Times of Trial (The End Times Saga #3)

Times of Trial (The End Times Saga #3) Three Christian Families Suffer From Persecution As The President Declares Himself Dictator, Implements Something Called Order , And Begins Targeting His Political And Spiritual Enemies Meanwhile, Tensions Between Israel And Iran Intensifies As The End Times Approach

I m a Christian first and foremost My novels are written from my worldview, so they have either Christian or Conservative themes in them I live in Texas, have a BA and Technical Writing Certificate from University of North Texas I won 3rd in a short story contest for a magazine through my high school Creative Writing class I ve been independently published since 2008 I m a fan of a bunch of d

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  • Paperback
  • 190 pages
  • Times of Trial (The End Times Saga #3)
  • Cliff Ball
  • English
  • 22 September 2017
  • 9781477453278

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    Book review by LaTawnia KintzTimes of Trial can be read as a stand alone or with Times of Trouble Like Times of Trouble, Times of Trial is about the end times and persecution of Christians in the United States The president of the United States is a hater of Christians and Jews and will stop at nothing to make sure he remains the president He and his equally power hungry goons implement Agenda 21 Now if you don t know anything about Agenda 21 which is very real check it out here There are also lots of other listings about it Cliff has again written a very insightful novel involving end time prophecy and current events This is a very easy book to read but don t let the ease of it detract you from the reality of what could actually take place.All right, now I have a couple of critiques though Cliff has done better in filling in the plot with detail, his dialog is still a bit choppy and stilted I only say this, because I know how difficult it is to write dialog So Cliff, this is just to encourage you to write your dialog fluidly That is probably the only thing I can think of that may be a distraction for the reader I appreciate Cliff s dedication to get his work out for the public to read Since he is a self publisher, it can be a bit harder to get the word out So I am than thrilled to review for him.

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    I liked this book Times of Trial very,very much I give this book five stars I thought he did a great job of sharing these things about the End Times in a very,very interesting way s I found this book to be very hard to set down once one gets very farinto this book as one wonders what s going to happen to whom and what will happen next,see It s not a long , heavy type ofinfo as I had heard from a person a long time ago speak about things like this then,see I recommend this book for those who prefer books like what I have just described without going into a lot of details or giving away too much You will want to read this book it s a very clean type of story without any gory ,gory details or swearing involved for those who are like me who finds that only takes away from the real story, right I received this book from a the author free in exchange for my doing this review,see Thanks Cliff and great work By Angela L.

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    Another thought provoking novel by Cliff Ball What would happen if Christians were rounded up and sent to re education camps Some Christians have been getting ready for this day, taking lessons from doomsday preppers making bunkers, booby trapping their farms, and stockpiling weapons and food The militia is sent to battle and roundup these rebels After they are placed in the camps, the Christians show mercy to each other in taking care of the elderly and uplifting each other ministering by example to their keepers They are just left there until the collapse of the U.S., when the guards are told to lock the doors and just let them die Meanwhile, leaders in government are seen manipulating events and each other in the quest to become ruler of the world Does the evilest man win Which one is it I was given a copy of this book in return for my honest review.

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    What is the book about An Arizona church that takes care of all it s members is is dying out The second family who is in charge at the church has decided to head to Wyoming to escape the persecution of Christians.What did I think of the book I ve never really thought about the idea of Christians being persecuted for their beliefs, and this book shows how scary it would be if it actually happened Christians aren t usually the ones that you would imagine being persecuted since they are so overwhelming in population, but it s been done before to other religions so I suppose it s not all that unfathomable.For reviews please check outStuffed Shelves

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    This book, Times of Trial, is a thrilling account of events surround in the end times It is a fast paced story of what could happen to all the world s Christians when one man wants to control the world, when he has the examples of past failures The most fascinating part for me was the description of the volcano in Yellowstone My own imaginings were of the Grand Teton blowing a casket in the near future I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrilling tales and, especially any Baptists and other Christians with the same view of the last book of the Bible, for an interesting and informative description of the Revelation of John to the churches.

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    The book Times of Trial, was written by Cliff Ball The story was based on the end times, the rapture When the crooked government and president take over Families taken from there homes and put in different camps where they had the control of them Old people are or less left to die I know a lot of it is biblical I think i would of added scripture to it to where the verses could be found Where souls might get saved There is one in here that got saved I think the book could of dwelled on people seeking the Lord Over all was pretty good.

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    Once I started reading this book I couldn t put it down It is a very believable story about what could be happening now or could be happening in the near future and how easily this country could be brought down.

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