The Champ

The Champ This Is The Story Of Wilber Patorkin At The Tender Age Of One Hundred And Fifteen He S The Oldest Man Alive In The United States Of America His Body Is Failing Him Gloriously, His Legs Will Barely Carry Him, His Quivering Lips And Dentures Turn His Words Into Meaningless Babble And Yet He Has The Clearest Brain And The Brightest Eyes You Ll Ever Come Across His Steps May Be Tiny, But His Story Is Epic His Words May Be Few, But His Mind Goes Beyond Your Wildest Imagination Join Wilber On A Most Unlikely Journey And Be Prepared You Just May Discover Yourself Along The Way Critical Acclaim Eckhart Has Created A Wonderfully Warm And Eccentric Main Character In Year Old Wilber Patorkin A Story Of Friendship, Mortality, And Good Vs Evil, It Was So Good I Couldn T Put It Down A Crossover Between Am Lie Poulain And Benjamin Button The Style Is A Compelling Mix Between Stephen King JD Salinger A strange book that while is an interesting story and you slide the characters near the end it starts to bang on about its own philosophy and as it is not what I believe gets a bit much but very glad I took the time to read it as the message over all is very positive about being nice. This is a great book There are many characters, all of them interesting, whose stories are interwoven throughout the book There is a great deal of buddhist and metaphysical philosophy, but you aren t being hammered with it because its all in the fabric of the story I found myself making very slow progress, not because it was boring or difficult, but because I was reading carefully so I wouldn t miss anything. This is not the kind of book I usually read, but I found it interesting nonetheless It leaves the reader with plenty of food for thought about what it means to grow old I found the paranormal aspect of the story unusual, but it didn t affect what I believe is a story of growing old, looking back on your life and trying to do a few good things before you die. DifferentExciting but different Once you get started it is hard to put down Pretty good stuff If only life could be like that. I can t remember a time when a book got me quite emotional What a lovely story I absolutely fell for these characters and was genuinely sad when the book ended I had to remind myself that the characters weren t real Definite 5 stars from me everyone should read this book Good StoryA wonderful story Author s style reminds me of Mitch Ablom It could use a bit of editing, but overall, worth reading. Science fiction, fantasy, or reality The choice is yours to make I thought it was The Champ is unlike any other book I have ever read I alternately cheered and got depressed reading about Wilber How wonderful to be 115 and have lived and learned so much His ability to communicate via the mind was amazing To know how much time was left to live was depressing and almost made me cry The entire time I read this book, I thought about Wilber dying and the impact it would make on others It is a topic that is difficult to think about, yet Daniel Eckhart did a wonderful job making readers think about death and all the wonders of the beyond It was bittersweet. OK, to be honest, I loved it at the beginning..then I thought Is this all it s going to be, little silo s of interactions with different people but I could not keep from turning the page Compelled during those earlier chapters solely by Wilbur s personalitywhich is completely fitting Once you read this, and you SHOULD read this, you will understand By the end of the book, or what in my opinion should have been the end of the book, you are completely sold out to Walter and the story There is an old saying something to the effect of always leave them wanting , and this story had a natural place to do that.Unfortunately Mr Eckhart did not stop there, and I felt the end was added because he wished to wrap up everything nicely in a neat package, and that was not fact it really cheapened the emotion of the story, and I don t believe Walter himself would have added that piece It is okay to let your reader speculate, and imagine, and dream, and debate, and ponder, and continue to be a part of what is otherwise a wonderful tale of and incredible man.All in allREAD THE BOOK

Daniel Martin Eckhart is the author of the novels The Champ, Barnaby Smith, Home and Tales of Wychwood He also penned Write, Write, Write, a book about his life s experiences as a screenwriter.Before focusing on his writing career, Eckhart served in the Swiss military, guarded the Pope s life in the Vatican, worked for the United Nations, driving trucks across the Sinai Desert, delivering diploma

[Ebook] ➥ The Champ  ➫ Daniel Martin Eckhart –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 212 pages
  • The Champ
  • Daniel Martin Eckhart
  • English
  • 10 December 2019

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