the 1950s, this rereading helps me see the value and limitations of that ad hominem interpretation.

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    I bought this at a used bookstore a few months ago, and I started reading it a few days ago Foucault s work is the theoretical linchpin for my work, so I was wondering what made him, well, him The book is a bit dry, and seems totally focused on his intellectual development Which is important, but I would have loved some personal stuff Foucault was a bit nuts and was a big mo, so it would be nice to have that stuff, too.

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    Very good on Foucault s life history and the odd things that happened to him Foucault was a real survivor Great to meet a philosopher who is unconventional in his sexual life and a great adaptor to everything that ran against him A highly original and influential thinker Foucault was a wild card Great guy

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    um, it s Foucault

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