The Diamond Key

The Diamond Key The Key To His HeartOn The Evening Of Her Come Out Ball, Lady Victoria Keyes Received From Her Father A Gold Key With Diamonds And The Admonition To Find The Heart The Gift Unlocked But After Three Seasons She Is Still Unwed Then A Trip To A London Modiste Ends With Torrie Trapped In A Deadly Blaze, And She Vows That If She Lives She Ll Marry The Next Man Who Asks, Be He A Fop, A Tool, Or A Fortune HunterExiled From Society, Wynn, Viscount Ingall, Has Braved Barren Wildernesses And Sailed The Seven Seas Yet He Faces Trepidation Such As He Has Never Known After Lie Saves A Damsel In Distress From A Burning Building And She Insists On Becoming His Bride Even Though Wynn Believes He S The Worst Man Torrie Could Ever Love, He Soon Finds That Once The Flame Sparks There S No Putting Out The Fire

Barbara Metzger is the author of over three dozen books and a dozen novellas She has also been an editor, a proof reader, a greeting card verse writer, and an artist When not painting, writing romances or reading them, she volunteers at the local library, gardens and goes beach combing and yard saling Her novels, mostly set in Regency era England, have won numerous awards, including the Romance

[PDF] ❤ The Diamond Key  By Barbara Metzger –
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • The Diamond Key
  • Barbara Metzger
  • English
  • 14 December 2018
  • 9780451208361

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    Lady Victoria Keyes is known as the Diamond of the ton She s been out for three seasons and hasn t found a husband, despite her great beauty and wealth Torrie s parents want her to marry for true and abiding love, just as they did, and Torrie wears a diamond key necklace around her neck as the key to her heart She will not unlock her heart for just anyone Then, she s caught in a terrible fire at the dressmakers and she makes a vow to marry the first man Papa brings home from White s nay she vows to marry her rescuer, so she knows he s an honorable man Wynn, Viscount Ingall, and his dog Homer are the ones to rescue Torrie from the burning building Torrie sets her sights firmly on Wynn He has other ideas Recently returned to England after 6 years in exile, he has amassed a fortune to rival Golden Ball and everyone wants a piece of him He already has several plaguey females hanging on his sleeve one former sister in law, living off his fortune with a poor relation cousin to marry off one former mistress who is breeding and wants to give another man s child Wynn s name and one old friend, in need of money and a husband Wynn does not want anything to do with Torrie, but when her father promises to introduce Wynn back into Society where he can do a lot of good with his money, Wynn can t refuse First he needs to find a valet who can make him presentable, and who isn t averse to dogs or foreigners Then he begins to suspect that the fire was no accident and Torrie is in danger He can t let the silly chit get herself into trouble, but why he should care is beyond him He s not the marrying kind This is a cute story, typical of Metzger s early works Though it was written in the last decade, it s classified as a sweet or clean Regency The passionate kisses are off page There s the usual talk of mistresses and duels and several characters are breeding, but the story is sweet I felt like clapping at the very end I only rated the book 4 stars because the story moves a bit slowly At certain points I was left wondering now what It fails to reach the screwball level as some of her others do High sticklers beware that there s several improbable inaccuracies in the story but it s fun so go with the flow The villain is a little obvious and a lot bumbling The mystery kind of gets lost halfway through but picks up again towards the end It s not a breathtaking, can t put it down sort of mystery Torrie is a bit naive and silly for me At first I didn t like her but she grew on me She s feisty and stubborn and despite her ridiculous vow, she knows what she wants I just don t see her as mature enough to be getting married yet Wynn is also difficult to like at first I wondered why he was such a misogynist and what made him that way Once I got to know him, I saw that he s a sensitive, caring, noble man He s a little too noble for me I m not so fond of the heroes who have to fix everyone s problems and fall on their swords to save the world Wynn isn t quite that noble as it turns out, and he grew on me I loved his relationships with everyone around him, including Homer They show what kind of man he really is I especially liked how Homer, the ragged terrier, played a large role in the story I bumped the book from 3 3 4 stars to 4 because of Homer I also loved Torrie s Papa and how he and Mama are so deeply in love They truly care about their daughter and wish her to be happy It makes a nice change from the awful, pushing parents who want to marry the girl to the highest bidder The other secondary characters are a bit annoying I liked Beroggi because he adds a lot of comic relief The series of valets were a riot Georgette Heyer fans and fans of Metzger s other books should enjoy this one It s the perfect fluffy, fun read that will make you smile.

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    Average overall Less funny than her other work Sort of a worn out version of the same recycled plot without the level of humour required to distract from this Nothing much to offend either so it s very readable Also, was Metzger pregnant when she wrote this, because honest to goodness every second character was.

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    I ended up really enjoying this one I was a little surprised that most of the story takes place from Wynn s perspective, luckily I liked him and it was fun to see the awkward situations he would find himself in He is a very likable character, I loved that he was so eager to help those around him I also liked that he ended up having good morals Lady Torrie was also very likable I wouldn t have minded a bit interaction between the two While the story does contain a lot of slang from that time period, I didn t find it too distracting It reminded me of a Heyer novel in that respect I loved that it was lighthearted and fun And of course I fell for little Homer Great read, I look forward to reading by this author Content Clean romance, PG Contains some swearing mostly the D word , and a little innuendo, mostly Wynn enjoying Torrie s shape.

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    I loved this book It was well written, had a great story with likeable characters The heroine s vow to marry the man who would save her from the burning building created and instantly likeable character It also promised the reader that there would be lots of fun twists in this story, and the author lives up to that I highly recommend this book and can t wait to read others by this author.

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    Lady Victoria Keyes is beautiful, well mannered, and an heiress She s been beset by suitors since her come out, but has yet to meet someone she actually wants to marry When a fire breaks out at her dressmaker s, she swears to marry whoever rescues herand it s a rich titled hottie named Ingram But between his disreputable dog, even disreputable manservant, a scandalous duel in his past, and a long list of ladies he feels the need to help, Torrie and Ingram might never be able to get together.As is usual to Regency romances, all the plot the kidnappings, the arson, the murder, etc wraps up a bit too conveniently But the writing is just fine, I bought the characters affection for each other, and there s a nice dose of humor to this.

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    3,5 because the last 30 40 pages were not up to the rest of the book.

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    Delightful With many romances and a plethora of happy endings, this story is fun to read.

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    A fast read that is genre true with likeable characters and some funny bits.For my full review

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    3.25 stars heavy pg13 mild r lite see below Fun book Some funny, sharp lines throughout, as well as some over the top stuff and a silly ending typical for Metzger Barrogi, the Hero s rough, somewhat seedy, Italian, man of all jobs is absolutely hysterical The field hospital at Mrs Reese s ball is a complete hoot This would be considered a typical clean secular traditional regency, but I would call it a tarnished clean Possible use of innuendo, mild cursing or crudeness, God s name in vain, mild violence Reference to mistresses whores , very vague reference to homosexuality And in my opinion lines like this just aren t necessary soft creamy mounds rose above the lace trim, like twin pillows a man could dream on, could climb, like white capped waves My rating would be higher, if it were a bit clean.

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    A lot of adventure with several couples finding a happy ending before the last pages.The male main character was great, a bit of a tough guy with soft heart Despite all the unkindness done to him in the past he was generous and thoughtful in helping others.The female main character was fun and her scenes situations were very entertaining When the footman at the ball crosses himself well, that was great storytelling.Just a delightful romp full of character detail and the kind of high drama that these period pieces thrive on Everything was just slightly overblown until it just fit together into a fun read.Violence, no sex but some innuendo, some swearing,

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