Confessions of a Prep School Mommy Handler: A Memoir

Confessions of a Prep School Mommy Handler: A Memoir When Wade Rouse A Rural, Public School Graduate Who Grew Up Hee Haw Than Dynasty Was Hired As The Director Of Publicity At The Prestigious Tate Academy, He Quickly Discovered His Real Job Was To Make A Few Of The Very Pretty, Very Rich, Very Mean Mommies Of The Elite Students Happy Enter Former Tate Beauty Queen And Sports Star Katherine Isabelle Ludington Kitsy To Her Friends Who Went To An Ivy, Married An Ivy, And Made A Lot Of Money Now, She Is Wade S VIP Volunteer And A Perfectly Coiffed NightmareIn Between Designing Louis Vuitton Inspired Reunion Invitations, Dressing As Ronald Reagan For Halloween, And Surviving Surprise Botox Parties, Wade Tries To Tame Kitsy And Her Pink Lilly Pulitzer Clad Posse While Reclaiming His Self Esteem Following A Year In The Life Of The Super Rich And Super Spoiled, Confessions Of A Prep School Mommy Handler Is Hilarious, Heartbreaking, And Deliciously Catty From The Hardcover Edition

In this memoir showcasing the ugly side of the affluent mothers of the pseudonymous Tate Academy, among the country s most prestigious prep schools, Rouse, the school s director of public relations, explains that his job is that of the Mommy Handler keeping the families and benefactors of the institution happy In particular, he works closely with a woman he calls Kitsy, the head of the parent and

[Read] ➪ Confessions of a Prep School Mommy Handler: A Memoir By Wade Rouse –
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Confessions of a Prep School Mommy Handler: A Memoir
  • Wade Rouse
  • English
  • 15 February 2019
  • 9780307382702

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    This book is a memoir, but reads like fiction in a good way I had the same reaction to many parts of The Devil Wears Prada utter disbelief that people can actually act this way But then I had to remember that this author worked at MICDS a prep school in my home town of St Louis , and his accounts are based on his experiences there For a public school graduate who went to college with many MICDS alums, it is hardly surprising that these things happened at a place like MICDS A quick and easy read for those who love chick lit or books criticizing the elite.

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    I just read this for the second time I liked it better the second time The first time was soon after it was published The first time it was silly and funny, but over the top And I dislike unproductive, self centered naval gazing For some reason this time it didn t seem silly Still humorous but Wade s journey felt real and sad.

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    A true laugh out loud memoir of working at MICDS in St Louis Loved it Exactly what the Laduites are like

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    I read this book because of all of the hub bub it caused when I will still living in St Louis Because, yes, the school talked about here is most likely MICDS seeing as all one has to do is google Wade Rouse or read the St Louis Post Dispatch to know that he worked theretwice.I wanted to see how Rouse described the school since many of my friends from College and Grad school went there Needless to say, I was than disappointed Not that I don t believe that SOME of this happened but Rouse just sounded whiny the whole time Yes, his nemesis in the novel is actually a number of parents he worked with he just made her SO fake that she was really truly unrealistic.And Rouse s attempts to be funny were really just that attempts The book was a quick read but I found myself just waiting for it to be over like a bad amusement park ride.Book only gets 2 stars because a he mentions the where did you go to high school phenomenon and b while what he wrote I didn t really enjoy, he does write well.

