Survive the Night

Survive the NightAfter Losing Everything, Della Jackson Tries To Begin Again As An Investigator But She Can T Forget The Past And Neither Can Someone Else Someone Who Won T Let Anyone Even Della S Best Friend, Former Special Operative Paul Mason Stand In The Way As Della Is Stalked And Those Closest To Her Are Targeted, Both Della And Paul Realize There S Only One Way To Survive They Each Have To Face Their Greatest Fears, Overcome The Scars Of The Past And Dare To Love Again Before It S Too Late

Vicki is the USA TODAY bestselling and award winning author of nearly 40 novels, 4 nonfiction books and hundreds of articles She s recognized as an author and as an educator by Who s Who in America and Who s Who in the World For seven years, she was a columnist for Social In Global Network before then, a radio talk show host for Everyday Woman The former VP for International Thriller Writers,

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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Survive the Night
  • Vicki Hinze
  • English
  • 11 August 2019
  • 9780373445097

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    This story show a women who fought a war around the world in the Middle East only to come home on emergency leave to find a husband with divorce papers and leaving her alone to plan her son s funeral In steps a friend who will help her rebuild her life only to have her life threatened by an unknown person These two shows each other that its okay to find happiness but it also shows them that closer will open up a new being in for each other and to bring back God in the women s life again.

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    This author is a great addition to the Love Inspired writers Her first LIS book is gripping and kept me turning pages Lots of twists, turns, and no way you could be sure who the stalker was until the end Trying not to put in any spoilers here, but the ending was satisfying for the characters but WIDE OPEN for books to come I loved that Life is rarely tied up in a neat bow at the end.Had a little trouble distinguishing between Paul s sister Maggie and the Lost Inc team leader Madison now I can see what my critiquers mean when they tell me two similar sounding names are confusing It also got a bit confusing with the wealth of developed characters when we re hearing about their individual stories and how they tie in with Paul and Della But that just means I fully expect books about every single one of them Paul was a great guy who has strong character despite where he came from Della has survived what no mom hopes ever to have to go through I love characters I can respect They don t whine, they just get on with it despite how hard it is.Fantastic.

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    I can recommend this book as an example of good craftsmanship, though not in a vein I have much sympathy for.It is in Harlequin s Love Inspired SUSPENSE line I suppose an old book like VILLAGE NURSE might have been called a True Love DISEASE novel And the suspense line has an advantage over the older romance templates A nurse novel provided a certain setting for the love dilemmas but potboiler thrillers give a writer resources of plot SURVIVE THE NIGHT also benefits from being part of the author s own series about a sort of detective agency that helps veterans, so some slightly prickly existing relationships among characters add color to the events.Briefly Della Jackson is an investigator who is trying to recover from the murder of one of her children Threats and stalking begin in the small town she has retreated to The killer of her child has disappeared from the mental institution where he had been placed and her bitter, whiny ex husband has also dropped out of sight One of them may be the stalker and the threats may be real Her strongest protector is an attractive man who, she is convinced, runs away from any woman who is willing to make a serious commitment to him, and she feels too damaged to begin a new relationship These relationship doubts always lead back into the suspense plot of finding out who is threatening Della Now, these days every suspense hero must carry a psychic burden, and in Della s case, it s a crisis in Christian faith Faith based romance is another subgenre, easy to make fun of, but in fact this theme tethers the stereotyped, escapist romance and thriller bits to something closer to real life.Vicki Hinze keeps all these elements in balance Her writing is straightforward and her plotting is basically realistic.My own reservations are temperamental Even good romance fiction is based on patterns that don t appeal to me Worry, for women, is entertainment, said Mrs Anne S Ashenhurst, mastermind of the world s first soap opera, a 1932 radio program called Just Plain Bill She was talking about housewives of that era, left alone at home much of the day and needing some companionship centered on the domestic realm they considered their own See Robert Hardy Andrews A CORNER OF CHICAGO The audience may be different now, but Ashenhurst still has a point.Romance fiction has a repetitive pattern There are scenes illustrating a relationship problem, leading to a scene in which the heroine worries about what to do, followed by scenes illustrating the problem and maybe scenes of discussion and advice, leading to another scene of worrying that closely resembles the earlier one.Scenes of talk about emotions are the real purpose of the story and the same talk is repeated from book to book and even within a book The true expression of a feeling, apparently, is talk about it Maybe you only HAVE feelings by talking about them.Hinze has written something a good deal livelier.

