Xenophons Anabasis, or the Expedition of Cyrus

Xenophons Anabasis, or the Expedition of Cyrus The March of the Ten Thousand.What a great ancient history autobiography of an astonishing and harrowing adventure of attempted conquest, treachery, and escape, interspersed with many tribulations and escapades, by 4th century BC contemporaneous with Socrates Greek mercenaries into the Persian Empire.An exiting epic that many of you maybe haven t heard very much about. Awesome book I read a swedish translation.Thalatta, thalatta A man was being left behind because he was no longer able to march I knew the man only to this extent, that he was one of us I compelled you to bring him along so that he might not perish, for, as I think, the enemy was following us The fellow agreed to this Then, said Xenophon, after I sent you onward, I overtook you again as i marched along with the rear guard, and you were digging a pit, as if bout to bury the person And I stopped and praised you But when, with several of us standing by, the man bent his leg, those present shouted out, the man is alive You said, yes, as much as he wishes, but I, at least, am not going to bring him along At this point I struck you, so what you say is true, for you seemed to me like one who knew that he was alive What of it He said Did he die any the less after I showed him to you We all will die, said Xenophon, so should we therefore all be buried alive All now shouted out that Xenophon had struck him with too few blows. A thrilling tale of some 10,000 mercenaries from various Greek cities, lead astray by duplicitous employers, trapped in hostile territory, and with enemies attacking from all around Xenophone tells of how he and others cane together to lead their fellows from the claws of the foe to safty in Hellen lands. Xenophon S Anabasis, Or The Expedition Of Cyrus, Is One Of The Most Exciting Historical Narratives As Well As The Most Important Autobiographical Work To Have Survived From Ancient Greece It Tells The Story Of Cyrus, A Young And Charismatic Persian Prince, Who In BC Enlisted Than Ten Thousand Greek Mercenaries In An Attempt To Seize The Vast Persian Empire For Himself Cyrus Was Killed In A Great Battle, Most Of The Greek Commanders Subsequently Fell Victim To Treachery, And An Athenian Aristocrat By The Name Of Xenophon Found Himself In The Unexpected Position Of Taking Charge And Leading The Greeks From The Vicinity Of Babylon In Modern Iraq Back To The Greek Cities In Turkey This Book Both Places The Anabasis In Its Historical And Literary Context And, By Employing A Variety Of Critical Methods, Opens Up For The Reader Different Ways Of Interpreting Its Major Themes Interrelated Chapters Investigate Xenophon S Self Representation As A Model Leader, His Possible Didactic And Apologetic Purposes For Writing, The Generic Expectations Of His Contemporary Audience, The Factual Accuracy Of The Anabasis, And The Ways In Which The Gods Are Depicted As Intervening In Human Affairs This Book Unveils The Literary Artistry And Narrative Strategies That Have Gone Into Shaping One Of The Greatest Survival Stories Of All Time

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[PDF / Epub] ★ Xenophons Anabasis, or the Expedition of Cyrus  By Michael A. Flower – Ultimatetrout.info
  • Hardcover
  • 242 pages
  • Xenophons Anabasis, or the Expedition of Cyrus
  • Michael A. Flower
  • English
  • 14 August 2019
  • 9780195188677

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