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    A memoir of Rouse s time as an employee in public relations at a prestigious private school due to the tell all nature of the memoir, the name of the school has been changed and its location not given Rouse spends most of the book detailing the horrible behaviors of the Mean Mommies or M2s , a group of rich women, mothers of students, who because of entitlement, or just plain meanness spend their time denigrating students, staff and other parents, and borrowing school materials and staff for their own personal projects The Mean Mommies, and especially their leader, Kitsy not her real name , make Rouse s life a living hell, and they are horrible people, but in my opinion, the worst person in the book is Rouse himself He not only puts up with the M2s abuse, but often enables it and he acknowledges that he does all this purely so that he can gain favor in their eyes He steals canned goods and stuffed animals from the school s holiday drive, so that Kitsy can re donate them herself When he observes the children of the M2s verbally abusing another girl, he looks the other way A married gay man, he explains away the fact that these women and the school administrators won t even acknowledge the existence of his husband They call him a fa ot TO HIS FACE, and he makes excuses all in the hopes that he ll be invited to their parties, that they ll lavish him with expensive gifts, that he ll be welcomed into their popular kids club.Toward the end of the book, Rouse has an epiphany of sorts and realizes that he s basically selling his soul for the crumbs of recognition these rich, popular people dole out from time to time He confronts Kitsy, and she being an entitled rich person gets her feelings hurt, then acts like nothing has changed and tries to continue ordering him around Thankfully, Rouse comes to his senses, hands in his notice, and leaves with some of his dignity intact.In a postscript to the memoir, he confesses that the school later begs him to come back, that everything has changed, that the Mean Mommies have lost all their power He of course accepts, and returns to the school, where he s sure everything will be sunshine and lollipops from here on out No word on whether his long suffering spouse had an epiphany himself and got out while the getting was good.

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    Painful to read I put it down because it just wasn t funny, but somehow I picked it back up again Not sure why, although it did get slightly better when he talked about Miggie instead of Kitsy for a minute.

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    It would be tempting to think that this sort of rich, mean, entitled mommy doesn t really exist in the world, except that I read this while the news is full of stories of the celebrity tinged college admissions bribery scandal So I know they do exist.

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    Even when I wanted to cry, I was laughing too.

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    There could not be a hilarious and honest depiction of people pleasing Wade will have you in stitches

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    4.25 stars.I ve said it before about Rouse s books and I ll say it again I should not read them in public I laughed so hard, okay, snorted, in one sitting at lunch that I m surprised my uvula is still attached.In Confessions of a Prep School Mommy Handler, Rouse recounts his time as Director of Public Relations in, as he put it, independent education, though names are changed, people are combined and time and scenes are compressed I kind of hate this aspect of memoirs If these people are so awful, screw them, they deserve to be publicly outed as the racist assholes they are I just wish I knew how much of this is exactly as it happened and how much has been changed While part of me wants to feel tricked or like this is akin to fiction since it s not a 100% accurate retelling, the rest of me, the larger part, doesn t give a crap because I m so amused by everything that is happening to Rouse.Despite his title, prep school mommy handler is definitely a appropriate one Rouse describes in detail the things he must do at his job that have him desperately performing yoga breathing exercises These include handling the carpool lane, being a personal gofer for one of the meanest mommies, Kitsy, and, worst of all, hiding the fact that he is gay While there are some heartbreaking moments in the book, there are maaaaannny laugh out loud ones as well, with one of the funniest stories, chapter titled The Fall Guy, involving an elderly alum at Reunion week Even compressed I find it hard to believe that some of this stuff actually happened to him Not that I think he s lying, I m just shocked at the nutbags and crap he has to deal with on a daily basis.And while everything shallow about Rouse adds up to a great read, I just don t understand how anyone can care so much about fashion and what people think of them, particularly when the people in question are elitist bitches I was also quite surprised by not only how much garbage Rouse put up with, but that he let these women get away with so many horrible things without saying a word He could ve at least did what they did to complain about people they deemed undesirable, send an anonymous e mail Yet I think that the few interactions he describes with the children who go to the school show of who he really is than those with the adults Unfortunately, because of the culture they re being raised in, it seems the kids can only be who they really are with him as well.I m reading Rouse s books in reverse order, though it seems I ll never be able to read America s Boy because I can t find the damn thing anywhere, but I would recommend reading them in order Finally, after reading about Gary for two books, I m sort of wishing he d write a companion book to go along with Rouse s because I d love to read about all of the events Rouse writes about from his point of view

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