FameI would actually give about 3 1 2 stars Karen Kingsbury is really good at what she does, which is cheesy Christian fiction with a little bit of romance thrown in It s very sweet , and at times a little too much I m sure there are people out there like these characters, but I don t know any.But the writing flows smoothly, and is a style that is easy to read I liked the book, and was left wanting to read the next in the series at the end I would definitely read the Redemption series before this one, though, because this book constantly refers to things that happened there, and I think you d feel a little lost and wouldn t be able to connect with or care about most of the characters. Okay, this book is really good I really LOVE the writing style Other than the falling in love part, I never once went, This is going too fast unlike other books that I ve read Plus, the author s writing styles reallyAh, I can t even explain it, but it brings life, and a bit of peppyness that really attracted me The whole storyline of a nobody with a celebirty falling for her is cliche, but the author really did her job in making it interesting Even though the author didn t want Katy to stay in Hollywood, I wish she was in hollywood longer However, there are things I would like to change Such as the baxters I haven t read the redemption series yet, but when I read fame, I was awefully confused The baxters in this series did almost nothing I wish they had interations with the two main characters rather than just living their own life This story was cheesy, but I love cheesy, so it s okay The names seemed perfect for each other, as if I could really imagine meeting a girl named Katy Hart at church, and seeing a movie star named Dane Matthews Heck, even Sarah Jo is a perfect name since Sarah Jo is trying to be Mary Sue.I loves this book, I really did, and I can t wait to read the other things that the author has written Once I have money of course My heart always feels light and at peace after reading a Karen Kingsbury book She s my favorite for a reason and it s because her words, her characters, and her storylines always resonate deep within me They ll teach you life lessons that you ll carry with you forever I can promise you that.Fame is book one of the Firstborn series and I absolutely loved it Getting to know Dayne Matthews at a deeper level after his brief appearance in the series before this one was a nice treat You also get to know and befriend Katy Hart and of course dive right back into the heart of the Baxter family I can t get enough of the Baxter family and I can t wait to continue reading this series.Karen Kingsbury, thank you for sharing stories from your heart and for giving readers like me a lighthearted peace after reading each of your books. I read several of the books in this series When will I ever learn These books were a complete waste of time Karen drew the series out way too long, and as a result bored me to death We don t need to know every little detail of the characters lives This was one of her classic Mr Imperfect and Miss Perfect books.Some of the characters were so perfect it scared me And the others were so imperfect affairs, illegitimate children, shacking up, abortion you name it that it truly was scary So, you guessed it Don t bother reading this series unless you ve got a lot of time to waste Sorry Miss Kingsbury, but you and I just don t hit it off too well. I loved this book and couldn t put it down Karen Kingsbury continues her series on the beloved Baxter family by delving into the secret side of the family Fame is an appropriate name for the book as it deals with both the expectations placed on someone famous, the price of that fame and the toll that newfound fame can take on someone used to being ordinary. My mom talked me into reading these books yes, all of them because they take place in Bloomington, Indiana I, however, didn t realize that Bloomington, Indiana was Christian paradise, or at least it was depicted so in these books which closely resemble an evangelical soap opera Karen Kingsbury seems to subscribe to rather bipolar theology where terrible things happen to every single character in the books murder, suicide, terminal illness, abortion, etc , but luckily they pray about it and live happily ever after Two women in the books are married to pro football players, and one marries America s favorite movie star, because that s what happens to everyone, right I think these books have gone way past fiction enough to be enjoyable to Christianized harlequin romance novels for discontent middle aged women. My guilty pleasurewholesome soap operas. Fame 3.75 He needs a star for his newest movie and he wants her a girl he saw once but knows her innocence will be perfect for his leading lady She is a director and organizer for the CKT Christian kids theater she wants to help kids grow in Gods word and help them explore their inner star It was adorable and i loved seeing Ashley and Landon and Cole together and watching cole grow up and their relationships form with new people and growing in faith Also as the book progressed we saw connections between the Baxters and Dayne. This was my first Karen Kingsbury book and honestly it was just okay I probably wouldn t bother to read the rest of this series as it just didn t hold my interest.The main character is offered a big break in a Hollywood film She is living in a quiet rural community and was apparently headhunted by a male movie star due to her appearance of innocence She auditions and perhaps not surprisingly is offered the partI won t spoil the rest of the story but it revolves around faith vs fame choices.The storyline was a little unrealistic especially due to the fact that the main character had been involved in film in the past but had walked away due to a personal crisis What are the chances that she would be headhunted by this man who knew nothing of her background I liked the way the author tried to demonstrate the dangers of power money fame within Hollywood and how this can corrupt a person But, I would have liked to read references to the faith of the main character She felt God checking her on a number of occasions but proceeded anyway due to being caught up in the excitement This was a realistic scenario and something we all need to be aware of just because it seems to be right, doesn t mean it is We should proceed with caution and take advice from others.There was no bad language in this book but there were some bedroom scenes that had a little too much detail and there is a violent scene which is quite graphic.I wouldn t really recommend this book it was too predictable with not enough of a Christian message. Na Zijn Schokkende Ontdekking In Voor Het Leven Familie Baxter Deel , Keert Rijzende Ster Dayne Matthews Terug Naar Hollywood Daar Buigt Hij Zich Over De Casting Van Een Nieuwe Romantische Film Het Valt Dayne Zwaar Om De Perfecte Tegenspeelster Te Vinden, Tot Hij Zich Een Acteertalent Herinnert Uit Bloomington Katy Hart, Die Daar Een Kindertheater Heeft Opgezet Als Ze Met Glans Door De Auditie Komt, Moet Ze Kiezen Tussen Twee Grote Dromen En Tussen Twee Heel Verschillende Werelden

Karen Kingsbury, 1 New York Times bestselling novelist, is America s favorite inspirational storyteller, with than twenty five million copies of her award winning books in print Her last dozen titles have topped bestseller lists and many of her novels are under development with Hallmark Films and as major motion pictures Her Baxter Family books are being developed into a TV series slated f

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