Elizabeth Gail and the Mystery at the Johnson Farm

Elizabeth Gail and the Mystery at the Johnson Farm Elizabeth Gail Dobbs Is A Welfare Kid She S The Stereotypical Foster Child, Determined Never To Love Anybody Again But Her Resolve Weakens As The Johnson Family Responds To Libby S Anger With Genuine Christian Love Ultimately, Libby Is Adopted Into The Family Of God But Clouds Of Mystery Sweep Over The Johnson Farm As Old Secrets And New Relationships Mix A Great Story With A Great Message For Preteen Girls

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Elizabeth Gail and the Mystery at the Johnson Farm book, this is one of the most wanted Hilda Stahl author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 122 pages
  • Elizabeth Gail and the Mystery at the Johnson Farm
  • Hilda Stahl
  • English
  • 03 October 2017
  • 9780842307390

10 thoughts on “Elizabeth Gail and the Mystery at the Johnson Farm

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    This is the book series that brought me to Christ I found them when I was about 12 and read every last one of them I found myself wanting the kind of family that Elizabeth Gail finds herself in, when as a foster child she gets put into a Christian home I remember praying for the very first time because of these books And trying to live my life differently, using Elizabeth Gail as my role model to do so.That said, I haven t read the books since then So how are they Not as well written as I remembered And maybe preachy And the the Christian elements gives everyone a goody goody feel But at the same time, I still can t fault them Because to the 12 year old me, none of it mattered This was a window into a world I didn t even know existed.I liked the characters I liked the mystery I knew who was doing all the bad things immediately but watching how the story came together was a lot of fun And I loved the faith element.I wish I could have thanked the author for leading me into the world of Christ I hope to someday find her in heaven so that I can let her know what she meant to me Thank you Hilda Stahl

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    These books really changed my life I bought my first book when I was in the fourth grade and it opened my life to the life of foster children and social workers I graduated in college with a BSW and have dedicated my life to the plight of foster children I adopted my own children I fostered in 2004 Hilda Stahl captivated me for years with this series I longed to meet her but she passed before I was able to These books are positive in every way possible I have my original books and don t ever intend to part with them Some I practically have memorized for I have read them over and over through the years.

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    These books changed my life as a young girl I have served on an adoption agency for over 7 years I link it all back to these precious stories Love love them all Perfect for young and old Even boys will enjoy them.

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    PopSugar 15 33 a book from your childhood.It was fun to re read something from my childhood, but I wouldn t necessarily encourage my kids to read these books.

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    one of the worst young girl books I ve ever read Libby is just about the most predictable, unrealistic child character ever.

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    I love this series and think this is the best one

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    It is very good to help lift your spirits

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    I ve read the whole series..

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    2,5 from me.I read and reread and loved this series as a kid it must be almost 25 years since I ve picked one up, and I was looking forward to some nice feelgood nostalgia Some of the books I read in my childhood are just as wonderful, and perhaps even better, when I visit them again in adulthood But this was not one of those The writing is below mediocre, the characters feel pretty flat and unrealistic, and the heavily speculative christian indoctrination taylored perfectly for the minds of vunerable children, seaping from chapter after chapter, made me very aware of my gag reflex As a kid who grew up in a christian home, all this was perfectly normal to me back then So now,as a grown up atheist, it was pretty interesting reading this again from a completely different perspective It made me angry about how children are indoctrinated from such a young age, and proud of how far I ve come, leaving all that rubbish happily behind The books flaws aside, the plot and story in itself is engaging, and I give credit to the writer for bringing focus on the foster care system,and how moving from family to family ,not always being treated well can be so harmful to a child I know this series will continue to bring up serious topics of abuse, and that is very important to talk about, also in childrens literature I am sure that a loving family was exactly what Elizabeth Gail needed, and that is what she got I am also pretty sure that was all she and all of us ever really need growing up That alone, and not Jesus

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    This series was my childhood

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