Dutch Shea, Jr.

Dutch Shea, Jr.Hell, yes, Marty Cagney said So he s only thirteen, the kid, but what the hell, it s a good age to learn there s people who ll go through your pockets, you give them half a chance It s a good day, you learn something like that And, anyway, he s such a hotshot, he shouldn t leave his coat on the floor, and the pants I pick them up, then I got the right to go through them And what do I find in the pocket but a list Very neat One, two, three, four The nuns teach him that at St Gerald s They know all the disco steps, the nuns these days, but they still teach neatness One, get a haircut That s the first thing on the list Two, get bike fixed So far, so good Three, Granddad s birthday present I figure the kid s not so bad, he s got it down on his list to get me a present Four, jerk off In his own handwriting Let me ask you, Dutch, you think he thought he was going to forget I was a kid, it wasn t the sort of thing slipped my mind I didn t have to put it on a list either The nuns those days, they saw your list, four, jerk off, they d send you down to Father Kavanagh in the principal s office, and he d look at number four on your list and he d break your spleen It s a new world, Dutch You know what I did I wrote five, go to confession, and stuck it back in his pocket, the list. A rather ridiculous tale about a downtrodden defense attorney I would never have come across this book if it weren t cited for a rather intriguing paragraph in Barbara Babcock s seminal article on public defense, Defending the Guilty. Not sure how much I liked this It made me laugh on occasion, but cringe a lot I presume the almost never ending racist comments by a lot of the male characters who are mostly lawyers, judges or cops is an indication of how Dunne viewed the legal profession at the time, although there is no comeback, and most of the black characters are defendants in court cases All a bit uncomfortable really, or maybe I just didn t get it It was a clever plot however, a seedy pimp lawyer taking centre stage with a complex set of circumstances that are drawn together to provide a good ending. I can t claim that this is a great novel, so I m a little at a loss to describe the irrational pleasure it gives me, unless to ascribe it to the pleasure Dunne takes glorying in the seedy details of the mise en sc ne that he draws for his alter ego, the pimp lawyer Dutch Shea, Jr. Dunne S Bravura Plotting Asserts An Exhilarating Mastery The New York Times Book Review In John Gregory Dunne S Celebrated Third Novel, Los Angeles Based Criminal Defense Attorney Dutch Shea, Jr Struggles To Keep From Falling Apart After An Act Of Terrorist Violence Strikes His Family, The Loss Pushing Him Towards A Confrontation With His Past And Into A Mystery Involving The Death Of His Father, A Felon Who Died In Prison Set In LA And Dunne S Hometown Of Hartford, Connecticut, The Novel Follows Shea Into A Labyrinth Of Deception, Corruption, And Criminal Malice Fighting To Keep A Host Of Disturbing Memories Tamped Down, Shea Plunges Into His Legal Work, One Embedding Him In A World Of Scammers And Burglars, Pimps And Prostitutes, Corrupt Cops And Shady Private Eyes With Unrivaled Detail And Pitch Black Humor, Dunne Takes Us Into Police Precincts And Criminal Courtrooms, Judge S Chambers And City Morgues The Novel S Deft Noir Touches Will Remind Readers Of Raymond Chandler And Dashiell Hammett, While Dunne S Command Of Legal Dynamics And Police Procedures Anticipates Fiction By Scott Turow, John Grisham And Michael Connelly Introducing A Sweeping Cast Of Two Dozen Vivid Characters, Including Shea S Sometime Girlfriend, A Judge Who Packs A Pistol Under Her Robe, Dutch Shea, Jr Is A Gripping, Bleakly Funny Exploration Of A Fallen World Through Which Its Past Haunted Hero Weaves, Beset From Within And Without, For A Series Of Fraught Days Not sure if it was my dislike for this type of lawyer or the fact that it was a bore for me was the reason for not liking it I kept putting it down saying I would not go back to it but I did go back to it over a months time I should have left it unread. Um, wowie holy zowie I am surprised by how much I enjoyed this It was crazy intricate and bloody rare and not at all what I usually enjoy I ll have to read this several times over to pick up the little things I m sure I missed. InterestingI was told to read this book by a lawyerThe fixation of the lawyer with this book kind of baffles meIt is a great read..not earthshaking. Yet artistry Why does no one appreciate this man s talents The protagonist is cauterized by alcohol, death and love. I read this book for literature class in college early 80s and couldn t find one redeeming thing about it.

John Gregory Dunne was an American novelist, screenwriter and literary critic.He was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and was a younger brother of author Dominick Dunne He suffered from a severe stutter and took up writing to express himself Eventually he learned to speak normally by observing others He graduated from Princeton University in 1954 and worked as a journalist for Time magazine He m

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  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Dutch Shea, Jr.
  • John Gregory Dunne
  • English
  • 06 July 2019
  • 9780671412920

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