True Confessions: A Novel

True Confessions: A NovelTrue Confessions made me wanna get my hands dirty in the bowels of a city Since I wasn t about to sign up for the police academy, I did the next best thing I started searching for an apartment in the nitty grittiest spot I could think of in downtown Portland Voodoo Donuts. Ubistvo Elizabet ort, poznatije kao Crna Dalija, vi e puta je obra ivano u knji evnosti, na filmu i TV u Verovatno je ipak najpoznatije po romanu D ejmsa Elroja i nesre noj adaptaciji Brajana De Palme Iako nikada nisam bio toliki ljubitelj ove knjige, koliko Elrojevog poznijeg opusa, on mi je skrenuo pa nju na ovaj roman supruga slavne D oan Didion.D on Gregori svoju knjigu bazira na ubistvu Elizabet ort, ali se tu svaka sli nost zavr ava Prona ena devojka je pretesterisana na sli an na in i vodila je poro ni i slobodni ivot nalik ortovoj, no ak je i njeno ime promenjeno u Lois Fazenda.Roman naizmeni no prati dva brata, policijskog inspektora Toma Spellacyja i njegovog brata Desmonda, monsinjora katoli ke crkve.Iako su Istinske ispovesti roman o istrazi zlo ina, bilo bi ta nije re i da je to roman o korupciji raznih vrsta Pored one o ekivane, u policiji, kojom se i Elroj dobrano pozabavio, Dan je temeljno obradio i onu od koje se zazire, u katoli koj crkvi itaju i Ispovesti, uvi amo da gotovo nema razlike izme u toga kako protekcije i razna kupovanja funkcioni u me u svetinom, klerom ili policajcima Dijalozi visokih crkvenih zvani nika mnogo vi e podse aju na politi ka trgovanja i cenkanja negoli na razgovore velikih vernika italac e, izme u ostalog, saznati i za to sve tenici vi e pate od hemoroida nego ostali ljudi sedenje na tvrdoj klupi tokom slu anja ispovesti i zadr avanje gasova su glavni krivci.Dan na virtouzan na in koristi mnoge trope krimi romana Tom Spellacy je bio u vezi s vlasnicom bordela i seksualnoj i poslovnoj , a trenutno spava sa enom iji je ivot spasao na du nosti, a politika i birokratija se beskrajno me aju u re avanje zlo ina ali njemu polazi za rukom da sve pomenuto ne bude kli e, ve ne to to se zaista de ava ljudima od krvi i mesa.Najve a vrlina ovog autora su izuzetni dijalozi Malo je pisaca u stanju da pi e ovako auditivne dijaloge koji naprosto odzvanjaju u u ima, dok likovi zapravo govore onako kako niko ne pri a u stvarnom ivotu Bez obzira na to da li je u pitanju razgovor policajaca u vezi sa istragom ili njihovo usputno askanje, sti e se utisak apsolutne autenti nosti Tako e, re je glavnotokovskom romanu, krcatom epizodama i detaljima iz ivot protagonista, ali se istovremeno narativna nit nigde ne prekida i pri a ne trpi.Ispovesti je 1981 ekranizovao Ulu Grosbard, sa Robertom Denirom i Robertom Duvalom u glavnim ulogama, ali se ini da bi ovakav predlo ak zadovoljila tek mini serija od desetak epizoda. In S Los Angeles, An Unidentified Murder Victim Is Found Bisected In A Shadowy Lot A Catchy Nickname Is Given Her In Jest The Virgin Tramp And Suddenly A Nice Little Homicide That Would Have Drifted Off The Front Pages In A Couple Of Days Becomes A Storm Center Two Brothers, Tom And Des Spellacy, Are At The Heart Of This Powerful Novel Of Irish Catholic Life In Southern California Just After World War II Played In The Film Version By Robert Duvall And Robert De Niro Respectively, Tom Is A Homicide Detective And Des Is A Priest On The Rise Within The Church The Murder Investigation Provides The Background Against Which Are Played The Ever Changing Loyalties Of The Two Brothers Theirs Is A World Of Favors And Fixes, Power And Promises, Inhabited By Priests And Pimps, Cops And Contractors, Boxers And Jockeys And Lesbian Fight Promoters And Lawyers Who Know How To Put The Fix In A Fast Paced And Often Hilarious Classic Of Contemporary Fiction, True Confessions Is About A Crime That Has No Solutions, Only Victims More Important, It Is About The Complex Relationship Between Tom And Des Spellacy, Each Tainted With The Guilt And Hostility That Separate Brothers By far the best L.A murder mystery I have ever read Every word was a treat. I just finished True Confessions the book a friend of mine a retired economics professor made me read Four and a half hours on public transportation yesterday got me through the last half of the book I finished off the final few pages this morning And I m relieved that I m done True Confessions is a meandering mess of existential navel gazing Maybe if I was a Catholic, I d care about the heavy handed themes of guilt and sin and adultery, but the author s style makes it all half baked claptrap The story about the Black Dahlia esque murder that is supposedly the core of the novel isn t even a quarter of the book It s a loss leader A trick to get you to read a festival of circuitous, seemingly endless ruminations by characters it s nearly impossible to care for or about And so on.True Confessions is so slow and meandering it makes chilled maple syrup seem speedy by comparison And the author has all of his characters ruminate at great length about all manner of thingsmainly corruption of one sort or another or some form of moral turpitude To the author, it seems the need to ruminate is key to the experience of all thinking beings And he captures that And he RE captures that And he re recaptures that For example, he ll start a scene, then he ll stop in the middle for a seven page flashback Then he goes back to the original scene and continues blithely on, expecting that we can follow his disjointed narrative in lock step with the vagaries of his logical processes And he seems to pull some weird trick like that in every single chapter sometimes than once The faux Black Dahlia murder investigation is only the thinnest excuse for these characters to tread on each other s toes again and again in their pursuit of the Great American Rumination.Unless you have some vested interest in this hollow tome or you lose a bet keep this novel OFF of your reading list. An overlooked genius John Gregory Dunne s characterization of Hollywood in the 1940 s presages James Ellroy s without the hyperbole. A cross between a novel, a police procedural and a mystery Set in LA in 1946 This is the crudest book I have ever read filled with profanity, racism and sexual terminology Very irish and very Catholic to the point where I did not understand some of the religious references Still, a very compelling story about good and evil. Definitely a classic of the hard boiled variety, based on the famous Black Dahlia murder in 1940s LA The language is harsh and violent and the characters aren t very likable but the comparison of the scandal plagued, wildly corrupt LA police department with the innerworkings and politics of the city s Catholic churches is very interesting Turns out they re not so different. I read this book because it s on many ten best mystery lists Originally published in 1977, it is an exemplar of noir, you can almost hear Humphrey Bogart s voice over But there is far too much going off on tangents that are great for establishing the voice over and over again, she said a little jadedly , and there is no one to like, no character I can root for Noir means black in French, and this book is both black and bleak in outlook Maybe I m meant to be cheered by the two brothers sitting down together at the end But I wasn t Very well written, but best read with warm milk and cookies to hand And, you know, when you put it down, pick up that half finished Brother Cadfael novel to alleviate your inevitable depression. A masterpiece of crime fiction.

John Gregory Dunne was an American novelist, screenwriter and literary critic.He was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and was a younger brother of author Dominick Dunne He suffered from a severe stutter and took up writing to express himself Eventually he learned to speak normally by observing others He graduated from Princeton University in 1954 and worked as a journalist for Time magazine He m

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