The Lotus Keeper

The Lotus Keeper Samuel James Toney Has Finally Made It, Despite His Dysfunctional Family But This Hungry Southern Law Grad Discovers That His New Firm Has Something To Hide Sam Gets Too Close To The Truth And The Firm S Troublemaker , Washington Human Rights Leader, Marvin Clayton Always The Reluctant Hero, Sam Switches Teams And Goes Undercover To Crush His Own Firm And The Giant Sex Trafficking Ring They Support During The Race For Justice, Sam Gets The Life Experience No Law School Can Offer, From The Streets Of Bangkok To The Jungles Of Burma, He Fights The Greatest Injustice Of This Generation But Not Without Distraction, In The Intriguing Form Of Tara Putney, A Beautiful But Engaged UN Worker When Tara Is Held Captive, Sam And Marvin Shed The Suits And Briefcases For A Military Style Rescue

K.R Dial Author and AdvocateThe Lotus Keeper was written as part of Karen s ongoing ministry to help rescue the victims of child sex trafficking She has led corporate intercessory prayer for the International Justice Mission, helped to form the Atlanta Justice Coalition, and served as a Volunteer Guardian ad Litem for abused and neglected kids, receiving her district s top honor as Rookie of th

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  • 19 October 2019

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    I recieved this book free from Librarything s Early Reviewers Club.In The Lotus Keeper, we follow Sam Toney A young man who has just finished law school and started working for an Atlanta law firm Then tries to help the fight against child prostitution and sex trade in Asia The first few pages of the book promise action, intrigue, and excitement Then the story falls flat The action doesn t pick up again until about 46% of the way through the book That is when the story comes alive.As others have already written in thier reviews, it was rather predictable and disappointing I expected a bit .

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    A book that needed to be much longer, The Lotus Keeper was entertaining and mind catching from the beginning You would expect a book like this to be filled with the expected emotions of child sex slavery, but the plot is balanced well with the stories and expresses the emotions of those who are trying to fight against it Yes, the slavery is out there, it s big and bad and it must be stopped, but these people doing what they do have families and histories of their own It is a very good look at some of the characters.I was somewhat thrown at the random religious thoughts that were nudged in, as if the author was attempting to advertise their beliefs by having a character say something random about God It wasn t totally out of place, people do occasionally make a reference to what they believe in their heart, as something being a sign or whatever, but the times this happened in the book seemed overly arranged somehow I can t really put a finger on it, but perhaps it was just that so much of the rest of the book was expertly written and seamlessly flowed for me that this was a little jarring.My only other concern was how one of the characters ended up going into the undercover unit He went from wanting money, money, money to master undercover agent almost instantly Only because there had been an attempt on his life Maybe I missed something in the transition that would have made that sharp change make sense, but it felt like he just blinked his eyes and said to himself, Okay, job change as if it were nothing.This book captures the emotions and difficulties of trying to trap the worst of the bad guys, but it manages to do so without overly wording itself Descriptions are to the point, but beautiful at the same time, such as when you find a man who loves to graph things to explain himself and you can instantly visualize the piles of papers he had brought with him to his meeting.An enjoyable read for anyone who loves to see the really bad guys go down.Note Though this book was a free gift from the author, the content of my review was in no way influenced by the gifting The book speaks for itself and my review would have been worded just this way even if I d gone out and bought it I also give bonus points for Text To Speech enabling on Kindle format but that also wasn t a factor in the above review.

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    Clearly written by a Christian for a Christian audience making the story a sanitised narrative about what is actually a serious social problem child sex slavery The author has an obvious concern for the children caught in this terrible situation but the novel lacks the complexity and depth of a modern novel Religion is inserted into the story in a preachy, cumbersome way and completely ignores obvious questions arising from the story line For example, God is called a rescuing God when one of the good characters is rescued but clearly doesn t do anything about preventing children from being pressed into sex slavery in the first place This results in a cheesy veneer of religiosity The ending is too neat and tidy and culminates in a situation that is not really developed during the preceding story Child sex slavery is absolutely a pressing issue for which needs to be done And this book will raise some awareness within Christian readership But as a piece of literature it needs depth, better character development, and sophisticated plot development These are common features flaws in much Christian literature I understand this is the first novel by this author on a theme with which she is personally involved She has to be commended for tackling a difficult and important subject I hope her next book, if she writes one, will move towards a realistic, authentic style.

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    I don t think I ve ever said this about a book before but I wish The Lotus Keeper had been longer While child prostitution is an unfortunate reality in many countries, this confronting book opened my eyes to a subject I hadn t previously given much thought to, and I would have loved the story to include a bit information on the problem and get the reader involved in the real life tragedy of what these girls go through at the hands of their abusers I would also have loved an appendix at the end giving some information on what can be done to help or some statistics on the issue to show if improvements have been made to the laws that govern the offending countries.Having said that, I really enjoyed The Lotus Keeper I was a little put off at times by the focus on the characters religious beliefs but at the end of the book this helped me think deeply on the subject was that done to show that man, not God, is to blame for these horrible injustices I think it showed me that God can only do so much and then you have to rely on men of courage and action And this book has plenty of them.The Lotus Keeper is a really fast paced read, which I love, and I would definitely look for work by K.R Dial.

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    I wrote this book I struggled for years to finish it, but I had to tell Sam s story Sam is my reluctant hero He finds himself fighting between making money and making a difference As the top law grad in his class, he never believed he would end up jobless, on the streets of Bangkok, in the jungles of Burma, chasing the leaders of a child prostitution ring Way, way out of his comfort zone My research was done in Thailand and with The International Justice Mission

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    Having been to Bangkok I can attest that the story behind the Lotus Keeper is fact than fiction Not that the names are real people but there are certainly real people in similar encounters The author does a good job of integrating a compelling story around the horiffic fact of child prostitution While clearly describing the tension between success and significance, the author challenges her readers to step out with an active faith that makes a difference in lives of the many men, women and children who are being exploited by the strong and powerful.

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    This book is OK I think the issue of child sex slavery throughout the far ease is a travesty It is an important topic that country governments need to take head on Unfortunately, the author mires down the story by infusing her religious beliefs throughout the book I think the religious and moral aspects of the book failed to meld which is odd given the natural symbiosis.

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    Karen Dial clearly has a heart for children who are victims of sex trafficking, as well as the individuals and organizations who are trying to put an end to it The Lotus Keeper is thrilling and suspenseful, but also eye opening Against the backdrop of fiction, Dial reveals the very real and very dark world of child sex trafficking.

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    This was a very different genre than I am used to reading, but The Lotus Keeper was certainly eye opening in a good way The story was very well written and the plot was interesting, but it all wrapped up a little too quickly and easily for my liking However overall it was a good read, very enjoyable.

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    K.R Dial has done an excellent job of highlighting the corruption in child prostitution She should be applauded for her efforts May God have mercy on these children, may judgment be swift to the perpetrators.

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