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    What an amazing story from beginning to end Survive the Night will keep you on the edge of your seat and second guessing who the villain is throughout the entire story Della and Paul face challenges a plenty and you can t help but cheer for them, yell at them and cry with them I found this book at a library sale I m looking for the rest of this series You can t stop on a cliff hanger and not expect me to follow This is definitely a series worth reading

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    Non stop action and danger in this story I had a hard time putting it down, but then again that happens pretty easily with a Vicki Hinze book.

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    This was a good book and I enjoyed reading it very much.

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    Lost, Inc.Book 1In the first of three books, we meet Della Jackson who currently works for an organization who work at finding lost people She is best friend s with a man who helped her through the most tragic events of her life the death of her son and marriage And he s not leaving her again when she starts being attacked.It s interesting that we ve almost stepped into the middle of the mess when the book starts Della and Paul are very close friends, and possibly in love with each other Della, of course, fights her feelings Della has also been threatened and already knows someone is pursuing her She believes her stalker is the man who murdered her son As the story progresses, we learn of a series plot about someone leaking information about a highly confidential organization inside the military called The Nest People knowing about it can cause severe problems, and the government wants to know who the squealer is All those involved in Lost, Inc know about The Nest, so everyone has the potential of being the squealer I m guessing we don t find out the who until the end of the third book, which makes this an exciting read and will make you want to read them in order just so you don t ruin the surprise.There was a lot of action in this book, and the romance was believable I liked Paul and how he tried to love Della even when she didn t want to be loved He tried to protect her even though she obviously didn t want his help He never gave up on her There was a lot of romantic tension that just added to this book.Unfortunately, this book didn t hold my excitement and attention like many of the LI books, so I did take off one star But it s still an excellent book.

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    Love Inspired Suspense Lost Inc Series Della Paul boss Madison I have read several books in the series It would be good to read them all at one time to follow the characters that appear in all of the books When this one is over, I am fairly sure that the main villain has not been caught Blue Shoes must be someone they know or see often I can t figure it out Guess I will have to wait for the next book.Della s son was killed The poem she uses to calm her mother s heart is quite good for any mom who has lost a child It is printed in the book several times I marked page 197 The poem goes like this Mother, do not weep, Do not despair Do not regret The child now absent from your loving arms rests in arms loving Strong arms where no tears are shed, no sadness or struggles are borne, no illness suffered and no pain endured Wise arms that heal and protect, foster contentment and abundant joy Be at peace, Mother Your child is happy, safe and content Your child is embraced in unconditional love.

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    What a great author to add to the Love Inspired series This is a great book I noticed some grammatical errors through out it, but hey, I got the book for 4.75 so I really can t complain The characters are absolutely wonderful She has such a knack for accurately portraying how people think, what they are feeling, and why they are feeling it She really takes you to the depths of some of their souls.The plot line is really good, it definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat most of the time The story line isn t too predicable If you are a writer or very well ready it could be or you might at least guess things a bit before they are revealed in the book like I did This is another great christian book that doesn t get cheesy like a lot of them can either All in all this is a very realistic, accurate, thrilling adult story line that is intriguing to the end Definitely worth the time to read, I look forward to the next one

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    Why is it that when life becomes unbearable, we blame God for not being there Grief did exactly that to Della I loved learning who she was and her journey to understanding that God is in everything and only He know where we are supposed to land Della s journey with finding her way back to God came through a terrible ordeal, yet she was not alone, her friends came and gathered to her to help her through the nightmare Paul most of all, I love that Vicki gave Della a godly man to help her reach peace with the shock of loosing her son and the peace that came with discovering that God had never left her side I received this book from for my honest opinion I would recommend the entire series to everyone that loves a great suspense with love for a twist.

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